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  1. Anyone want to ride here next weekend? http://www.tscec.org/flyers/rrdr.pdf
  2. This is the one I had but didnt list cause I didnt consider it a real motorcycle.
  3. I voted both, but as I get older, trails play the biggest portion of my rides. We have friends with private tracks, so we ride them some, but trails are my fun.
  4. How bout 40 years? Started in 67 on the mini trail 50 Then to a Yamaha JT1 60 mini-enduro in 69 Then a Yamaha LT1 100 mx in 72 Now riding a 07 Husky TE450
  5. Everybody has to learn this stuff. Even us old dogs!
  6. Try this. http://photobucket.com/register.php?ref=headerregister
  7. Are you in Big Bear? I know some crazy side car racers that live and work there!
  8. Yes check motor mounts, mine were loose. Matter of fact there were alot of loose bolts on my bike.
  9. I'd still buy my TE450 over again if I had to do it now. Bmw isnt going to buy the company and then do something to sink it. Only good can come of it in my opinion.
  10. Does anyone think it has to do with the AP squirt? Has your AP cap been pulled? Do you still have the smog Octopuss?
  11. I paid $7000 for my TE450 NO added freight or setup charges! Just local sales tax and license, inspection fees of close to $500 So $7500 total OUT THE DOOR (OTD) My dealer set it up correctly and jetted it perfectly
  12. Same here! Boxed mine up and sending back to my dealer. Hope he has me one soon! Can you ride the bike without one?
  13. You should of seen the huge box of goodies they had ready to send to Bigbob, Till they heard he sold his Husky
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