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  1. Brian Turtle McCollum

    19 500exc-f

    I wonder if the 2019 light kit would fit a 2016. Looks like they fixed the melting blinker issue.
  2. Brian Turtle McCollum

    Boggin’ on the Plains

    Yeah agreed. BTW why is Alabama in the South and not Southeast?
  3. Brian Turtle McCollum

    alabama Boggin’ on the Plains

    i went to Boggin on the Plains opening weekend yesterday. It is not much for single track but it was entertaining. It is pretty scary that there are basically no rules, alcohol, and powerful equipment. We were one of few that wore any type of safety equipment.
  4. Brian Turtle McCollum

    What bike(s) and brand(s) do you just not like?

    I’ve never liked Suzuki but no real rhyme or reason. I’ve never owned one but I have owned and enjoyed Kawasaki’s, Honda’s, Yamaha’s, and KTM’s.
  5. Brian Turtle McCollum

    diet/vitamins post surgery recovery

    I had a tib/fib compound fracture and left elbow fracture in November. I have been taking Collagen Peptides in my coffee every morning. I’ve felt like it has helped and I’m back riding again. Good luck!
  6. Brian Turtle McCollum

    Marketplace/Classifieds on App

  7. Brian Turtle McCollum

    Marketplace/Classifieds on App

    Haha is this a sign?
  8. Brian Turtle McCollum

    Marketplace/Classifieds on App

    I know this is probably not the appropriate place and a mod can feel free to move it but I’ve downloaded the ThumperTalk app and it seems pretty limited compared to the site. Am I apping wrong or is that the case? Does marketplace exist on the app?
  9. Brian Turtle McCollum

    Pics of your street legal Dirt Bikes

    New to me 2016 KTM 500 EXC
  10. Brian Turtle McCollum

    First Dual Sport Advice

    Cool. Yeah the 690 will probably be the bike if I decide I'm going more 50/50.
  11. Brian Turtle McCollum

    First Dual Sport Advice

    Yeah that is always the conundrum with dual sports. The 690 looks like a sweet bike. I've pretty much always ridden in the dirt so that don't anticipate much road. I do like bike packing on a pedal bike so that could mean some overnighters on the motorcycle. I just like the thought of the FE350S. I guess that's partly the point with any two wheeler I'll buy. If I like it then I'm going to ride it and enjoy all the good things. The bad things will take sometime to creep in but there is always work around a on any bike. WR250R: will probably love the maintenance and fairly modern suspension but will be yearning for more power. DRZ400S: solid steed with decent power but will start yearning for more modern suspension, ergo, and losing some weight. FE/EXC: will be more than my ability off-road but will likely wish for a more road oriented handling on long asphalt stretches 690/701: more 50/50 dual sport but may be piggish if I end up riding majority single track Ill keep hunting and when I know I'll know and pull the trigger. I'm recovering from surgery (posterior cervical microdiscectomy) and a couple weeks from riding so lots of time to ponder.
  12. Brian Turtle McCollum

    First Dual Sport Advice

    I used to race MX but was a C class rider and just enjoyed riding. I've ridden on and off since I was 9 years old and started riding a MTB very heavily the last five years. I've been to Durham town twice this past year and several friends have bikes now. Long story short I've got the itch. I have found a brand new 15' FE 350 S for $8850 out the door. Is this a good deal? I've looked at a bunch of used bikes everything from KTM 690, DRZ400S, KTM250XCF-W, 350/500 exc, 501s, and WR250R. I have never really loved riding on the road. Cars scare me but I would mind communiting every once in a while. Also the wife is ok with some fuel savings from my truck. I'm a bigger guy at 6'3" 255 lbs and a little concerned if the 350 will be big enough. I think I'd like it on the east coast single track though. I rode my buddies WR250R and that just didn't do it for me. I rode a WR450F and that was pretty fun and I'm trying to get a hold of my friends DRZ400S. I know another what should I get thread... I guess I'm looking for reassurance that new 350 is a reasonable deal.