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  1. Albertasledder

    Help Me Decide - Leaning Toward 2020 KTM 150 XC-W TPI

    I'm by no means an expert, I only started riding a few years ago, but like yourself I immediately started regretting my decision to get my 2005 yz250 due to how quickly whiskey throttle got me in a bind. But now 3 years later I'm perfectly happy with it. I want a newer bike but mainly just for e start/bigger tank and just to try something new. So I guess what I'm saying is my money would be spent on more seat time until you figure out more of what you want. And in the meantime you might find your current bike starts to grow on you.
  2. Albertasledder

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    I'll believe it when I see it. Until then I'll expect what most have learned to expect: BNG.
  3. Albertasledder

    Bears Oh My

    Lots of black bears in the area but I've only ever seen one on the trail and it was only for a second as it sprinted away. I have been worried a few times though when exploring a new trail and all of a sudden end up in some hunters bear bait station. There's also wolves and cougars here but they're quite sneaky so I've never seen one in the wild. I spend quite a bit of time at a family cabin, there's a can of bearspray on the deck but I should probably get more consistent about carrying it with me.
  4. Albertasledder

    Fixing Up My Old Truck vs Buying a New One

    I totally agree with this. No need to spend a ton on a new vehicle to sit in the driveway. Just buy a decent used truck. There's less depreciation to lose and since your current truck still runs you have time to wait for the right deal to come up on Craigslist/Kijiji/Autotrader
  5. Albertasledder

    Any good dirtbike part websites in canada

    Not sure about those parts but I usually use fortnine or gnarlyparts. Both are Canadian and save the shipping hassle with the border.
  6. Albertasledder

    Should I buy Honda crf 150f or crf 230?

    Depends what type of rider you are. My wife has a 150, and honestly I'm not sure if she'll ever want to upgrade. She's roughly the same size and just putts around a few trails, avoiding any obstacle she can. Some people push there limits everytime they ride and go after every obstacle they can. If your the second type of person you might get tired of the 150 pretty fast. I've never owned a 230 so I can't say how those are but lots of people on this sight love them.
  7. Albertasledder

    This is not the right bike... Reccomendations?

    I'm about the same height (5'8" ish) with a 30" inseam. My yz250 was difficult to kickstart without stopping in a rut and very difficult to dab while riding. I thought about a lowering link but the cheap side of me made me shave the seat first. I only took out about 2.5"of foam at the lowest point and it made a huge difference. I could have done more but wanted to leave a little padding for the odd time I do sit. Depending on the seat shape I would think this is a viable option for any bike in the 37-38" range to get you down to 34-35". I will say though that if your a mostly sit down rider it will not be comfortable. Personally I do my best to stand as much as possible so the comfort loss was worth the confidence gain.
  8. Albertasledder

    Trail Riding an MX bike BC/Alberta

    Where is local to you? I'm up in the cold lake area and haven't had any issues with my yz on trails but I believe those trails your mentioning are under more strict regulations due to the heavy use and time problems that come with it. The snowandmud.com forum has lots of people from that area who might be able to answer any specific questions
  9. Albertasledder


    Does something being on the front of the trailer prevent it from tilting? That tractor has more than enough ground clearance that you could have parked it on the front, tilted the bed with the hydraulics, and then loaded the second. I've seen it done many times with SxS and atvs on tilt trailers.
  10. Albertasledder

    Toyota Tundra 5.7 Motor RIP

    How's your fuel range with the supercharger? My inlaws had 3 tundras over the last 10 years and that was the only major complaint was the small tank. They'd only get 350-450 km before having to fill up when towing.
  11. Albertasledder

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    I don't understand the fear of oil injection? Yamaha had reliable OI for years on sleds before they went 4stroke and since the beginning of the blaster and banshee quads. My family had a blaster growing up and it took 10 years of abuse from 3 teenage boys without ever having an issue. Maybe beta guys have had issues (havent looked into it since i dont own one) but I'm pretty sure yamaha could get it right.
  12. Albertasledder

    Tire Issue

    Not usually common for the tires to be taller than the number on the sidewall. Most usually measure small by 1-2" but it depends on brand (some are much more accurate than others). A quick Google of your tire brand will probably get a chart listing real vs advertised sizes.
  13. Albertasledder


    This is cool to see because I have a pair of these boots from my dad's old riding days in my garage
  14. Albertasledder

    Will Beta ever get mainstream?

    That's good to know. When I googled beta motorcycles Canada it only came up with one in kelowna. And from the main beta website it only listed the importer when I searched for dealers in Canada. This is all from my phone though and I didn't exactly spend a ton of time searching. Edmonton would work for me, that's the city 3 hrs away i mentioned.
  15. Albertasledder

    Will Beta ever get mainstream?

    As a non beta owner I would love it if they're north American presence grew while still maintaining quality/bike selection. I'm only interested in riding trails and in rural Canada there's not much for euro bike dealers. I think theres only one or 2 ktm dealers in the province, and the nearest beta dealer(possibly the only one in Canada from a quick google) is over 1000km away in bc. Meanwhile honda/kawi/yamaha are all within a 30 minute drive. I realize it won't be expanding that close anytime soon but at least one in the nearest city would be nice. And that's still a 3 hr drive lol