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  1. Torrac

    KTM 65sx

    Does any one have or know of a place to get shim stack info for setting a 65sx up for xc? Thanks
  2. Torrac

    Rocky Race set up?

    Yes I should have mentioned still on the stock at81. We dont normally have many rocks where we race. That is what I was curious. Thanks for replies
  3. I have a race coming this sunday that is fairly rocky. Rocky as in 3-6" rocks, scattered tree roots, and hard pack. I'm on a yz 250x stock suspension and Tubliss front and rear. I have been running about 6lbs in both tires and have clickers in about the middle. Any suggestions on how to set clickers and PSI would be much appreciated. Thanks ahead
  4. Torrac

    Tomac Meltdown after race

    Didn't Tomac spend half of the race last year trying to ram Dungey off the course?????
  5. Torrac

    Best helmet money can buy

    It seems crazy to not buy the best we can these days knowing what we now know, but we have all done it. My kids are in 6ds for that very reason, and I sure as hell don't want to know that they have a brain injury over a couple hundred bucks.
  6. Torrac

    Best helmet money can buy

    Damn man, that makes me wanna sell my bike. What kind of helmet was it?
  7. Torrac

    Best helmet money can buy

    He is ok I hope? My buddy just got one of those. It's a nice unit. Looks pretty sweet.
  8. Torrac

    Best helmet money can buy

    Yes, for sure if the shell is ok. It would be nice to have a visual to know for sure though. I have a Bell Moto9 I don't know what it weighs but I can't imagine it is real light and it doesn't seem to bother me. I do scrambles as well. Ignorance is Bliss. My oldest had to get a youth extra small, and he is tall skinny like me and looks like a bobble head, but it doesn't seem to bother him so far.
  9. Torrac

    Best helmet money can buy

    That KLIM looks very interesting. I just got my 2 sons the 6D ATR-1. One thing to remember with 6D if you have a crash hard enough to consider buying a new one, you can send the damaged one to them and they will rebuild the internals for $150
  10. Torrac

    Camshaft/ crankshaft timing issue

    Yes it did fix it. Started much better after being replaced
  11. Torrac

    Camshaft/ crankshaft timing issue

    I set my micrometer to the bore diameter spec zeroed the bore gauge in it and it comes out .018" over every time. It makes me wonder if previous owner had it bored and replated, but then the piston i took out shoukd be larger than the new one. As far as the oil ring, i did screw that up when i put it in. I did the ring end gaps by wiseco directions, and new gaskets were used.
  12. Torrac

    Camshaft/ crankshaft timing issue

    Yessir, and just as you suspected. New chain timed it perfectly. On top of that i replaced piston with a stock wiseco. End gaps were larger than spec on oil rings also but at the time i had nothing to measure the bore with. Re assembled it and it smoked quite a bit. I ordered a bore gauge and a few other items. Stripped it back down and checked the bore and it is .018" over spec. I have checked and re checked. There is always the chance im reading it wrong, but i dont think i am. I have no idea what to think now. New piston and the one that came out are the same size????? Something doesnt add up. Maybe it was smoking more than i realized.
  13. Torrac


    So what is the best light weight battery? I don't ride a lot in cold, but I sure don't want to deal with that when i do. My factory battery seemed to be getting weakwhich is why I made the switch.
  14. Torrac


    Just in case anyone was wondering. Factory battery vs Shorai lithium for yz250fx