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  1. I believe he's referring to how most of us would would only use the mainstream products and styles that the Supercross (SX) rider's use and advertise rather than a fender system that no one else is using. With some of the offroad riders, they may be more likely to use something that is more functional/utilitarian rather than just using products that are based on appearances.
  2. 3ackary87

    Moving to AZ

    I'm stationed in Glendale and I love it here. I wouldn't mind staying in AZ for the long run. The cost of living isn't bad, people are decent, and there's plenty to do-or places to get away. If you survive the summer, the rest of the year is great. There's a track in Casa Grande called Motoland. There's a handful of other tracks within about an hour or so. I've only ridden trails in Wittmann. Not bad, but I wouldn't drive a long ways to go ride there
  3. 3ackary87

    First race tips!?

    Make sure your holeshot device is set and your control launch is on. As soon as the gate twitches be ready to go. Bump the shifter up to the next gear as you put your foot on the pegs, use heel if necessary. Elbows up. Weight the outside peg in the turn. Holeshot. Grip with your legs to save energy. Engage full-on TOMAC mode. Scrub. Whip. Win. But really-hydrate, be safe, have fun ??
  4. 3ackary87

    Who's your rider?? Predictions for Nationals?

    Good point, and Suzuki's are notorious for handling great. Even though stock they lack in HP, I'm sure the parts these guys can get their hands on could still make the bike competitive against the other brands. I haven't ridden a new Yamaha myself but according to the shootouts, the '17 doesn't handle great-worse than the '16 if I remember right. I saw in a shootout that the '17 handles worse than the '16. And yeah, it does seem that many 250 riders do pretty well when filling a 450 spot A 450 has so much more power than a 250, maybe it could help? The power is there so they might not have to ride as hard as they are used to in order go as fast as they do. (Not saying that the 450 doesn't have it's own challenges to get used to of course)
  5. 3ackary87

    Who's your rider?? Predictions for Nationals?

    Trueee-but the way he was riding supercross this year, I thought he had the championship in the bag but he threw it away. I think the general consensus is that everyone knows he's the fastest right now, but can he keep it together all season. That's the big question! He is a pretty risky rider
  6. 3ackary87

    Trail bike cr250 or yz250

    Oh hell yeah dude, I'm stoked for you! It looks like youre ready to huck off a ramp and bust out a seat grab with the foam cut down like that lol I know they make larger gas tanks for the 450's, it seems like there would be some out there for your bike but I haven't looked. A new seat is a cheap mod compared to what you'd probably have had to do to make the older bikes feel relevant. The Yoshi's are pretty sick too. My best friend still has an '08 RMZ 250 and it handles just as good as Suzukis are notorious for-i think it'll be good for your trail riding
  7. 3ackary87

    Who's your rider?? Predictions for Nationals?

    I'm kind of enjoying reading all these nicknames for Musquin^ Yeah, Webb does need some time on the 450. But do you think he would be a bigger threat on a different bike?
  8. 3ackary87

    Trail bike cr250 or yz250

    Nice! You got a much better bang for your buck with that deal, imo. I think a decade's worth of modernization is going to surpass any amount of mods you'd be putting into an older bike.
  9. 3ackary87

    Oil glass levels on KTM

    Thanks guys. I'm going to drain some oil now. I'll just get a measuring cup next time.. Your advice is appreciated
  10. 3ackary87

    Who's your rider?? Predictions for Nationals?

    Haha Tomac's personality really is pretty stale.. He and Dungey were opposite-ET3 is fun to watch and boring to listen to, Dungey wasn't that entertaining to watch, but was very diplomatic and well-spoken. Budlite right on the money for me as well with Grant and Baggett reversed
  11. 3ackary87

    Oil glass levels on KTM

    Yeah, I looked at it both ways. I put it on the triangle so that my oil catch would fit underneath, and that the oil might drain better since the plug is on the leaning side. It's upright and full now, past the glass just like the previous owner's mechanic had it. The only way I can see the level is to have it on the triangle, and then it's at the halfway point as before. If the oil level drops, I think I'll be where I need to be. Thanks for the reply man^ I just wasn't sure where you guys keep the oil level in respect to the glass
  12. Who are you guys pulling for this season, and what are your predictions for the '17 Nationals? With Dungey retired, I'm probably going to pull for Musquin. I like all the Baker Boys tho (including Oz before he was being trained by Aldon). I kinda hope Barcia does well too. I liked not liking him for so long, that I actually missed seeing Bam Bam's aggression after he was out. I'm a Webb fan but I don't see him being a top contender after Hangtown. I think ultimately Tomac is the guy to beat-he's on a different level, but he may just beat himself Fav. contender: Musquin Fav. riders: Webb/Anderson Nationals champ: Tomac
  13. 3ackary87

    What was your first bike ever?

    Yamaha PW-80. After the muffler fell off, it sounded a lot cooler
  14. I'd go with the 250EXC, but that's just me. If I was interested in a 2t enduro bike, I would want either the 250 or 300 EXC. You probably wouldn't lose money and the bike would already be set up for offroad. Cheers
  15. 3ackary87

    yz250f or yz125?

    Although I'm a bigger fan of the 250f, I'm not very biased. With your size and weight I might go with a 125. While a four stroke might be more expensive and more difficult to repair, if you're maintaining it for the type of riding that you do then I wouldn't worry too much if you did want to get the 250f. Chances are you won't have to do major repairs for a while, and you won't need to spend money on mixed gas. But like I said, with your size and weight, a 125 will probably feel easier to handle. I wouldn't let the price of repairs influence my decision so much if I were you unless you're riding pretty hard