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  1. Me too. Going to try and actually call him on Thursday
  2. I sure hope not...
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-Stop-Brake-Tail-Light-LED-Turn-Signal-Fender-Eliminator-License-Plate/132091037307?hash=item1ec13d467b:g:b9MAAOSwwHFZpSkQ&vxp=mtr this is what I use, turn signals are integrated, it has DOT marked on it
  4. I just want to ride
  5. Haven't gotten any updates since he got back from vacation a couple weeks ago
  6. DREW!!!!!! ANY UPDATES?
  7. Good luck finding the klx plastics. They are like a unicorn, or beat to hell, or like $500, or all 3
  8. Myers is building my motor right now
  9. He just replied to the Fb message I sent this morning. He just got back from vacation, waiting on my crank from his crank guy, and waiting on a few more parts.
  10. I am starting to give up on getting this thing running this year
  11. Still waiting
  12. I saw that pic and was like um, that is for the starter, lol
  13. it is quite a bit smaller than stock, maybe 2/3 the size.... when I bought my bike it had one, with lot of foam placed around it, so it wouldn't just bounce around in the box
  14. Was it the water that caused the bike to stall out? If it eas, you may have bent the rod, or a valve It could run after that, but would run like crap Does sound as if you hydrolocked the motor
  15. you should measure what you need, and cut the chain to proper length, no 2 bikes are exactly the same