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  1. check fuel mixture screw and go through the carb
  2.!06033!US!-1&vxp=mtr the sellers feedback is good. It doesn't look like it would fit any bike. I will probably just keep looking.
  3. On eBay, the guy listed it for my bike and the year. I just purchased an FMF mega bomb and it should fit, but the pipe coming out of the muffler in the picture looks like it's been rotated. You can see the mount welded on the pipe but it is facing down and it should be facing the same way as the mount on the muffler itself.
  4. I want to get a cheaper used FMF exhaust for my bike. The one on eBay I was looking at had some dents in it. Do dents in the muffler have a big impact on the performance? Also the pipe looks to be turned the wrong way does that rotate? I don't want to buy this if the pipe will not rotate because I think it looks like its turned the wrong way and wouldn't fit.
  5. My clutch lever feels spongy like the breaks when they need to be bled I have a nice clutch perch new cable and clutch kit. My friends clutch feels way better so there is something wrong with mine and I don't know what. my friends clutch feels solid and my clutch feels almost like the front break.
  6. My clutch lever feels spongy like the breaks when they need to be bled I have a nice clutch perch new cable and clutch kit. My friends clutch feels way better so there is something wrong with mine and I dont know what
  7. I found a great deal on an FMF MEGABOMB, sorry I took the last one, but what a deal. post ur finds.
  8. I cant decide if i want black rims or silver. I need new rims and need help deciding.
  9. Something similar happened to me just weeks ago my cable snapped not sure how hot it got. Don’t know why it snapped but the clutch plates went with the cable; after a new clutch pack the throttle response is better its and its snappier. I still don’t understand the cable i got a new one and I ran out of adjustment on the cable. So my clutch is not pulling all the way together. Make sure when you buy a new cable don’t buy motion pro. Check the whole cable sometimes when u turn the bars all the way to the right the cable can get cut by the frame and when the bike is turnt to the right your clutch will not work. This would cause the rubbing and friction that happened to your cable. I would also take a look at the clutch pack look for discolored plates look for a purple color. This means they are worn if they are purple and you need a new clutch pack.
  10. very good points, ironically my clutch cable snapped the last ride so I ordered the OEM cable, pressure plate, and clutch pack. I also got the Wiseco clutch basket.
  11. I have a 04 crf250x. the clutch just shit itself and now I don't know what to do. my friend said to get the whole Hinson clutch kit the $1000 because the clutch has never been replaced. I know for sure I have to replace the discs and springs. the basket and inner hub have slight grooving and rough edges on the pressure plate. the bike would also never roll in gear with the clutch pulled in. I don't know what to do. I was looking at Wiseco and Hinson but thinking about cheeping out on the discs with the tusk discs and spring set. so what should I replace, and what brand? is Hinson overrated and overpriced? also, I do not want to file the basket. thanks
  12. will the crf 250r 05-09 clutch cover fit on a crf 250x?
  13. I am talking about the stock one, I never knew that was a fraction and was very confused mostly because the guy that sold it to me said there were 240 miles on it and thats what it read but never knew it was a fraction haha the more you know thanks.
  14. I just bought a new bike and the last ride I went on I racked up 600 miles on the odometer the ride might have actually been 20 miles. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? If not is there a maintenance schedule in hours for the crf250x instead of miles? Should I just buy a new unit?
  15. I have a crf250x it gets the wheel up nicely. Glad I could help