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  1. ali_prazolam

    DRZ400 Jet Kit Worth It??

    The jetting, 3x3, and the aftermarket exhaust are definitely must have items ... but once you install an aftermarket carberator such as the FCR39 is when you realize the full potential of the DRZ and you will be hating yourself for waiting so long to do it !!!
  2. ali_prazolam

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    What is an insta? Instagram
  3. Let us know how that works for you... I had a little "get off" and need to do a few repairs and I have had some issues shifting so am curious !!!
  4. A. Brake Lines 5 B. Brake Pads 5 C. Brake Rotors 5 I spend time researching these critical safety items !!!
  5. ali_prazolam

    Dirt Biking Chat Room for Gals Only

    What happened-street or race or?? I was riding my supermoto in the canyons rather aggressively and I hit some gravel in a turn. I was doing a face plant before I even knew what was going on !!!
  6. ali_prazolam

    Dirt Biking Chat Room for Gals Only

    Well girls... all I have to say about this one is I walked away with bruises and a sprained wrist... All The Gear All The Time !!!
  7. ali_prazolam

    Zeta Billet kit for 400s

    Yep, everything but the axle blocks for you. I have this on my SM...
  8. ali_prazolam

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    Yes... that would indicate a lean condition.
  9. ali_prazolam

    FCR 39mm carb question

    I'm a complete novice mechanic so that is why I bought the TT store carb... if i can do it then you'll be able to do it !!!
  10. ali_prazolam

    FCR 39mm carb question

    I just put mine in a few months ago and was smiling from then to now. There might be one piece you need, as it was what I was missing when I ordered mine from the TT Store. I'm in California and here we get the SM's with the stock metal tank and the OEM petcock. In that configuration the choke won't clear the petcock, so will need what the TT store calls a "high clearance choke." I think it's actually a repurposed Honda part but it works. Other than that, you will need to dial it in with jets, but everyone on the forum can help you with that. So, enjoy !!!
  11. ali_prazolam

    New Owner, New to forums

    I've had my SM up to 95, it's great in the twisty canyons and I repeatedly overtake a 1200 cc bike !!! I have FCR39, full Yosh, 3x3 mod, but with stock cams, and I'm a little lighter than most of the guys here !!!
  12. ali_prazolam

    New bike to me 2008DrZ400

    You got lucky getting the FCR39... the rest of us spent hundreds of dollars buying and installing them on our SM's !!!
  13. ali_prazolam

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Wow... this may be a little off topic, but I became a member of TT about a year ago and I read every new DRZ question or comment that is posted to learn... I installed a new FCR 39 carb and jetted it properly with the help of TT... thank you to all of the regulars for all of the knowledge I have gained !!!
  14. ali_prazolam

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    You won't believe the difference in power ...!!! I put mine in a few months ago...
  15. ali_prazolam

    Removing headlight mounting frame...?

    Thank you... this will definitely help me install my new headlight also !!!