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  1. 74jimbo

    Trailtech in line temp sensor q's

    Use the stock sender hole in the upper left corner of the pic you posted
  2. I make cars with lithium batteries
  3. 74jimbo

    DRZ400E With Cali plates street legal?

    All the drz400 motorcycles have carbs.... You are screwed on getting it plated again for the street Someone cheaped out by making it a green sticker, and ruined it having street legal plates
  4. 74jimbo

    DRZ400E With Cali plates street legal?

    Does it have a license plate or a green sticker? It can't have both
  5. 74jimbo

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    I do have a diy 3x3, but also several of those screen holes in the right side. Maybe I should pick up a E model airbox before I put my bike back together. I do have a JD jet kit on my 36 Mikuni, and a full Yoshi RS3
  6. 74jimbo

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    My airbox has a bunch of those screen hole plugs on the side. Thought it was stock?
  7. 74jimbo

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Erm ktm 690 injection vs drz 400 carb its obvious a 690cc will be putting out more power than a 400cc nothing to do with 3x3 mod bigger cc = more power simples oh, I'm not the one fighting the 3x3 mod, the OP is.
  8. 74jimbo

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    From the car world, it definitely is for sound attenuation. Otherwise, all the OEMs would run an open element filter in the engine bay for better economy.... Instead, they run it through weird routes that have random offshoots to make it more quiet. A co-worker of mine thought my Lancer had an exhaust on it. It doesn't, just has a cone filter. It is that loud at WOT (which is how I drive, lol)
  9. 74jimbo

    dr z400s

    don't lower the bike, if the seat is too high, get a lowered seat, basically, it has less foam in it, so it isn't as tall (while beign better quality than the oem foam) seat concepts seems to be a favorite, have also seen sdg, and corbin mentioned
  10. 74jimbo

    Rimlocks for tubeless set-up??

    sorry, I have no idea, but seems to be a standard size I do have a rimlock on my bike
  11. 74jimbo

    Head Tube Bearing Replacement - Front End Maintenance

    I have actually heard that all balls is blah in quality.... so only time will tell if I put them in.... there is no better than oem
  12. Looking for an electric quad in say like the $500 price range. What is out there? This will be a toy for the kids. What kind of ages, sizes, etc are out there? Must be an automatic. Does not need to have reverse, but if it does, that is fine Ideally want the most weight allowance possible for a rider. May have an occassional adult as well.
  13. 74jimbo

    Head Tube Bearing Replacement - Front End Maintenance

    Interested in this also. I don't know that my head brarings are bad, but I do have a set of all balls head bearings that came nib when I got my bike
  14. 74jimbo

    Rimlocks for tubeless set-up??

    Fixed it.Was using voice to text feature on my phone. Apparently it isn't so great
  15. 74jimbo

    Rimlocks for tubeless set-up??

    I rode my bike 15 miles home with a mix of street and freeway at speeds of about 70 miles an hour and didn't have an issue with a flat front tire. I didn't realize my valve stem had sheared off until I got a block from the house and noticed excessive road noise