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  1. v1kku

    Holiday Break Maintenance?

    https://www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/59482c7f87a8661238ac4e46/optional-parts-1 You can't share links from rmatv's oem section.
  2. v1kku

    Critique My RIding Stance?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf-sQj5wmTY In this video (from 4:40) Graham Jarvis talks about bar height and position. Basically says not to raise them even if you're tall and that you lose stability by moving them too far forward.
  3. v1kku

    CRF450L first ride (and crash!)

    No. Try counting how many times Jarvis mentions the word "clutch".
  4. Anyone using moose spokes on their rear XR400 wheel? Are they any good? Does one need to drill the rim or hub to fit them?
  5. v1kku

    2000 YZ250 locked up

    Not mine, just picked the photo from this thread https://www.southbayriders.com/forums/threads/132589/ Doesn't look too bad tbh, just some discoloration. The nut might not be torqued right though.
  6. v1kku

    2000 YZ250 locked up

    You mean like this? All YZs are like that. The lever is behind the cover.
  7. Perhaps they sent you the wrong kit? I only bought valves and springs from kibblewhite, everything else was OEM and everything fit together as it should.
  8. v1kku

    Erzberg 2018

    Front is Goldentyre GT216AA Rear is Michelin Enduro
  9. v1kku

    Erzberg 2018

    This should clear it up https://enduro21.com/index.php/extreme/3253-how-graham-jarvis-sets-up-his-2018-husqvarna-te-300i
  10. v1kku

    BSR42 carb spacer

    Throttle cable should be on the right.
  11. v1kku

    XR400 Hanging Idle

    The carb slide has one or more holes. If the carb slide arm is installed facing the wrong direction such that it blocks these holes, the slide will return very slowly. Check that the holes are not blocked.
  12. v1kku

    New carb

    Another (cheaper) option is the Mikuni BSR42. There's a lot of info about it in this thread I have it on mine and there are a few things to note. It's a bitch to mount. It became a lot easier after I took off the air box side boot and curved the inside with a razor blade to increase the inner diameter. The intake manifold boot will go onto the carb very easily but since the carb is shorter than stock, the easiest way to get the carb fully mounted is to mount it on the air box side first, clamp it (you'll need a longer screw, but you can reuse the stock clamp), detach the intake manifold from the engine and clamp it onto the carb then bolt the intake manifold back onto the engine. You'll need to relocate the rear master cylinder as there won't be space for it with the carb mounted. Mine is just held onto the frame with a ziptie, I can take a photo later. You'll need a Motion Pro 01-0053 CR Pro Throttle tube and a Motion Pro Throttle Cable 01-0746. You might also want to get Mikuni TM38/57 Lever Choke Kit if the carb you buy doesn't have a choke. Please note that a choke kit is not optional on this carb, it's a CV carb and in normal mode, the choke blocks a hole so if the choke kit has been removed, the hole is open and the carb is constantly in 'choke' mode. Not all BSR 42s are the same. Several quads use the 'same' carb but it seems they don't all function the same. I believe the vehicle manufacturers do make some alterations to fit their needs. The one from a Polaris Predator 500 is the one that's been tried and tested. That's what you'll search for on ebay, "predator 500 carb". Price range is about $40 going up depending on the condition. Don't buy new. New ones should be in the $500 range, if you find anything that's cheaper it is NOT a mikuni and will be useless. If you want new get the pumper listed above. I can't get mine to stop leaking through the overflow, I fear I'll start having starvation issues if I set the float height too high. It only does this on the side stand. I've just gotten used to turning the fuel off. It may or may not be fixable but it's not a big issue for me All that being said, it works a lot better than my stock carb. The BSR42 is just so smooth and has a notably stronger mid range and top end. All in, it cost me about $120 for the carb, throttle cable, throttle tube, main jets and choke.
  13. v1kku

    1991 xr250l kickstarter STUCK

    Timing chain might have jumped a few teeth.
  14. v1kku

    Xr400 clutch drag

    Lever or cable? Might this mean you're only making adjustments at the clutch lever and not touching the adjuster that's on the engine? By the way, if the cable is in fact well adjusted, also check for fraying on either end just to rule it out completely. If it's started fraying then the cable is longer. Is it something that started suddenly or did it you start noticing a bit of drag and it got worse over time? A picture of the grooves on the basket might help tell if that's where the issue is.