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  1. What charger are you putting on it? 12v or 6v? To me, it sounds as if your charger isn't accurately doing it's job. Of course, it is pretty impossible to diagnose over the internet..... verify voltage of your battery. Your bike has been sitting. How us the fuel in it? Oil? Was the petcock turned to the off position? Coolant level? Are you trying to start it with the clutch lever and kickstand?
  2. Check out craigslist. There seems to always be someone wanting to convert and has the other wheels
  3. I have a carb, and a battery, and a starter....... ?????
  4. so...... looks like the thumb press for me...... I'm out I am a beast though, and have beefy thumbs I will just let Myers Racing install mine
  5. Even a regular battery over discharged and then rapidly charged can have pretty violent results
  6. What seems to be skipped here, is the op grossly over discharged it, knew it was bad, and continued to use it. Any battery subject to that abuse could have have a near same result. Lithium batteries (in all the different chemistries available now) are pretty safe. Lead acid for me though, haha.... Oh, and I build cars, with lithium batteries
  7. 3.0 - 21 front 120/90 - 18 rear
  8. I run d606s front and rear
  9. $10 EBAY petcocks!!!!! Sweet!!!! Yeah, just kidding.....
  10. Ok, got some pics, maybe you guys can help me identify what I have. There does look to be an emblem on it, like 3 interlocked beans, if that helps?
  11. I will have to go take some pics of what exactly is on my tank and go from there
  12. so, I might have the correct one already.... it comes out the side and gets almost straight into the carb
  13. So on the manual petcock, I have a BSR36 carb, and a Clarke tank, what would be the best petcock to throw on? I just want a new one. Don't know if there is anything with mine or not, but when I get my motor rebuilt, I just want to know my petcock is new, and good