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  1. Today I rode from the ardenvoir to Chelan section of the wabdr. Beautiful area and the trail was mostly sandy and rutted, very fun. "The jungle" was in decent condition relatively I suppose, great ride.
  2. It's a forest road that splits off the wabdr just before chumstick summit. The water pipe coming off the hill is on the wabdr route though, it's worth a stop for a drink!
  3. Sounds like a no but funner going the same places!!
  4. Entiat summit road. The white pipe has some delicious water, I've passed by it several times, finally stopped for a drink.
  5. Some kind of old obstacle course?
  6. Beautiful... The scenery is nice too
  7. Is that a pelican case on back there? Details?
  8. Just got back from southern section wabdr. Had to turn back due to snow about 50 miles past Packwood. Amazing trip regardless.
  9. This is good info, thanks! Btw if anyone has the links for necessary purchases for the carb ie klx250 plunger etc that would be a great addition to this thread.
  10. Nope, back in Washington again. It was the section from canyon 2/mission creek over the chumstick summit to ardenvoir. I'm actually planning to be back in Wisconsin around then but let me know anyway closer to then, if I am here I'd be down to ride
  11. You should, I plan to do the southern section in a couple weeks, from cashmere down to Oregon.
  12. Rode about 100 miles of the wabdr today. What a great ride, can't wait to do more of it.
  13. I just bought some 20-50 Castrol Dino oil, going to be changing in preparation for hotter weather. How does the rotella 15-40 do? Kind of in between the 10-40 and 20-50 so does good in conditions of using both?
  14. Awesome where is this?
  15. Trail wings lol?