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  1. If you consider the steps to getting into motorcycling compared to something like bicycling, it's easy to see why there aren't many dirt bike riders. Plus there are a lot of younger people around here on the trails but they're all on quads and SxS.
  2. Flo-Orange


    Not to make anyone paranoid but I had a tick between my fingers that was the size of a pen tip. I only felt it once it bit me and I started itching.
  3. Flo-Orange

    Shi Pao 125cc 154 pounds!!

    Any video in the works?
  4. Flo-Orange

    Do you think I should get a bike?

    If you're in PA and not in the middle of a city then you should be able to ride back roads majority of the time anyways. Street riding is more dangerous either without gear, riding in rush hour traffic, and being intoxicated, or all at once as most Harley riders will demonstrate.
  5. Flo-Orange

    How to prevent tube pop while installing

    It's worth it, I wouldn't try changing a tire without them.
  6. Flo-Orange

    Hixpania Hard Enduro

    Wonder what some of our "highlight" reels would look like.
  7. Flo-Orange

    Shi Pao 125cc 154 pounds!!

    Really curious about one of these as a play bike or when I'm not more than a couple miles from the house. Hows the build process for the unassembled ones though?
  8. Flo-Orange

    Why does my front tire wear like this?

    My front tire (Michelin AC-10) has the same pattern, the center and center-side knobs all have that super scalloped wear. Edit: road riding with the DRZ
  9. Flo-Orange

    Going from a KTM 350 EXC-F to....

    Have you tried a G2 Throttle tamer on your 350, along with the soft map? Otherwise if you enjoyed the 200 a lot then something like the CRF230F or the upcoming KLX230R might be more your type. Their suspension won't be able to keep up with the 350 but their power is extremely mild in comparison.
  10. So it's the perfect new Japanese release?
  11. It is indeed north of 280.
  12. Sounds like it would be better to set mini-goals that work on the big one, i.e things that you can easily accomplish in one ride out. It's pretty easy to get demotivated by having a goal that's too big and seems out of reach even after weeks of working on it.
  13. Flo-Orange

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    After rain riding, so much rain I found one of the gravel trails adjacent to a cliff is now a 6 ft deep gully.
  14. I understand getting jaded over time from working in retail service but a lot of the workers I've seen just seem to have zero nuance when it comes to treating good customers like actual people. In the local shops I don't particularly care about I still get the feeling I'm talking to an automaton who might go deer-in-the-headlights at some uncommon question I might ask.
  15. Flo-Orange

    How to Make Your Own Plastic Skid Plate

    McMaster Carr has them, 12" x 24" black 3/16" UHMW for $25, plus about $8-12 shipping I'd guess.