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  1. If you’re going 4 stroke definitely a 250. It will have more than enough power. I’m 5’10 about 150 lbs and my 2017 crf250r still pulls the front wheel up in 4th when I’m riding. Unless you’re nearing the pro level you don’t need a 450 at your size
  2. I’ll have to check that out. I tried push starting it but no dice. Usually to start it I just pull the high idle knob and it starts in two or three kicks. The valves might be slightly out of spec but they wouldn’t just go from starting fine to not starting at all would they?
  3. So my cousin has a 2013 crf250r. Recently we were at the track and his bike started sounding like the kickstart was down while the engine was running. That ratcheting sound. He killed the motor right away and the kick start wouldn’t move. Didn’t seem too bad so I pulled the right side engine cover, pulled the clutch basket off and found the kick start return spring had come loose. Some previous owner hadn’t installed it properly and it popped off somehow. Got it back together, kick start works fine but here’s the problem, the bike won’t start. Just put a new plug in it, he said he went through and checked all the fuel components and it’s getting fuel and has spark. After it sat on its side I kicked it with the spark plug out to get any oil that may have made its way in there from laying on its side for a couple days. Occasionally it backfires when being kicked, is there any way the timing could be off from pulling the clutch basket? I’m pretty mechanically inclined but not an expert. It ran just fine before I did the work on it for him. It only sat for like 4 or 5 days. This ones got me stumped. Thanks in advance, Will
  4. I’m sure it’s doable with enough work, time, and money but whether it’s worth it or not is up to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but as already mentioned it might be easier to spring for a new/newer 250rx
  5. As others have said his story doesn’t line up. In my experience covers and cases don’t show wear like that until around the 90 to 100 hour mark. There’s a lot of little rust here and there which shows this thing was put away wet. And the air filter is the easiest to change and clean. If that wasn’t done nothing was. I highly doubt oil was changed every 4. I usually do every 10 which is fine for how I ride but this seems like it was way more hours between changes. Also I don’t think maxxis tires are stock for a Yzf bike, I could be wrong on that though. But as others have said you don’t have to become a master mechanic overnight but there’s plenty of videos online on how to change things like brakes, chains, sprockets, and other little things that’ll save you a butt load of money in the long run. I wouldn’t pay a dime over 3,500 for it and that’s a lot IMO. Unless you can get the ECU tested and verify the hours I’d walk. You can find a low hour 2017 Honda, Yamaha, or kawi for right around the 4k mark. Looks like lipstick on a pig to me
  6. Will Stutzman

    KX 250

    Just because Kawasaki took the F off the end doesn’t mean you can hahah I’ve been a blue and red guy but they’re all very similar bikes. Look for as low of hours as you can afford. Less time for people to make “pro fixes” to the bike and for them to put lipstick on a pig. Go for one that fires up first or second kick cold and hot. That’s usually a good sign of good valves and top end. Make sure the clutch feels good and it goes through all the gears smoothly. Little things like leaking fork seals, worn chain/sprockets and rollers and sliders, and a bad air filter are usually good indicators that the general maintenance on the bike has been neglected
  7. Anyone who tells you that you can’t is absolutely wrong. Will it be easy? Absolutely not, but it is possible. But again, nothing worth having comes easy. It’ll be an uphill battle against kids that have been racing since they were single digits and have daddy sponsoring them but it would just make the victory over kids like that much sweeter if you can stick it out
  8. x2 on cleaning the carb. Take it apart and soak it all in carb cleaner and then blow out all the passages with a compressor
  9. In my experience the faster you’re going the easier sand is. Lean back, stay on the gas, and let the bike kinda just float. You gotta stay loose when ripping sand. I’m a Dunlop guy and the mx33 is a beautiful tire for all around riding with sand mixed in. The mx52 is not a bad choice either. A little better for rocky stuff
  10. Four strokes have a lot more moving parts to go wrong. I ride a 4T because I like the more linear power curve and smoother delivery on the track but they do require more work which is almost always more expensive than 2T work. I will say if I was gonna buy a new bike for the woods I’d have to go with the husky TE250i. Those things are really sweet
  11. My first mx bike was an 06 yz250f. It rode pretty good, the clutch has some issues sticking and not disengaging properly when the lever was pulled. Overall a great bike though. From there I moved to a 2017 crf250r. Got it for right at 4k and I absolutely love it. Hondas are supposed to be one of the sharpest handling bikes out there. Had the suspension converted to the pro action springs and set for my weight and I love it. The handling difference is night and day from the yzf I had. Also 11 years difference though so I can’t really speak for the new ones. I would have no issue buying blue again though. I’m a red and blue guy but it’s not so much the color it’s more about the condition. Buying a used four stroke race bike is really risky and with what I know now I wouldn’t buy one that’s any older than like 2 years. I’ve seen too many buddies buy pigs with lipstick and get screwed. Down here in Florida you can find a nice 2017 yzf or crf for right around that 4k price range
  12. Check out rockymountainatvmc.com They have just about every part for every bike you’ll ever need Also, something like a top end rebuild kit is one of those things it’s usually better to buy a top of the line kit and not have to fix it when it breaks. Anything that can cause catastrophic damage to the bike and/or myself I find it better to spend a little more up front for quality parts. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Just my 2 cents
  13. The “feel like I’ve been lifting weights” feeling is coming from the crappy suspension on the 230. Soft suspension doesn’t mean good suspension. You’d be surprised how incredible modern suspension is on a full size bike. Whatever it’s designed for it does extremely well when set up for your weight. A dedicated trail bike with good inverted forks will seriously increase your riding stamina. Being in good shape is definitely important to ride for a long time but the suspension is certainly a factor
  14. Whoops, yep I meant the yz250fx. The betas are sweet bikes as well. I only say a 4T since he likes the feeling of the 230. Although it’s never too early to make the switch hah
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