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  1. Working on some new graphics.... also picked up an AXP skid plate. Now I kinda want a black seat, kicking around the idea of a seat concepts or maybe just a cheap black stock one off eBay....
  2. Jake rome

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Yea that’s pretty normal. Clean it with some wd40 it should clean right up.
  3. Jake rome

    Stupid question about oil color.....

    So the MX9 seems like a great option but it is not sold here in the states and I would have to order it from UK and I would hate to run out and need some in a pinch. The amsoil Saber is not recommended for motorcycle use for whatever reason so I am not really sure about that one either...... Anyone got any other suggestions on a blue oil?? Thanks in advance
  4. Jake rome

    Stupid question about oil color.....

    Thank you! But unfortunately none of it is dirt. It’s all on the inside of the tank. The outside is flawless.
  5. Jake rome

    Stupid question about oil color.....

    Thanks guys!! For reference here’s the picture of my stained brown tank...
  6. So I got a really stupid question that I am hoping you guys can help me with. I have a 2016 TE300 that I have been mixing belray H1R from day one. The oil works great but it is a orangeish color and over time it turns your clear gas tank a stained brown/orange color. I now have another 2017 TE300 that I got from a buddy and the tank is not quite yet stained like my 16. So my question is I see a lot of you are running a blue oil and your tanks are blue when filled. So my question is what oils are a blue color? I would love to not stain this new tank if possible and the blue looks much better then a brown/orange tank. Of course I am not as concerned with appearance as I am with performance but I am assuming there is equally good oils out there that wont stain my tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Jake
  7. Jake rome

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Lol came with the 17’s..... but I do want to get some 17’s for the 701.plus I got this in my stable as well.
  8. Jake rome

    Best looking Husky 2 stroke. Pics anyone?

    Wondering craigslist yesterday and stumbled across this bad boy!! Too good of a deal to pass up on! I have a problem.........
  9. Jake rome

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Hmmm? I didn’t have that issue at all. I did have to cut off the front exhaust mount. Send some pictures and maybe I can spot what’s different.
  10. Jake rome

    Best looking Husky 2 stroke. Pics anyone?

    Pretty sure it’s a s2r graphics kit..... https://m.facebook.com/pg/S2Rgraphics/photos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  11. Jake rome

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Looks great! Now please go clean that beautiful bike!
  12. Nice!! Get your tools out and chop that thing up so we can see it mounted!
  13. Jake rome

    Racing the big pig again

    Posted your video for you on ADVrider. Hopefully they dont take it down.....! https://advrider.com/f/threads/racing-the-big-pig-again-in-the-ftr-series.1341958/