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  1. Thanks!
  2. Are their any Honda stators capable of running lights and charging a battery that bolt directly into a 1982 XR200R? Maybe an XL from that same period?
  3. Message recieved
  4. I thought using the preface "not to be perceived as being pissy" was enough to show that I wasn't intending to actually BE pissy. I made this comment only in the spirit of keeping the thread on track. Please do whatever you want, perceive me however you want, it is your right.
  5. Not to be perceived as being pissy but you guys hijacked my thread. It would be nice if I could keep the thread pure to it's original question. I hope everyone is OK with that.
  6. I have an '82. I know these are somewhat different bikes so some of of what I say may not be relevant to you. I had a dead rear shock and at the advice of guys in my local VMX club took it to a local suspension guru. He looked it over and said it could be re-built so I went that rout. He said gold valving the shock was not money well spent in my case. I weigh 190 and am an intermediate rider who likes slower technical single track rather than blasting through high speed whoops and such. He re-valves the shock and set the spring to it's stiffest setting and it works way, way better. He told me that there are very few springs out there that are appropriate for this bike and in my case there was no point spending the dough. As it turns out, he was spot on. I put new seals and wipers in the front forks and farted around with the air/oil until they work for me. I contacted Racetech and they do make a gold valve kit and springs for my bike and they look simple enough to install so I will do that in the future. I got a set of slotted brake shoes from EBS that work well. Cheap and easy to install. New standard, non-o-ring chain and new standard sprockets. While the shock was out I serviced all of suspension linkages. I installed new Maxxis intermediate tires and tubes. I love the way they feel and they work well on gravel, slick roots and sand. They are holding up brilliantly. I installed a set of used Renthal bars purchased off Kijiji up here in Alberta for 1/4 the price of new ones. They are an inch wider and an inch taller than stock and they made a big difference in how my "office" feels. Perfect for my 6'1" frame. I installed a new stock OEM foam filter but removed the snorkel from the filter box. I will eventually get an aftermarket exhaust when I can afford it but there is nothing available as a bolt on. From years of restoring vintage motocross and Enduro bikes I have learned that it is realatively easy to make almost anything fit if you know a good welder. My welding skills should not be applied to ANY project worth anything! All of my plastic has been restored by progressively wet sanding form 400, 600, 1500 papers, then finishing off with a heat gun, automobile fine cutting/polishing compound then synthetic wax as protection. New decals applied BEFORE the wax. The only decals to get for your tank are from Wicked Tough. Trust me I know from experience. I spot painted my frame by removing select components like the rear fender assembly and carefully masking offbolts, etc. I used Duplicolor's Chevrolet engine orange. It is almost a perfect match for the odd Honda orange/red being only a hair oranger (is that a word?) than what came from the factory. Honestly, it's hard to tell from 2 feet away. I used gloss black VHT caliper paint to freshen up my black bits. So in the end this bike is a re-fresher rider, not a show bike. A bike that looks good on the trailer and roughing it in the bush but won't make me cry when I dump it and put a ding in her. I think that is about it. My bike performs like a champ on the trails. I regularly hang with my buddies WR250R and due to my bikes lower weight and mildly tuned, super smooth engine, I actually have an easier time of it than him.
  7. As with all old motorcycles......nothing is simple. LOL!
  8. I did some checking on the Tusk stuff. I noticed in their video of the WR conversion that they mentioned if you don't have a battery then you will need their ni-cad battery. It appears that this is turned into a total loss system then as there doesn't seem to be a way to charge their battery off of the XR stator. I was told by the guys in Edmonton selling the Baja stuff that my stator was too weak and would need to be re-wound. Can anyone out there confirm this?
  9. Don't bother powder coating the frame unless you have money to burn. Clean it, sand it, Spraymax 2K primer, any colour you want (black, silver or red calliper paint works great, then Spraymax 2K clear will provide a super tough, fuel resistant coating for WAY less than powder coat. You can't paint a plastic fuel tank. The fuel venting through the pores in the plastic will attack the paint and it WILL start peeling off. There is no way to avoid it. As well, you can't use most graphics on your fuel tank. The fuel vapours attack MOST decals and they will bubble and peel. Try Wicked Tough graphics designed for plastic tanks. You CAN paint your fenders and side plastic though. Most modern paints are flexible enough but a shot of duplicolor plastic prep over a scotch brite scuff helps as well as using 2K paints.
  10. Definitely something to consider.........Thanks for the input.
  11. Nice bike! I got slotted brake pads on mine and they seem to do the job for what I do. I have thought about putting the whole XR250 front end on mine but that is a pipe dream best left on a shelf in my mind for now. I'm going to go with the gold valve/spring upgrade first. I here it really improves things on every level. Thanks for this! I would be interested in doing this electrical setup. Frankly, I will never ride this bike in the dark so having a proper setup isn't the issue. What I need is something that would pass an anal forestry officials/RCMP inspection. "Do your signals flash........" that sort of thing. I imagine just a rear brake switch would do the job but I'm sure I could figure out how to wire in both. I could probably use a front brake lever from an XL. Is there an Australian site I could troll that might have some of these bits for sale from blokes who removed theirs?
  12. Thanks for the compliment! It was a labour of love. I truly think it is one of the nicest looking bikes of it's age. Great design. I think the trick with these old bikes is to not over modify them in the fatal attempt to try and modernize them. They work so well if ridden inside their limits. I can see this one benefiting from a suspension tuned to my body weight, riding style and letting the engine breath as well as it can. After that why bother. As to the electrical. Right now it has no key switch, no horn, no brake light switches or 3wire brake light socket. No headlight switch and no signals. The lights fire up when the bike does and they stay on until the kill switch is grounded. I wouldn't mind having a bike that any cop couldn't fault meaning: High beam, font and rear brake light switches, rear brake/running light, horn, mirror, etc. I don't mind dropping $600.00 or so to facilitate this. To me the bike is worth it. As to the exhaust. My two main issues are weight and flow. I actually have no problem fitting a generic slip on to the existing header but, DAMN they can be expensive! I'd love to come across a used Supertrap. That would suit my needs just fine I think but I'm open to others convincing me otherwise. I have already removed the intake snorkel. Any advice on jetting? 2300 feet above sea level.
  13. Hello all. I have been looking at a small light dual sport bike mainly to ride gravel and from trail head to trail head. No real extended black top work. I was thinking of the Kawasaki KLX250/Yamaha WR250R/Suzuki DR400/Yamaha XT250 bikes but honestly, after riding my 1982 XR200R next to my friends 2016 W250R I came away very impressed with how good this little old bike is. I'm 61yrs old now and 6'1" 190 lbs. I ain't as fast as I used to be but I still like a good thrash now and then. One thing I don't like is how hard it's getting digging my bike out of the muskeg and sand that seems to be everywhere up here in central Alberta, Canada. I can't imagine digging out a DRZ 4 or 5 times a day. So instead of selling the XR I started thinking about keeping it and converting it to dual sport mode. I have done some re-valuing to the rear shock which has transformed the rear end. Gold valves are available for the front forks. I already have it insured and registered for street use so it really only needs proper lighting, mirror and a horn so it can bear up under scrutiny in the field. I was thinking of a Baja designs kit but none is offered for the '82. Has anyone had experience fitting an '82 with this kit? It would be one hell of a lot cheaper than buying a manufactured dual sport and probably, at around 200 lbs. the lightest bike of the bunch. One other question. It seems that after market exhausts are only made for the '85 and later bikes. Don't they use the same motor as mine? Wasn't it only '83 and '85 that had the twin carb engines? Couldn't the '85 exhausts be adapted to my frame with a little bending and re-positioning of mounting tabs? Thanks for all of your input in advance!