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  1. Louis Garcia

    Rear wheel spacers problem

    I had the same problem on a 05 Yzf 250 I put new tires on but when I greased the outer seals on both sides I had just enough grease to do that my wheels have been changed not stock yzf
  2. Louis Garcia

    Air filter cleaner questions

    if you use a no-toil air filter with their oil it works great but if you a twin air or a uni the cleaner will dissolve the glue that holds the parts of the filter together the good news is if that happens call no-toil tell them what happened and they will send you a new air filter great company
  3. Louis Garcia

    cheap performance mods xr200r

    Thanks I changed the shock it’s one inch longer but that’s a good point
  4. Louis Garcia

    cheap performance mods xr200r

    I see way you run a 12t her bikes stock just a fmf t4 which came with the bike the best thing I did was jet and set up the carb the last xr200 was a 1987 but I went way overboard I went with a mega cam head ported 240 Wisco etc that is when I found out about the weak kick starter gear then I sold that one and got another one not so radical but still to much compression for her even with thicker gaskets my buddy is still riding lol so I bought her a 230 and she hated it so you know what I did 2001 xr200 with a pipe great bike I love it too I might check out a 18 rear wheel
  5. Louis Garcia

    cheap performance mods xr200r

    Just wondering if you have tried a 14t it gives the bike a longer spread for hills and single track
  6. Louis Garcia

    cheap performance mods xr200r

    I don’t agree on the 12t it’s too low you won’t go anywhere 14t works so much better as for the jetting I went one up on the pilot and main runs great she also has a fmf pipe as for the 230 she liked the 200 best so I gave the 230 to my daughter-in-law
  7. Louis Garcia

    cheap performance mods xr200r

    On my wife’s xr 200 I went one tooth up and it made the bike work a lot better first was so low she could not climb anything that made all the difference now if you want a lot more power (power costs) cam,pipe,piston I did that to her last xr 200 but go easy on the piston xr 200s have a weak kick starter and when it broke you have to split the cases
  8. Louis Garcia

    Oversized tank for 500 exc...

    I like the IMS tank the best next is the Acerbis last is the Clark the Clark is the fattest as for the color I like the white or clear the best because you always can see your fuel but black looks the coolest
  9. Louis Garcia

    Opinions wanted on this deal...

    Run run and don’t look back bad deal who paints plastic wait for you deal it is for your wife the better the bike the wife will lovvvve you more and the less issues
  10. Louis Garcia

    Do I need to replace my hub?

    I bet the cause is you are running your chain too tight that’s usually what happens yes you need a new hub don’t fix the old one that could leave you stranded not good
  11. Louis Garcia

    Does this look right???

    Run run fast that bike is wasted I wouldn’t buy it for 500 run run fast and don’t look back
  12. Louis Garcia

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    I just used my buddy’s Baja no pinch and that was the easiest I have changed a tire I did 4 in have the time to do one I’m sold on that tool
  13. Sorry for your loss my Scottie would ride on my crf 50 till you ran out of gas then get mad I lost her last year
  14. Louis Garcia

    Dual sport debacle

    Hey the 990 is a great bike it just needs Jenny Craig
  15. Louis Garcia

    Dual sport debacle

    I have the scout 60s on my 990 good on street just ok off-road