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  1. westladog

    Lower front or rear sprocket?

    Thanks for the info. As for still keeping the 04 CRF250R, it's still as great bike with no issues. Not even a valve adjust needed that last 4 years. Still starks in 1-3 kicks. Between the 04 and 08 CRF250R, I see no significant change. My next CRF will have fuel injection and e-start button.
  2. westladog

    Lower front or rear sprocket?

    2004 CRF250R Front - 13 Rear - 51 I'm comfortable riding in 3rd gear but I find it difficult at times because I'm constantly using the clutch to control entry and exit speed. Plus, I'm constantly panic reving on long jumps. I like to increase the rear sprocket to a 52 but I don't think I have enough chain length. Hence, I like to get your opinion about going to the front with a 12t? Would this be okay or too much? Thanks in advance.
  3. westladog

    how do you start your 150?

    If it's really hard to start. Shut the gas valve and tip the bike over so most of the gas from the carb comes out. You should be able to start it now.
  4. westladog

    CRF150R sitting for three months now wont start

    nervermind...finally got it started....
  5. westladog

    trouble starting my bike

    Well, I just got my bike started. Tip the bike over and let all the gas out....after that...it started in 2 kicks..
  6. I don't know what else to do now... I took the seat off and the airbox looks okay.... It's been sitting for 3 months and now it wown't start... I hate having to take the carb out and cleaning... ? Any suggestions guys?
  7. westladog

    Crf 150r expert or crf 230

    Have you tried picking the 230 up when it's on its side? Don't even think about jumping anything on the 230. For those who feels that the 230 is better on trails, what can the 230 do on trails that the 150RB can't? .....right...
  8. westladog

    How do you vote?

    Based on a few of your comments, I feel that we need a woman president. All of you can answer a question without getting personal and attacking the person. On the other side, most of the men would just call Hillary names. I feel sorry for the daughters of those men.
  9. westladog

    How do you vote?

    Just curious.... Do you vote how your husband, bf, or father votes or you vote differently? The reason I'm posing this questions is that most men on this site are hard-core conservative and anti-democrat. How do you feel about Hillary?
  10. westladog

    2008 CRF150R Valve Adjustment help needed

    Hi, You really don't need "special tools". Just your standard tool set should be fine. More than likely your intake valve would be the tight one. You just need some shims ("washers") but you really don't know what shim to get until you measure how tight it is. Oh yeah...the feeler gauge should be the metric one. I have the manual with me. Just start working on it and I'll try to answer using the manual if you need help. Just start taking the tank and top end cover off. Then you need to set the cam chain aside. Don't lose it! Use a zip tie....
  11. Shouldn't my dog supposed to wake me up instead of me having to wake him up in the morning? He's so old that I have to wake the little bugger up every morning to walk him. Not only that, I have to massage his legs first because he has arthiritis. Once he's done with his thing, I have to carry him in, wipe his nozzle clean, and wash his paws. ....then the wife orders me to make sure his food and water is fresh..... then i can take a shower and go to work....
  12. westladog

    crf150r in the woods?

    Huh? Put that pipe down, boy! The torque and wide powerband alone is better than any 85 mini 2-strokes in the woods.
  13. westladog

    Problems Starting a 08 CRF150R

    Don't be blipping the throttle like a 2-stroke when you are kicking it. Just do it once when it's cold, and that's it..
  14. westladog

    Kickstand for 150RB

    screw promoto...! overprice!
  15. westladog

    Pretty Excited Here.....

    I just got mine today. It fits perfectly! Now, I'm just waiting for the sparky. My wife will love this exhaust. It's my wife's bike along with her CRF250R. I'm a 2-stroke guy. KTM 125SX and KX100 Big Wheel. All I know is, if her game is on, I can't beat her using my KX100. It's way to hard.