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    What's with sales people?

    Since most times I am a cash buyer and know what I am looking for before I walk in the door, I have already emailed the sales manager/owner to get the skinny on the deal and have everything done before I arrive. Walk in with funds, leave with item purchased. No sales show, no BS. Last bike I bought I was in the dealership all of about 20 minutes total and that included signing for everything, making copies of driver license, and handing them an envelope. Bike was at my truck when I walked outside.
  2. redhurricane

    Is it possible to be bored at moab

    Amasa Back trail?
  3. redhurricane

    Beef up an Xtrainer or tune down a 300RR?

    Why not consider option 3- the 200RR. Full size frame, less power than the 300RR. Still PLENTY of power to be had.
  4. redhurricane

    Moab conditions currently??

    Mike, sorry we missed you guys. Monday morning was better. We arrived Thursday night after towing through monsoon like rain from about Rifle, Co to Moab. Wet and muddy Friday, and part of Saturday. We actually had to bail out of slick rock trail on Saturday due to rain. waterfalls pouring off the sandstone. VERY busy weekend, lots of people. Monday it was fairly quiet and we rode Fins, Porcupine Rim then packed up and headed home. Karen's loving the new Beta.
  5. redhurricane

    Two Betas, a Yamaha and a KTM walk into a bar.....

    You better check snow levels before coming that early. Been a record snowfall year here (Aspen had 100" in MARCH!!!)
  6. Well, actually they get rolled into a trailer and get towed to Moab for 4 days. Let you all know how the Beta's do in Moab when we get back.
  7. redhurricane

    Two Betas, a Yamaha and a KTM walk into a bar.....

    It did not suck.... Weather was a little rough day one, lots of rain but she's beginning to gel with "Stella" just fine. We had an incident in one area, and the shifter lever was victim. Had a spare, 3 min trail side repair and we were rolling again.
  8. redhurricane

    Top enduro riding vest????

    I have the Ogio flight vest, the Klim Arsenal and Answer Frontier. Klim is so far my favorite for fit and function. Wife likes the Frontier vest (short torso)
  9. redhurricane

    How much fuel do you go through?

    In a few hours, I will be leaving for a long weekend of riding. It will be burning about 355 liters of diesel to get to and from where we are riding, and with 4 bikes over 4 days I expect to burn about 122 liters of premium gasoline. There is also the expectation that about 1.75 Liters of whiskey will also be consumed over that 4 day period, shared between 4 people. So about 478.75 liters of "fuel" at 4.986 liters per hour collectively.
  10. redhurricane

    Moving to Colorado - Have a Few Questions

    Same here. Amazing that my wife puts up with me. You fit in just fine.
  11. redhurricane

    Riding in moab

    Headed to Moab.... ride report when we get back.
  12. redhurricane

    ThumperTalk Classifieds Suck?

    Sweet. any way to make a sticky or some other directive to get traffic into the "pay it forward" train? I'm headed to Moab tomorrow to ride, but in a week or so i would be interested in putting together some starter ads for freebies. I know I have stuff collecting dust that someone else can use.
  13. redhurricane

    Rocky mountain

    I order enough out of RMATV that both the UPS driver and the OnTrac guy have the code to my garage and put my stuff inside for me. But then again I also buy them Christmas gifts just like the trash guys get. Trash guys walk my cans back to the gate with lids on them.
  14. No. If you'r already proficient in doing other repairs, valve adjustments are not that much more challenging.
  15. 23 year old daughter got her first shot at riding her new 300RR. Has not ridden since August 2018. I think she did alright. Sometime in the video I pass her and you all get to listen to me heave while riding. Just came off a chest cold and this was all I had to give today. Now nursing hot toddies and trying not to cough nonstop.
  16. redhurricane

    Daughter's first ride on the 300rr

    typical spring day in Colorado. Pick one side of the street.
  17. redhurricane

    Daughter's first ride on the 300rr

    Likely. Snowmass/Aspen got 100" in March alone. Front range gets a bomb cyclone, and 3 days later it's high 50s and dry.
  18. redhurricane

    Daughter's first ride on the 300rr

    I will continue to buy in bulk to avoid this nonsense.
  19. redhurricane

    2 Stroke Handle Bar Clean Up

    Not the greatest closeup pic, but on my wife's XT you can see the rain map switch mounted to the left side radiator hose. Accessible but out of the way.
  20. redhurricane

    2 Stroke Handle Bar Clean Up

    I am still using the multi switch, only because the horn button is now wired as our PTT for on bike radio communication. rain map switch moved to the left side radiator hose, and using the BRP bar clamp/handguard mount as shown above.
  21. redhurricane

    First ride on the 2019 Beta 200RR

    You've had all the free hits you're going to get. Time to step up and just buy it. LOL
  22. redhurricane

    Daughter's first ride on the 300rr

    Youngest daughter has stopped riding for the time being, sorting things out at 20 years old while she knows everything. She may come back to it, she may not.
  23. redhurricane

    Daughter's first ride on the 300rr

    Wife and daughters all ride. daughter's since about 5 years old. Now 20 and 23 years old. No racing, all for fun- but they've ridden high elevation woods to wide open Baja. Her initial impression on the bike - "it's SOOOO easy to ride. I feel like it's so much lighter and less tiring than my old bike".
  24. redhurricane

    Thread pitch on spokes.

    I'd caution you on chasing the threads on spokes/nipples. Being that they are in many cases zinc plated, removing that will allow corrosion to set in much faster, even if anti seize is used.
  25. redhurricane

    Daughter's first ride on the 300rr

    Amber loves it. Saw close to another 10-15 Betas there, almost more of them than team orange. Amazing to see so many Betas. Found some new friends, all but two here are chicks. Left to right, Me, Meghan, Amber, Karen, Tammy's Husband (his name escapes me at the moment) and Tammy.