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  1. Scottg07

    2011 DRZ400S OR 2005 DRZ400SM

    I came from TL 1000r, 954rr, 929rr, vstrom, 600rr, etc doesn't matter drz is a different beast
  2. I'd rather have one Scott's than 4 shitty Chinese copies.
  3. Scottg07

    Oil brand change advice

    I had to look that up, so yeah and I learned something ha
  4. Scottg07

    Oil brand change advice

    Are you saying you only run full synthetic?
  5. Scottg07

    DRZ400e Chugging Oil

    I never check my oil, just dump in the two quarts and ride.
  6. I added protaper bars and risers which raise them and just swapped cr high to adventure bend and no probs. That's quite a bit higher than 1 1/4.
  7. Battery tender pigtail to battery, other end tender to USB adapter, plug in phone. Doesn't matter too much if you have a phone holder or it's in a bag keeping charged. Just keep it out of the rain..
  8. Scottg07

    Oil brand change advice

    Cheapest Jaso ma certified 10-40 or 20-50 oil you come across. I'm using this in my drz and Harley
  9. Scottg07

    Acerbis tank which petcock to use

    I'm using the one that came with the acerbis tank, just plugged the vacuum hose
  10. Scottg07

    Starter Problems

    I don't know about on the drz but my sportster was doing something similar and I was told it was the starter clutch..
  11. Scottg07

    7/8 to 1/8 bars

    Get protaper
  12. Scottg07

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Maybe 175? I'm not sure.. the problem was the gas station in Carlton was out of fuel but didn't sweat it knowing I had enough to make conconully. I was nearing 150-160 with all the backtracking I did when I ran into a dude who hooked me up with a couple gallons and some directions. Great guy, wouldn't even take any money.
  13. Scottg07

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    It was fun other than the stress of thinking I would be pushing my bike out of the backcountry and no phone to boot. That was on loup loup canyon road, the wabdr map doesn't show it but basically all the ATV trails lead back to conconully when heading north. I kept backtracking second guessing if I was going the right way. I stayed at a motel in omak after reaching conconully, rodeway inn, cheap and decent. North of Chelan the trail conditions are good, lots of beautiful vistas, wildlife etc. I called it at Loomis, I think that was it for the dirt and my ass was killing me lol.
  14. Scottg07

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Completed the north side of the wabdr over the weekend. Had some drama with being ill prepared resulting in dead phone, no GPS and getting very low on gas in backcountry but all turned out well fortunately.
  15. Scottg07

    Navigation, what are you using for the back country?

    Backcountry pro on my phone. Did north section Washington backcountry route over the weekend and forgot a charger like a dumbass. Phone died, had paper map but nearly ran out of gas taking what I thought were wrong routes and backtracking. Needless to say I may invest in a Voyager as well.