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  1. Romney1

    Suzuki rmx250 1995

    Well I purchased an rmx250 the owner told me had rebuilt it but after it not idling and just didn’t seem right I carried out a compression test only having 80psi removed the topend the barrel is cracked and scored and a new piston just installed, so now its turned into a full bike rebuild . anyways my question is i have purchased a pwk38 carb to fit as part of the re build spec at present Specification: 170 Main Jet 55 Pilot Jet 48-DDJ Throttle Needle 7.0 Slide 46mm. OD Cylinder-Side 63mm. OD Airfilter-Side 91mm. Length What jetting would be safe to use in the uk? As i dont wont to damage the new rebuilt engine. the carb fitted atm is a rm250 and the slide and needle i have been told are to rich im thinking or also buying a fmf granery as the bike has rm250 powervalves fitted to bring the low end power back thats lost when doing the swap to rm from rmx valves
  2. Romney1

    RmX 250 1995

    Is there any other rear shocks that can replace the standard rmx one ? mine needs replacing the shaft has pitting and seal is leaking cheers
  3. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Well after some messing the bike idles and starting on the first kick with chock on , drop the choke will idle i did the filling on the clutch basket and took it for a blast i think there something wrong with the powevalve its kicking in just after 1/4 throttle I nearly killing mystelf , i know the last owner has put a new 2 piece valve in there as the old one broke up . Do you think the adjustments is off or do they always ride like this it seriously shocked me . It would be impossible to ride a tail as soon as you open the throttle your on the back wheel not snapping it just gental opening that would normally be like a cruising rate ? Could this be a carb issue ?
  4. Romney1

    Rmx 250 1995 clutch basket

    Iv filed them all flat and tried to get them as straight as possible. The clutch now is working result but the friction plue taps are worn so ill get some new plates it just a little noisey like a chatter and when you pull the clutch it stops how long does the filing trick last ?
  5. Romney1

    Rmx 250 1995 clutch basket

    You know when looking for parts it always has like fits k L P a list of letters what letter is my model?
  6. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Nothing changes after the point of 1and half in the engine idle speed , havnt reved it about 1.5 anyways . Was just trying to find the highest rpm .
  7. Romney1

    Rmx 250 1995 clutch basket

    My clutch isnt disengaging correctly removed clutch and the basket is heavily grooved any idea if any other basket is compatible as i cant find one for rmx only rm . engine number is j112 -
  8. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Ok jets 55 and 180 , seems highest idle at 1and a half turns out i can get it to idle but needs a fraction on the cable seems to rev nice on the stand , havnt been on it yet but seems better the choke knob actually does something now. But doesnt seem have enough in it to adjust it to idle .
  9. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Iv ordered a copy pwk aswell but that is coming from china so will take a while to arrive , if this fails ill have to change to that and see what happens im going to do a compression test what would be a good reading ? , cheers steve
  10. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Ok ill give that a go when the oil turns up im hopeing today I ordered it monday , i intend to mix 32.1 with pump 99 octane fuel. fingerscrossed i can sort it
  11. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Well thats my plan to get this idle sorted and take it from there he told me he had cleaned the carb but after looking in the tank it was full of mud so iv removed and cleaned it also new fuel filter and tap as the. Flow wasnt very fast , also the pilot jet was blocked so that wouldn’t of been helpful the carb is now spotleSs and all passages clear iv got a couple of jets now to play with , he told me the bike arrived with no carb and that he purchased the rm250’ carb not rmx because its all he could find im just waiting on some new 2 stroke oil so i can mix fresh so no all the fuels good . what jets would you start with ? Please and how many turns on the mixture screw . does the plug type change when in the UK ?
  12. Romney1

    Rmx250 1995 spark plug

    The work shop manual states BR9EV
  13. Romney1

    Rmx250 1995 spark plug

    Hi bike has BR9Eix plug at present, is this correct for my bike , seems strange to use an irridum in a 2 stroke . and im in the uk if that matters
  14. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Ok this is all going over my head . There is a 5 under the slide . so what would your advise be Iv ordered a could of jets to have a play with . I already have a 40’and 45 .52 55 60 and then mail 175 180 should i be looking at purchasing a new needle ? Also the clip was on the 3rd possition i was told the pj carb on mine atm came from a Rm250 not rmx if that helps
  15. Romney1

    Rmx1995 will this carb fit ??

    Just removed my carb at present the needle is an R1369L and theres an S below that print jets 175 and 52 whats do you think ?