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  1. Is there a groove in the hub where a circlip might sit ? Its in the parts fiche on just about every KTM dirt bike since about 1994
  2. Should measure 25mm dia. where the bearing sits - if its a 25mm axle ?
  3. All these parts are there ? BEARING DISTANCE TUBE BALL BEARINGS CIRCLIP SHAFT SEAL RING BUSHING Your axle might be stuffed - does it look worn ?
  4. part number 8A0069786
  5. Alot of those around the same era - 79 - 82 185 / 200 / 250 / 500 should bolt straight in without too much hassle - very similar geometry
  6. Cant find any kickstarts for it - there are some on ebay but they are unsure of what year they are off Going by Husqvarna parts list - between 92 & 2002 WR WXE CR WMX & WXC 250 & 360 share the same kickstart - if you do find one
  7. XR XL FT shared similar traits
  8. If youve seen what it looks like - then we can see what it looks like - wheres the link to see it ?
  9. or under the ice
  10. yeah the older style xr / xl tanks
  11. Im digging a bit deeper - those arent the only kickstarts that will fit - but Husqvarna microfiche only goes back as far as 2000
  12. Whats wrong with your old kickstart ? These are the same CR250/2000 CR250/2001 CR250/2002 WR250/2000 USA WR250/2001 WR250/2002 WR360/2000 USA WR360/2001 WR360/2002
  13. Like this one you mean ?