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    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    I just found the 200 to be a good balance between power and nimbleness. I rode the 125, 250, 200, 300 in that order. For me, the 125 was super light, but needed to be ridden hard and on the pipe. The 250 has the power I like and the 200 is the sweet spot with the light feel of the 125 and power that more resembles the 250. I weigh 175lbs with gear and 5’10”. Probably why I also liked the xtrainer, as it is a bit smaller and the motor is tamed down. The 200 felt like a softer 250 to me, has some power down low (unlike the 125), and softer hit on the pipe compared to the 250/300. One dislike of the 300 was the vibrations, especially in the foot pegs and bars. The 200 seemed better balanced in that respect and I didn’t notice the vibes as much. See what you think next week. Beta has some awesome bikes and they put on a fantastic demo. They really have something for everyone, especially with the broad range of 4 strokes. And check out the trials bike if they have them at your location. My first time riding one and I can see why they are popular.
  2. Pookey

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Just got back from the Colorado Springs morning session and it started out cold, but wasn’t bad once the sun came out. Beta had all the bikes there to include trials bikes. The 200 was awesome and I really liked the xtrainer, and 390 rr. They also had all the race editions for 2 and 4 strokes, so you can compare suspension. The course was a nice loop, about 5 minutes, with a wide variety of terrain. Great day.
  3. Pookey

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Headed to the Colorado Springs demo. It is 20 degrees right now and wind chill is 9. I can’t see anyone riding in these temps, but I’m going to give it a shot. I should have booked the afternoon session. On second thought, wtf was beta thinking scheduling a demo in December?
  4. Pookey

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Any reports from those who had the opportunity to attend the demo event? Plenty of bikes? Well run event? Did you have a favorite? Do you now own a Beta?