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  1. DenlingerMoto

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    👍 👍 Very cool!! Again, awesome bike!
  2. DenlingerMoto

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    I'd love to see a full write up, socal... That bike looks awesome!! Is it a yz 85 rear? or something else?
  3. DenlingerMoto

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    I've spent hours and hours here on thumpertalk, learning and researching everything about ttr's. I've had so much fun reading, finding new tricks, and seeing what everyone else is doing... You guys are an endless stream of awesome info! Keep it up! I figure it's time I make a post and share a little about my 2003 TTR 125L KX 85 Forks (lowered 2") and Triple Clamps KX 100 Front Wheel TTR 125 LE shock BBR Pipe BBR Frame Cradle BBR Shifter YZ 125 pegs CUSTOM handmade chain guide CUSTOM extended brake lever 3D Printed Mount for LE shock reservior (This is probably the piece that I am most proud of... access to printer and drawing program through my high school) Motor all stock, just some holes in airbox and jetting done. Other little bling and goodies Fusion replica shroud graphics and backgrounds
  4. DenlingerMoto

    Another TTR/YZ Love-Child...

    Very Cool build!!! Probably one of the best looking and cleanest TTR's I've ever seen. Awesome Job!
  5. DenlingerMoto

    2018 TTR 110E, new (pics)

    Yep, they are awesome bikes! I am sure that he will love it... Another thing to mention is that you could eventually get a manual clutch kit for it as he gets older and is ready to learn the clutch. I'm sure this would probably be a few years down the road if he is just starting on the bike, but its a great option. http://sxparts.com/shop/ttr-110-big-bore-kit/oem-yamaha-manual-clutch-kit-for-yamaha-ttr-110-tt-r-110/ I bought this kit, it's Genuine Yamaha and was great quality. This kit makes the bike semi manual then, so sort of similar to how a bike with a Rekluse clutch works. Great for youngsters learning how to use the clutch. Im sure he'll have lots of fun on the bike just the way it is though!
  6. DenlingerMoto

    TTR110 softer rear shock

    A few years back, on my 2009 TTR 110 (same as 2015), I had put a FastAce shock on the rear with a 250 lb spring. I think the shock was originally meant for a KLX 110, so I had to drill a different mounting hole and get some spacers for where it mounted. But it really was not all that hard to make it work. I believe the part number was BDA-01AR / BS-22AR. It believe it had adjustable rebound, but not compression, and you were also able to adjust the preload on the spring. I did a little bit of research before getting the shock and from what i found, the STOCK TTR spring rate is about 300 lbs. Also, I found out that some mountain bike springs actually fit the FastAce shock. Because I (about 160lbs) was the one riding the TTR, I grabbed a 350 lb spring that made the fastace much better and more stiff than stock. Anyways, for a 65 lb girl, I would say that a Fastace 250 lb shock would be much better, but if you want to go even softer, I'm sure you could find a softer spring. There might be other decent shocks out there too, but I thought that the Fastace was solid quality for around $100.
  7. 2014 150sx ... awesome bike, love riding it
  8. DenlingerMoto

    150 sx vs 150 xc wheres the real differences lay ?

    Can't say much about SX/XC differences, as I have experience with only the SX. But, 2016 was the first year that KTM made the crank the same stroke for the 125/150's. So, 16/17/18 would be the years that you could do the 125cc to 144c with only cylinder/piston change. 2015 and older you would need the crank as well.
  9. DenlingerMoto

    Bringing another dying ttr back to life, for a Mini Moto build

    Awesome work, man! I'll be following this to see the updates... I've got an 2003 TTR 125L with kx 85 forks, bbr pipe, and a few other things. I would suggest lowering the forks to get a better, more stock feel with the yz/kx forks. I lowered mine about 1.5 - 2 inches (I think.... it has been a while since I did it) and it helped a lot in making the bike feel more balanced and not "chopper like". Raising them up in the clamps does help, but you can only raise them so far. I have seen some people that drill a different mounting hole to raise the back up, but then you are getting into geometry and linkage issues. If you are doing a rebuild of the forks anyway, its not a whole lot more work to put a pvc spacer by the "top out" spring and then cut the main springs down by the same amount. I did it myself and it wasn't too hard. I will say too that if you are looking into bigger pegs, I bought a set of mid 2000's YZ 125 pegs on ebay for like 20 bucks. With a little grinding down of the peg and messing around with the spring, they fit right in and are a solid, awesome footpeg. I think that any (somewhat modern) yz 125 and 250 pegs will work. Also, I'd look into getting some kind of real chain guide. Definitely worth it. Awesome work so far though!!! Can't wait to see more!!
  10. DenlingerMoto

    Flywheel Cover Gasket???

    Yep, I think I'll end up going that route. Thanks for all the feedback!
  11. DenlingerMoto

    Flywheel Cover Gasket???

    I did see that... it is most likely for their aftermarket covers that they make, but I guess it would probably work for the stock cover, too. Thanks, I may give that a try.
  12. DenlingerMoto

    Flywheel Cover Gasket???

    So, I popped off my flywheel/ignition cover on my 2014 150sx that I bought over the summer and found quite a mess. Flywheel, stator, and everything else in there was corroded and rusted like crazy. The threads on the flywheel took forever to clean out good enough that I could get a puller in them. But I eventually got everything out and cleaned up decent enough. Anyways, I noticed that the flywheel cover didn't have a gasket and there is not one listed on OEM schematics. I am assuming that KTM just expects the plastic/ rubbery cover to seal up well enough to keep out water/dirt. So for the future, should I use gasket maker each time I pull off the cover, or should I just check it more often so that it doesn't get really bad?? Any suggestions or ideas are welcome...
  13. DenlingerMoto

    The 150 Club

    Joined the 150 club this summer. She's a 2014, with 50 hours on since new. Such a blast to ride!
  14. DenlingerMoto

    Post pics of your CR's

    Here's my 2002 CR 125. Going to be selling it soon.
  15. DenlingerMoto

    TTR 125 choke cable mount (??)

    Hey, I think this is the part you are looking for. I found it under the steering diagram for a 2003 ttr 125, it is number 15 on the diagram below. Part number in the picture.