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  1. yankee99

    Fastway Performance Parts

    Can you help with your kickstand fitment 2015 beta 300 rr? fastway says it doesnt fit, motosuplly says it fits but the pic looks incorrect http://www.motosupply.com/beta-motorcycles-beta-300rr250rr-beta-heavy-duty-kickstand-p-776.html american beta says it fits but theres 2 different images/styles http://shop.americanbeta.com/p/fastway-heavy-duty-kickstand/offroad-dual-sport_rr-rs-rr-s_2015-rr-2-stroke_chassis_body-protection?pp=48&sort_selection=recommended
  2. Disassembling sachs 48 mm from a beta 300....One fork was no problem the second fork the black spring guide will not unscrew. It screws about 1/4" then it stops? Any suggestions on how to hold the rod without destroying it
  3. yankee99

    Motorex sae 4 alternative?

    Bel Ray and SS7 are both ok to use in 4cs forks?
  4. this is about $60usd for 2L of fork oil which seems pricey. Is motorex all that can be used in the forks or can motul be substituted?
  5. yankee99

    Odd chain alignment issue

    They are identical and i believe lining up the marks will offset the chain alignment
  6. yankee99

    Odd chain alignment issue

    The bike is being serviced with a new chain and the guide has not been put back 100%
  7. This is a second hand ktm 2015 250 with unknown history. The front sprocket was shot so i replaced the chain and sprocket i noticed that when the axle blocks are aligned to where the chain is true there is a large difference in the bolts pushing on the blocks. The blocks are very close to being equally aligned on both sides so this seems strange?
  8. yankee99

    Worn hubs or poor ktm QC?

    On this bike the spacer has a shoulder for the seal then a shoulder the bearing rides on. Then it protrudes in to the center tube... basically the axle rides on the spacers not the bearings
  9. yankee99

    Worn hubs or poor ktm QC?

    Not possible as the spacer centers the tube.
  10. Ive recently purchased a 2015 250 six days and while changing the tires i noticed the rear wheel spacers wouldnt turn. I purchased new bearings and seals and when installing them it seems the tube between the bearings is preventing the bearings from sitting flush in the hub. Basically if a bearing is completely seated i can see the tube is to high to let the other bearing seat. I can reassemble by leaving the bearing about 1.5 mm above the hub seat which will take the pressure off the bearings and let them move freely. fwiw the front hub has a similar issue. Whats going on? 1. Somehow both hubs are worn at the seat 2. The inner tube were cut wrong 3. The hubs were cut wrong Any suggestions what the cause could be?
  11. funny you should mention the shock. Removed it yesterday to add a lowering soacer and the collar was backed off where it wasn't even touching the spring
  12. Thanks for the quick reply ... since it has a F in the vin would it be correct to assume its a 2015 with 2016 stickers?
  13. Is this a six days or just graphics. I am considering buying this bike but trying to confirm as the graphics dont look original VBKEXA401FM119144