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  1. redhurricane

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    Portland friend is trying to get us to come fishing with her. She's a different breed. We're trying to talk her into getting a bike.
  2. redhurricane

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    Walker Valley is just a suggestion since we are headed to Anacortes. Might skip it and do something else in the area or step the whole trip up a day and spend more time in Naches or Randle.
  3. redhurricane

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    Counting on it. Now just getting the local friends that were 100% on board to actually commit to it. We're coming no matter what. Making a full day out of the San Juan Island day, something magical about street legal two strokes touring an island on pavement. Might even do a zipline tour while we are over there.
  4. redhurricane

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    I've had some more suggestions from people, and have refined this a little. There's just too many places to hit and I don't have enough time to see all of them in one trip. We will have to come back and do the Northern Idaho/Montana areas another time. Here's my new rough draft- Departing Denver on evening of 7/3 and want to hit the following: Chelan Washington, Ride 7/5 AM to 7/7 afternoon. Walker Valley, Mt Vernon Washington and coastal stuff. Arrive into Burlington evening of the 7th, Ride Walker valley on the 8th, take the ferry 7/9 from Anacortes to Friday Harbor for Lunch and return same day. Naches, Washington ride 7/10-7/12 Randle, Washington ride 7/12-7/14 Tillamook Oregon ride 7/15-7/16 leave early AM on 7/17 (time in here to visit some friends in Longview Wa and Portland) Stanley Idaho ride 7/18-7/20, leave afternoon of 7/20. Still crunching time to make this one doable- ONE location could get cut if more time should be spent in other areas. If I cut Tillamook/Portland off I save a few days and 300 towing miles. Main focus is on riding fun, flowing singletrack, and get a good feel for each areas best riding and scenery. Your personal experiences here, and input to my rough plan is appreciated. In fact, if schedules work and you can join us and play tour guide I'll cover a good meal and adult beverages to those that come out to ride with us for your efforts.
  5. redhurricane

    Anyone like the MT16 tires?

    Same tire at RMATV is $69.88 and free shipping if you get over $75 total order value so buy a spare tube and you get free shipping. Fair price for a DOT legal tire. I don't need DOT legal so the IRC VE33/35 is my go to for most conditions. As @SilvFx said, I've been running the IRC stuff for a number of years, coming off Maxxis Desert IT which I had a bad habit of shearing side knobs off of the fronts, and chunking knobs in the rear. Prior to that, I've tried Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli will no real favorites out of that grouping. In all reality, the "tire" is still only a small factor in the whole scheme of things. Best tire in the world won't fix bad setup, (pressures to high or too low), or lack of skill. PRACTICE matters more than the name of the rubber. Some like the Shinko 505, and the Mountain Hybrid. I sold all my old bikes, and have two new bikes with Shinko from the factory. Rear is an FIM spec tire, small knobs and goofy profile at 140/80/18. I have a break in ride next week in the California desert and hope to destroy the rear tires so i can replace with what I like. Mountain Hybrid is DOT compliant. Will probably put this on the wife's new bike and I will use the Ve33 as I have in the past on my new ride. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/742/77216/Motoz-Mountain-Hybrid-Gummy-BFM-Tire You can see how short the knobs are on the factory tire.
  6. redhurricane

    Beta Dealer Meeting

    Local dealer has 4 on order, 1 sold. Maybe 2 sold.........
  7. redhurricane

    Beta Dealer Meeting

    I actually bought 4 motorcycles in one day, only two of them were Beta's. No one said I was smart. But the kid's a successful School of Mines graduate, and loves riding. (and there's that part where the bike stays at my house for "upkeep")
  8. redhurricane

    Beta Dealer Meeting

    Gary's facility (motoventures) is a great place to do a demo. I am dying to ride the 200RR, after bringing home two Betas 10 days ago. The 22 year old daughter wants one now. I think the 200RR suits her needs/wants. Any word on whether or not the remaining demo tour stops will get a 200RR to sample for us commoners? If one makes it to the 12/15 date and I like it, I'll give a check to the local dealer on the spot.
  9. redhurricane

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    There's a few threads on here showing people's reviews of the event. Other than the 200RR missing from the lineup, plenty of bikes. I could not wait and bought an xtrainer and 300rr a few weeks ago, but still going to the 12/15 afternoon session. Motoadventure will be there, a local Beta Dealer out of Loveland. Bruce and Randy are great guys.
  10. redhurricane

    Spokes for Beta RR

    Call these folks. Might not sell singles, but decent price on sets. http://www.fasterusa.com/
  11. redhurricane

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    Email back from David Dunne at Lectron- their Harley Davidson carbs have taken precedence over developing a tps carb. They have not dismissed the project, but things that make them money are going to take higher priority.
  12. redhurricane

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    All good points. I don't have any direct experience with the lectron or smart carb- My ASSumption on tps metering for oil injection is that it is a linear scale from 100:1 to 32:1. There would be an immense amount of work to create a varying oil injection map without collecting other key things like manifold pressure to measure AFR and achieve true stoichiometric perfection. TPS is nothing more than a metering tool from 0-5v that feeds that signal back to the ECU as a signal input for oil pump metering. For those of us that ride in widely varying altitude, ( @hawaiidirtrider this likely does not apply to you) jetting for wide changes in altitude, temperature and humidity can be problematic. We could get to a point of splitting hairs over "just how good" we could get AFR on a 2 stroke dirt bike. I ride from 3000ft to over 12,000ft. If a metering rod carb can cover this range with little to no input, I'm on board to try it. Might just try BOTH OF THEM and put one on the 300RR and the other on the XT for comparison. I did not start this thread to debate the good or bad of each method. Only to share information on a possible option for those that want it. We can all still go buy lots of things that may or may not help performance, like arm pump spray (yes, this really was a thing), x-wing inserts for carbs, rev boxes, and a handful of other snake oil type marketing ploys that in all reality do nothing to improve performance or efficiency.
  13. redhurricane

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    Those that choose to eliminate OI have no need for it. I get it. And yes I have seen plenty of posts regarding jetting, keihins, smart carbs, lectrons, and all the pros/cons to each, etc. To each their own. My folks live close to Lectron, and I may stop in there next time I am down that way to visit. Organic growth at any business starts by getting your product in the hands of the consumer. If Lectron (or Tech Elevated) wants to grow that market segment, they have to deliver. At least get a prototype out in the hands of some people who will do reviews. Hell, I'd throw them some money to demo a prototype.
  14. redhurricane

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    well aware of the smart carb. was just offering more information on Lectron and their potential release as an option.
  15. redhurricane

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    For those of you that want to get on the lectron train and retain oil injection. Looks like they are headed that way. Price still TBD. https://www.lectronfuelsystems.com/index.php/tps