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  1. Hi bike has BR9Eix plug at present, is this correct for my bike , seems strange to use an irridum in a 2 stroke . and im in the uk if that matters
  2. Ok this is all going over my head . There is a 5 under the slide . so what would your advise be Iv ordered a could of jets to have a play with . I already have a 40’and 45 .52 55 60 and then mail 175 180 should i be looking at purchasing a new needle ? Also the clip was on the 3rd possition i was told the pj carb on mine atm came from a Rm250 not rmx if that helps
  3. Just removed my carb at present the needle is an R1369L and theres an S below that print jets 175 and 52 whats do you think ?
  4. I might order a £50 and see what happens and if its a no go havnt lost the earth , what about settings should i start with the manual setting of 1 turn out on the mixeture strew and clip 3 on the needel
  5. Id like to just thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions, thats true about the age and wear , do uno what i should be running jet wise in my standard pj carb? And why the choke has no effect or the idle issue Also have you ever seem/ used the pwa copies available on ebay ?
  6. See picture this is the rm 1996 carb iv been looking at to purchase would this not be a good option?
  7. The diagram only shows front and rear light do these not have brake light ? Indicators horn etc
  8. Do uno the length of body needed ? Also is this needel usable 48-DDJ Throttle Needle 7.0 Slide Im not sure if the carb i have on atm is a Rm250 pj carb will this differ from the standard rmx one
  9. When I purchased the bike i had a chat with the cap about the rebuild he had just done . The power valve 3 piece had failed and nicked the piston ring saying the bore etc was all fine a new 2 piece power valve was installed new ring and bore was all ok on standard sizing he then said there was a hairline crack in the section between the port near exhaust valve but has no effect on the bike is this something i should be concerned of ? Or has this been seen before cheers
  10. Did you manage to get your rmx idling ? What jets did you run cheers
  11. Hi having issues with managing to set the idle on my 1995 rmx 250 , the standard pj carb is installed atm and the choke has no effect on the running or the starting , it can be lifted right up when running with no change to the engine .and turning it to adjust idle also achieves nothing So iv research and everyone seems to advise a replacement pwk carb and then the issue can be fixed well iv found a pwk37E1 off a 1996 Rm 250 and wondered if this would be the suitable upgrade And the carb mensioned by everyone. any advise is greatly appreciated
  12. Thank you very much for taking the time to write that the previous owner stated 40.1 mix . Does anyone have a wiring diagram as id like to return the lights etc to the bike
  13. Can you help on oil brAnd there is so many to pick from please note i will be using on the road so dont really wont to fowl the plug up all the time cheers
  14. Thank you very much for relying. so looking at 100ml of oil to 5 L of petrol? do you know the standard stock jetting for in the uk so i can check with whats in mine currently . iv yet to dig into the issue but will soon have the carb off . Iv only ever had 4 stock bikes but fancied a go with the 2 stoke
  15. Hi iv recently purchased a Suzuki rmx250 1995 what mix fuel and oil ratio should i be running it at ? And say i have 5 L of petrol how many millilitres of 2 stoke should i add also what is standard stock jetting size on the standard pj carb ? The bike will not idle unless the cable is adjusted tighter iv read about upgrading the carb to a pwk but then id have no idea on what jets are needed in the 38mm carb and all this talk of different neddles seems abit beond me . any help would be most appreciated