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  1. I've seen it done with pop rivets with small washers to disperse the load.
  2. 6bt

    1973 1974 CR250M Elsinore OE Carb?

    Aren't elsinore's going for silly money?
  3. Just experienced the woes. I listed a rough, air cooled kx500 on craigslist. $550 firm. Lots of interest, trades, one guy even offered $50 less than my asking price. Cranked over with compression, missing carb boot. I get a text at 6 am, guy has to have it. Okay, come get it after work. Text him, nothing. Text the next guy, wants it but can't come til tomorrow, will be there at 6 pm. Okay fine. Guy texts me at 530, wants me to hold it til the weekend, wants to send me a deposit.. Nope...well WTF, I just rushed home to meet him and he couldn't text me earlier? I rushed home 2 nights in a row, made no plans to try and accommodate people. When I bought the thing, I drove an hour and a half, didn't dick around, paid him what he wanted and left with the bike. Bike is now coming apart and going on ebay.
  4. 6bt

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    Old piece of carpet, and 2 harbor freight spoons for me. If the rims are nice, I use rim gaurds. Ru-glyde? From napa for lube. Harbor freight tire changer to break the bead on rims with a bead. $45 is nuts. Maybe I should advertise lol. Seriously I do all my own tires. Dirt/street bike, ATV, car/pickup truck, skid steer, backhoe and farm tractor tires. Way too cheap to pay anyone.
  5. Is there anything like that for the Japanese bikes? Not a FB user, but my wife is.
  6. I've got a very old off road vehicle book from the early 70s and it mentions the rv's, with pictures and what not. Everything is collectable nowadays, some more than others. The RV being a cool bike imo. Heck I started on a dt100. I still have it at my mom's house, in the basement. One of these days.. Google Suzuki vanvan. It looks like the newer 4 stroke version sold in japan.
  7. Looks like the air pumps go for about $150ish on eBay. None on there at the moment.
  8. Imo, I would make it as nice as possible without restoring it. They're only original once.
  9. I've sold hundreds of items on craigslist. Cash only. I usually toy with the scammers, like sending them a whole Shakespeare play in text form, or horribly inappropriate nude pictures of random people online. Bikes and atv's are kind of a pain to sell, but they do sell. I had a Arctic cat f120 a few years ago. A guy came to look at it, told him I was firm on $1000. Offered $700-$800 and left. Another guy came along a couple hours later and paid $1000. First guy called again, offering $900. I told him it was sold. (This was Christmas Eve). He kept dropping f bombs, and I heard his wife asking if it was sold in disbelief. Hahaha.
  10. I'd say a kdx 200, or 90s 250 MX bike...xr400. I'm the same size as you, and my buddie's kdx hauls me around fine. 500's are fun as well if your just play riding.
  11. I've had decent luck so far. Quite a few vintage sport wuad things. I have an odd ball kx500 that's next.
  12. 6bt

    2000 650r...let the fun begin

    15 hours? It's worth it!
  13. 6bt

    Maintaining dirt bike trail.

    I wish some of you guys lived in upstate NY, I'd bring my skid steer and mini ex over, in exchange for a place to ride!
  14. Yes, none of mine are that bad. I may try filling with weld and smoothing. I don't think any are deeper than 5/16". Some bikes it doesn't bother me, but my cr500 is almost perfect, and has the dents in the frame cradle...must be from it's former life in Utah.