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  1. Scottg07

    Front wheel spacer?

    Yeah you got it right
  2. Scottg07

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Mission peak trail. I put my dirt wheels back on after just setting up my SM wheels. Too much good off road here for SM wheels, I'm thinking of selling them already, if anyone is interested HMU.
  3. Scottg07

    Trailtech in line temp sensor q's

    Mine too but I'm low on coolant because it hasn't gotten over 100 degrees yet lol
  4. You think a hand warmer might get it warm enough to start in single digits?
  5. Scottg07

    DRZ400SM 2018 Jetting Question

    Maybe try 155 main if you are too rich. I have similar mods, running the same jetting except main jet
  6. Scottg07

    DRZ400SM 2018 Jetting Question

    What size main jet?
  7. Scottg07

    Used DRZ400SM Price Check

    A good quality full exhaust is typically $600 dollars by itself...
  8. Scottg07

    Used DRZ400SM Price Check

    Sounds like a good deal to me, especially depending on the used market around you.
  9. Scottg07

    SM my S list

    I have never heard that about the stock computer, maybe if you get a different speedo sensor? I just bought a vapor, same size new rear rotor and will pickup a 320mm rotor for my dirt wheels. Don't forget the kickstand, need to either cut it down or buy an SM kickstand, it'll blow over in a stiff wind with the S one.
  10. If you use a more open after market exhaust you won't notice the sound of the air box. Honestly I doubt you would even with the stock exhaust. 3x3 makes the bike so much funner to ride.. I got 51mpg last fill up too
  11. Scottg07

    Fitting SM wheels

    Good reminder, thanks
  12. Scottg07

    Fitting SM wheels

    The stock spacer didn't fit all nicely like the one that came with the talon hub. Rear fit up perfectly..
  13. Scottg07

    Fitting SM wheels

    Popping out the inside brake pad was no biggie slipped right on. The spacers seem correct but I really don't know if they are... Small spacer outside the speedo spacer and small spacer outside the brake side hub spacer.
  14. Scottg07

    Fitting SM wheels

    I meant the front wheel now, got the rear wheel all set. Front seems to be too tight to install without removing a brake pad.