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  1. So if I install a ac/dc rectifier into the headlight curcuit I will be good to run an led light bar with the dc power from the rectifier?
  2. I recently opened the air box put a new exhaust system on and jetted with the jd jetting kit definitely more power and took the quick throttle bog away pops the front right up.
  3. I would be open to any lighting setups like a light bar.
  4. I want to get a light setup for my bike. any ideas, setups that work for you? does changing out the stock bulb make a big difference? Should I mess with the stator?
  5. All the stock crf250x's have some bog when you pin it fast. Is there bog when you're just rolling on the throttle?
  6. No, it's not the same side here is a link to an online service manual for 04-13 crf250x go to page 72. I would recommend measuring the oil out beforehand because the tranny oil check bolt is finicky and you can easily get the level wrong.
  7. Update i found the noise in the clutch now where did the metal shavings go how do I clean out the engine. there is still a noise in the head could it be valves?
  8. Go with the 125 it's lighter and hauls ass with a full-sized frame that will fit you. If you go with the 250 it might be too snappy for your uses (riding areas). If you cant handle a bike you won't have fun on the bike. Even if you learned very slowly on the 250 it's too snappy for the woods and trails. The 125 handles well in the woods/trails and will do great on a track too. The 125 is the way to go.
  9. I went for a ride today with some friend and my bike shit on me. The bike ran just fine yesterday but today it had some trouble starting up. after warming it up for a little bit it stalled because my clutch cable is messed up. After it stalled the bike was really hard to start I had to bump start it. We went out for a little ride and came back after the bike stalled again and had to bump start it. We charged the battery and the bike would start with e start (still not easy). Then we went out for a longer ride stalled a few times had a lot of trouble starting and on the way back I started to hear a ticking noise from the head (I think), there might also be a ticking noise from the clutch too. It sounds like this guys bike. I think its the valves but I don't know why they would make that noise.
  10. Does the battery charge if it does then the stator is fine. do you have trouble with e start?
  11. check fuel mixture screw and go through the carb
  12.!06033!US!-1&vxp=mtr the sellers feedback is good. It doesn't look like it would fit any bike. I will probably just keep looking.
  13. On eBay, the guy listed it for my bike and the year. I just purchased an FMF mega bomb and it should fit, but the pipe coming out of the muffler in the picture looks like it's been rotated. You can see the mount welded on the pipe but it is facing down and it should be facing the same way as the mount on the muffler itself.
  14. I want to get a cheaper used FMF exhaust for my bike. The one on eBay I was looking at had some dents in it. Do dents in the muffler have a big impact on the performance? Also the pipe looks to be turned the wrong way does that rotate? I don't want to buy this if the pipe will not rotate because I think it looks like its turned the wrong way and wouldn't fit.
  15. My clutch lever feels spongy like the breaks when they need to be bled I have a nice clutch perch new cable and clutch kit. My friends clutch feels way better so there is something wrong with mine and I don't know what. my friends clutch feels solid and my clutch feels almost like the front break.