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  1. 74jimbo

    Suz DRZ400 coolant overflow reservoir - is it critical??

    Obviously, Suzuki engineers are morons and they decided to waste $ on parts that weren't needed. It is a wonder how Suzuki is still around. brand new bottle is $40
  2. What carb is this? Because not all carbs have the acc pump * I think* is this an S with a 36 bsr mikuni?
  3. Is it cranking over like normal or is it labored? After abruptly shutting down due to water, you may want to make sure you didn't hydrolock the engine. Trying to crank a hydrolocked engine can bend a connecting rod.
  4. 74jimbo

    Get yourself a JIS screwdriver

    good point..... it will come in handy on my RC cars just ordered the vessel 980 p3x150 to go with it
  5. 74jimbo

    Get yourself a JIS screwdriver

  6. 74jimbo

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    I havean msr +1 shifter and the bolt does go through the groove. The groove is actually on the shift splines
  7. 74jimbo

    Anyone ever tried to restore plastics?

    actually, the scratched up plastic will allow better adhesion of the graphics just need to make sure they are clean before applying the graphics also, as was recommended to me, you might want to look into a product called ready-tac
  8. 74jimbo

    Get yourself a JIS screwdriver

    just picked this up https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C779KCL/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. 74jimbo

    Get yourself a JIS screwdriver

    So if I want to get something that works on JIS, ir is just a regulsr Philips now?
  10. 74jimbo

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    No, it is a JT Sprockets X ring chain. JT Sprockets JTC520X1R2150DL Steel 150-Link Heavy Duty X-Ring Drive Chain (520 X1R2)
  11. 74jimbo

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    I haven't run mine yet, but this is what I will be using. it is a 520 so I got some screaming deal, on the chain, BUT it is crazy long.... it was $20 but has 150 links! it's cool though, I have some extra practice links to figure out how to properly press the rivets. I did get the motion pro PBR. I like it, feels like a good unit. I removed my old chain with it, after grinding off the pin heads first with an angle grinder
  12. 74jimbo

    BSR36 fuel screw

    Just googled it. Looks like the idle speed screw
  13. 74jimbo

    BSR36 fuel screw

  14. 74jimbo

    Billet aluminum clutch cover

    There are. Just cheaper and more of them in China
  15. 74jimbo

    Tool Kit

    I have AAA.