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  1. 74jimbo

    DRZ License Plate Bracket

    I bought a rear led light with license plate bracket for $12 off ebay. It is very minimalist
  2. 74jimbo

    Myer's Racing review

    I just want to ride my bike.
  3. Hi Drew, this is Jim, just trying to find out an update on my motor.

  4. 74jimbo

    Myer's Racing review

    This is really sad. I hope Drew makes it right. I wouldn't have ever figured that a Veteran would treat another Veteran like that. about to the point of just scrapping the bike, to get it out of my parents backyard.
  5. 74jimbo

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Yeah, it just might take a bit. I work weird hours And am tired when I'm not here.
  6. 74jimbo

    Myer's Racing review

    I didn't dispute the charge. Was hoping things would work out. Stupid me, I did Paypal Friends and Family, so my fault anyways. An expensive lesson.
  7. 74jimbo

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Until I have a motor, I wont be buying anything for my DRZ. Anyone want to buy a DRZ with no motor?
  8. 74jimbo

    Did Millenium Tech just screw me??

    I just want to ride :-(
  9. 74jimbo

    Myer's Racing review

    Still waiting to hear anything back at this point....
  10. 74jimbo

    Battery tender lithium battery’s

    My battery is fine. It sits on a tender. Oe size, from cycle gear, the lower end one. When I had a motor, it started it up just fine. As for the battery thing, I *might* know a little bit about manufacturing, and lithium batteries.....
  11. 74jimbo

    Battery tender lithium battery’s

    Why is it scary that they stopped production? I work in manufacturing, and they discontinue stuff before releasing the new version....
  12. 74jimbo

    Should i Buy a DRZ400E or a DRZ400SM ??

    Where are you? Afaik, you can't register a "e" model in someplaces for the street.....
  13. 74jimbo

    Neutral selection problem

    I wasn't the one who said he couldn't shift. I just explained what the other guy said, and shared my personal experience.
  14. 74jimbo

    Neutral selection problem

    Once I installed an extended msr shift lever, it got a lot better. I have size 13 shoes
  15. 74jimbo

    Neutral selection problem

    What he is saying is you don't know how to shift. I am a big guy, and had to teach myself how to get nuetral, I used to overshoot it