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  1. Scottg07

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Sumo set up back on for the winter, great ride up badger mountain. Hit mid forties today
  2. Scottg07

    Aluminum or steel for drz lift?

    I have the steel one it's okay
  3. Scottg07

    buying this bar for the DRZ - recommendations?

    https://www.protaper.com/product/34/evo-adventure-handlebars Protaper adv bars 3.5" rise, very comfy bars and stock cables work if you don't change risers
  4. Scottg07

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    So back to the original question- Athena piston replacement every 15 hours?? Is this true?
  5. Scottg07

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    You can loosen it up and move it farther inboard on the splines
  6. Scottg07

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    I was kinda thinking the same thing.. last non O ring chain I had caused some major issues on a multi state tour. Would never get another non O ring chain..
  7. Scottg07

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    I really like this
  8. Scottg07

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Probably last ride in the Cascade foothills of 2018, getting too much compact snow/ice on the forest roads at higher elevation. Good cold dirty fun!
  9. Scottg07

    DR-Z400SM Plastics?

    Check Amazon, I've seen them on there before like a hundred bucks
  10. Scottg07

    Tool Kit

    If I'm going more than a days ride from home then yes
  11. I don't see why it wouldn't bolt right on without it
  12. Scottg07

    Tool Kit

    A master link is not a bad idea, small, cheap just in case.
  13. It's not comfortable at all doing high rpm freeway riding on this bike imo. As others have said DR or KLR is what you want if freeways are a necessity. I don't even really like busy 55 MPH roads because most traffic is going 70. Feels much better around 55-60.
  14. If you stay off the freeway, keep up maintenance, oil at least every 3k, air filters, valve check maybe every 10k, and don't beat it too hard I don't see why you wouldn't expect 50k without any major problems. I think people abuse and neglect these bikes giving them a reputation of poor longevity. Mine has almost 11k, still low miles.
  15. Scottg07

    Can anyone help me identify these two parts?

    Those are S model forks, the SM forks are inverted. Yeah it's way different than a crotch rocket but it's a great bike, much funner imo