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  1. Im installing a Clake One Light Clutch with a new +2 clutch cable on my 17 XT. I would appreciate an help/insight on how to ensure that the slave cylinder and new clutch cable are properly bled. What is the correct/best way to install the new clutch cable? Cheers.
  2. cheers for posting this.
  3. I've ordered a couple of stuff from Tom and the Sierra crew and was always happy with service. Haven't had much experience with Boano directly
  4. I am interested to hear about how the kit performs as well. I love the way the black zokes look and am still interested in buying that setup if anyone wants to sell theirs.
  5. If you are looking at selling them soon, shoot me a pm. I'd definitely be interested at 30 hours ridden.
  6. Anyone know if they are still offering the Marzocchi 48mm Fork Kit for the XTrainer? Anyone want to sell theirs?
  7. I have a 17 and have also read that the low end is great but a lot of owners are constantly fiddling with carb specs to get rid of spooge
  8. That is about how far I am going to go right now. Sticking to the bolt ons and carb, nothing internal.
  9. Pondering the idea of modding my xtrainer to mimic the RR300 power specs i.e. remove the spacer for the power valve chamber cover, rejet, gnarly pipe etc... Question is with the gnarly pipe can I continue to run a FMF Q silencer or do I need to snag another one? which one will match best?
  10. Anyone have any advice on loosening the 2 x linkage bolts? They are on there securely.
  11. Cheers for all the help fellas. all cleared up and running like a champ. I traced each wire from the bars down and luckily caught a small break in one of the early wires I checked. Cut and soldered it back together.
  12. Thanks for the help so far. I swapped the 2 fuses under the seat. Bike still performs the same way and won't turn over. where/what is the bendix? How do I check it?
  13. New here. My 2017 Xtrainer is having issues starting up. I did one approximately 3 hour ride to properly break her in, changed oil and went down the manual's checklist 3hr checklist. I got to start her back up and she won't turn over. -Battery fully charged -Starter will crank hard but she won't turn over. Beyond frustrating as its a brand new bike. Any help would be much appreciated.