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  1. Went to Grizzley Cafe in Wrightwood then took 138 back to Angeles Forest Highway then home the back way. There was snow on the ground on the sides of the road up there! That was last weekend and shock is still holding pressure... IDK??? On another note I had to drain float bowl and use Carb cleaner when I got home as had some hesitation on WOT... didn't have to pull it apart to clean jets ... yet ...
  2. Rear suspension still holding nitrogen charge... long ride up ACH planned this weekend !!!
  3. I got lucky I guess ...!!! I got that rear brake as I could move the tip back for my smaller feet ... same for the gear shift ...
  4. Yes... I don't know why but I know somebody here will !
  5. I'll ride this weekend and hope for the best... but again, thank you for your help!!!
  6. I hadn't taken it off yet... drove it to shop so they could look...
  7. It’s a 2008... would age be a factor ... if not I have other ideas...
  8. First, I have to thank everyone for their expertise and time, I've learned much about suspension !!! One very inexpensive nitrogen recharge at ESP and all is well...!!!
  9. Exceptional Suspension Products quoted me on the phone $200 for rebuild if it's off the bike... I live in Los Angeles so I'm sure there is a "California" price...
  10. I pulled the bike out of the garage to give myself room to work. I can see the spring is okay... but in the sunlight I can see there is dirt and oil on the link. I was out riding in the canyons last Sunday after doing some minor dirt roads ... we all stopped at the roadhouse then headed home... I did notice that my back seemed strange in the twisty canyons on the way home, but wrote it off to rider fatigue. I did a quick bike rinse when I got home and forgot about it. My theory: the seal probably went out while riding and I just didn't know it. It would probably be easier to replace the shock assy by myself,. so what is a good choice for a supermoto ridden mostly in canyons?
  11. Also, I think It's a good time to part with my TT Store gift certificate and get the DRZ repair manual !
  12. I think my brother has a good friend who is a Snap On rep !!!
  13. Well said... and it's a tough call to know your own limitations, when to step outside my comfort zone... and push the envelope!!! I'm going to call a trusted suspension shop in the AM, get their input... then I guess pull the shock assembly off and get it rebuilt or replaced. I have to find the balance between spending money and not making a bigger mess where I spend even more money... but really when it comes down to it, why am I crazy enough to love my obsolete DRZ with a carburetor to keep throwing money at it ...!!!
  14. It WAS a great idea... wish I could take credit for it !!!