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  1. redhurricane

    CHEAP Beta 250rr's for sale

    Hard to say, I'd ask for vin numbers.
  2. redhurricane

    CHEAP Beta 250rr's for sale

    Wonder if I need another. Pair of 2016 250RR's for sale, $4500 each. https://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/d/denver-beta-250-rr/6800499566.html
  3. If you choose this path, you won't regret it. (so long as they enjoy it). Daughter at 5 years old Then again at 8 years old.
  4. Seems like I have a little more space for an extra bike or three. Might be a Beta 200RR joining the herd at some point.
  5. I turn 50 this year. No intentions of slowing down or stopping for the next 20 years. My Dad is 75, was a Barstow to Vegas finisher in 1974 and desert racer in the early 70s. He stopped a number of years back, but wants to throw a leg over the same bike he has had for decades this year. Might be only for a few miles, but that's good enough for him. I finally went back to two strokes and after spending a chunk of change have some new technology to play with.
  6. redhurricane

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    wideband o2 sensors are also sensitive to contamination and oil fouling. oily exhaust gasses equal short lifespan on a sensor. When you take a 2.3L 4 cylinder engine and turbocharge it with 25+ psi to get 400whp you get positive pressure on turbine seals and oil gets by. sensors don't live long. ask me how I know. LOL
  7. redhurricane

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    If you look closely, you can see where the "wet conditions" map switch has been relocated to- it's not on the bars anymore.
  8. redhurricane

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    She was a sea bee in the navy, qualified sharp shooter and is even better with a knife. Still does not stop me from tempting fate. But I love the woman and I think she's tolerant of me. I'm fortunate to have someone that shares my passion for riding. Now if this snow BS would stop so we could go ride...
  9. redhurricane

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    It's shorter. Neighbor has the kickstand to shorten it by 1.5in to match the lowering work.
  10. redhurricane

    Handlebar multi switch modification PTT for 2 way radios

    Old setup with rugged supplied PTT and multiswitch.
  11. For those of you that use two way communication offroad, I figured I would throw out the modification that I made to the factory multi switch. I use rugged radio headsets for myself, the wife and daughter to communicate on the trail. I was not impressed with their bar mount velcro PTT button and had to move the multi switch inward on the bars to make room for it and keep the high/low beam functions. Top that off with the fact that the PTT rotates on the bar when you push the button and I wanted to make an improvement. I have no use for a horn on the trail, so I opted to use that as my PTT button as it's in the right place. So I clipped the black and gray wires outside the plug behind the headlight shroud and soldered in a female RCA plug (this is what rugged and PCI use for harness connection). Works like a charm, uses the horn button as my PTT function and cleaned up the bars a little. If I decide I need a horn button down the road, I can add one but I doubt I will. Left enough of the wires next to the plug to go back to stock or add an aux button. pics on my next post. New setup-
  12. redhurricane

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    I also took a measurement on the offset for the 300RR and XT- top clamp offset is the same by eyeball with a straight edge across both bikes. (center of stem to center of fork). 20mm.
  13. redhurricane

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    a 200RR AND an xtrainer?? ­čśÇ that's the only way I see this going. I'd hate to see you have regrets.
  14. redhurricane

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Just measured the 2005 CRF250X I have on the rack with the bike at zero sag and got 27.5┬░. online specs for that model show the same so my testing methods appear to be valid-ish. Beta 300RR rake is listed as 27┬░ with 20mm offset. I got 28.5 sitting with free sag so I am sure getting the bike truly unloaded is important enough to get accurate numbers. https://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/2018 300 RR specs .pdf Did not see anything for 2018 rake specs on the XT. I am sure its out there somewhere.
  15. redhurricane

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Angle finder used for fork measurement