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  1. I bought a used 2007 400s with almost 15k miles on it earlier this year. It appears to have been well taken care of, but I don't know what service was done before I bought it. I have changed the oil, brake fluid, coolant, and front brake pads. I'm planning to put a larger gas tank on soon and I'm wondering what maintenance I should do while I have the tank off. It seems like a good time to replace the spark plug, check the valves, and possibly add the JD kit. Is there anything else I should do that is easiest while the tank is off? Thanks.
  2. Justin, I'm having a similar problem. Did everything start working after you rode it, or did you find another fix? Thanks.
  3. Good to know. Thanks!
  4. Hi. New DRZ owner here. I noticed recently when pushing the bike around the garage that it moves freely when in Neutral, but if it is in gear with the clutch lever pulled in, I'm getting resistance. Can this be fixed with a clutch cable adjustment, or is there something else going on? Is there a way to tell how much the lever at the bottom of the clutch cable should be moving when the clutch lever is pulled? I noticed this when the bike was off. I'm not sure if it does it while running. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, everyone. I've ordered the Pazoma brake lever direct from M Factory. I'll see how it fits and how I like it. My clutch lever still works, so I'm going to think about the Pazoma vs RSC for now.
  6. Thanks for the responses. Spending less is always better, but the easy pull on the RSC is very tempting. On the other hand, since the Zeta fits into the standard perch, I could keep a couple cheap replacements on the bike in case something breaks. I saw another thread about the Pazoma's having fit issues that caused problems with the brakes, which concerned me.
  7. New owner here and I love these forums. Thanks to everyone who contributes all the great info. I'm looking to replace the clutch and brake levers. The clutch is broken and the brake bent backwards during a fall. (Guards that do a better job of actually covering the levers is next on my list.) The broken clutch lever is now essentially a 2-3 finger clutch and I'd like to stick with that size. I'm thinking of going with Zeta folding lever for the brake and Zeta lever or Righteous Stunt Clutch for the clutch. Has anyone had any issues with the Zeta brake lever? Is the Zeta clutch lever effort about the same as stock or is it closer to the RSC? Thanks.