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  1. Je55e1996

    What size to tap? Stripped oil drain

    So I can get a m12x1.5 helicoil kit and I'll be good to go, correct?
  2. The threads are striped on where the oil drain plug goes, the bolt was 12x1.5. When I tap it do I tap it to 12x1.75 or do I have to increase the hole diameter to 14 by whatever?
  3. Je55e1996

    2000 YZ250 Thoughts?

    Got my 02 for 1600 with pro circuit triple clamps 500$ Pc Titanium footpegs 295$ Pc full exhaust 300$ clutch perch 100$ new top end 120 new clutch 75 works connections skid plate, frame guards, rad support like 120$ or something vforce reed valve 100 or so That's like 1700 in parts and work just done. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something but keep looking 1950$ or whatever is a little too high
  4. Je55e1996

    Oil seal help

    I need a crank oil seal, process seems simple enough with the write ups but the kit comes with a few seals in it. What seals are they for and is there anything else I should replace while it's opened up? And is the basket holder tool used in Rocky Mountains video necessary?
  5. Top end was just done a few hours ago, it runs fine but it smokes a little more than it should at times I believe. But I wanted to know if this is coolant or oil and how do I go about fixing this