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  1. Romney1

    Rmx250-RM Conversion Help!

    Shame your not in the uk i have a box full of bits and bobs from my build .all the stress and hard work pays off in the end so keep on pushing .
  2. Romney1

    Rmx250-RM Conversion Help!

    Yes sure are its a nightmare hunting for the parts , sometimes the dealer is your best bet unless its been discontinued.
  3. Does it go if the clutch is pulled in mine was making the same sound and it was the clutch basket chattering as it was worn out on the basket . So the plates slapped arround .
  4. Romney1


    Rmx -rm rep
  5. Romney1

    Rmx250-RM Conversion Help!

    Mi mate iv just done an rmx 250 to be like 93-95 rm just be careful not all the parts interchange i got an rm gasket set at first thinking the same thing ,some fit some dont one of them things ! In the end i ended up with 3 kits to do the engine and then purchased some genuine gaskets aswell rmx are a pain in the arse for parts at times keep posting your progress Pistons do interchange but theres two types one ring and 2 depends on the year .ino the cranks are different as i took mine to be rebuilt and he thought they used the same as an rm but mine was different so that was another pain in the arse . not sure on transmission interchange but the ratios are different I believe . be sure to checkout the powervalve condition bit of a weak spot on these .
  6. Romney1

    01 Rm250 frame grips

    Might be a good idea to add pictures of your frame to help ? I had an issue ordering bits then found out my bike wasnt the year i was told off previous owner
  7. Romney1

    Rmx250 1995 project

    Its always been that way with eva carb / new plug etc when i start it get the choke up kick it up then after about 10 seconds drop the choke give it a couple of blips or hold the throttle to increase revs set off and it slutters and holds back and untill the bike gets some temperature init then it doesn’t do that anymore seems ok then but when the pwk was on it had the same splutter at like 1/4 even when warm but able to ride past it , im not sure how the bike feels now as it just splutters and on died out on me , ill get he plug and swap the needle and have a go again .
  8. Romney1

    Rmx250 1995 project

    Ok ill give that a go and see what results i come up with i since ditched the filter as i thought i could be starving the carb but made no difference , the fuel tap is new and has a filter built in so should be fine with that . hopefully ill be somewhere near with this needle then i can experiment like you say . When the bikes been first started and i set off it doesn’t let you accelerate normally it slutters like mad soon as you get up the street it allows you to use the full rev range , kicking out abit of smoke 💨 then when its revving normally no smoke
  9. Romney1

    38mm Keihin Carb Jet missing?

    Looks like my pj carb that and the main jet has been removed
  10. Romney1

    Rmx250 1995 project

    I wondered what was them small screws where for ,i take it the gasket goes in between there , no chance of finding one of them i emailed couple places no joy . Hopefully its not leaking is there anyway to tell ? Can it be sealed with a gasket sealer or is it best to leave it be iv order a new jet and one needle Dgn as thats the same as the 1472n should be somewhere near if thats a stock needle . All them rebuild kits come with stock specs one thing I noticed the other day is the slide actually said 5.5 not 5 is this good or bad
  11. Romney1

    Rmx250 spark plug

    Im really struggling with knowing when the change is i can get the engine like stumbling if i turn inwards but then winding out it picks up then just sounds the same to me , or is it just as the revs increase from the stubble thats the highest rpm Iv googled everything possible and im just turning this screw like a nutter
  12. Romney1

    Rmx250 spark plug

    Great thanks , uno when your finding the highest idle , do you have the bike just about ticking over ,higher than normal or what i can never hear the change its so frustrating
  13. Romney1

    Rmx250 spark plug

    Ino iv figured that out the hard way, how do you warm the bike up before riding then or do you set off with the choke on then drop as your riding ?
  14. Romney1

    Rmx250 spark plug

    Im on 40-1 aswell what carb and jets you running? With putoline mx5 iv never fouled a plug just riding before i think its all the arsing about im doing running it on the stand turning the mixture screw etc . Im sick to death of it 4 thousands pound on a bike i cant even ride fantastic 👍
  15. Romney1

    Rmx250 1995 project

    Ok ill get a new 55 jet . The one thats in there is a good make from a rebuild kit its not a chinese jobi , so where should i be setting the air screw to start off with on the first ride before i head off to warm it up ?