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  1. ok, so it has been awhile..... looking to possibly get my head sent off to Meyers and see what they say..... and wanting opinions on the hot rods stroker crank.... I know, I know, free advice on the interwebz is worth what I paid for it.... but... I have seen some people say the hot rods crank is good to go, and others say it blew up on them....
  2. or, is this just completely in the wrong section?
  3. it isn't bad karma, it's crappy business practice 0n their part. they knew damn well it was damaged when they sent it that's on them
  4. factory service manual says 12v 60/55 Watt however, an LED is going to be rated way differently than a regular bulb..... And I tried a LED bulb on mine, it sucked!!!! worse than the stock light, but it had a pretty color to it ended up replacing mine with the 4x6
  5. so, I actually have inside industry knowledge of the shipping industry.... I have worked for FedEx, have had USPS Postal Clearance, and was in the Air Force loading cargo planes, some of which were USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx and other carriers.... USPS actually subcontracts to other carriers.... if you go to the post office, look at some of their special guarantee delivery things, it actually says it is via FedEx or something like that it's all about the same.... once it is in the system and starts moving, there really isn't much delay other than natural disasters. and after Christmas, the delay is gone....
  6. So the head with no cams or cam caps weighs 7lb, 5.25oz
  7. Haha, I was about to say, nice toilet stand, lol.... surprised that toilet can hold the drz, it's a beast Haha, I do have some neighbors with a toilet on their front porch, it's a flower "pot" lol
  8. Your battery is probably dead, fuel bad, gummed up carb, and needs jets adjusted I would start there
  9. check ebay if you want a used engine, or build your own for not too much more $
  10. either the marketplace here, ebay, or craigslist
  11. subbed..... this is almost exactly where I am at
  12. make sure you are doing a full oil change, the frame and the crankcase
  13. i use the synthetic suzuki stuff from the dealership
  14. I personally would remove the k&n air filter. They allow more dirt into the engine than the OE filter. You will want to get a jet kit and retune your carb and also do the 3 x 3 and mod
  15. so not sure if it was clear or not, but is supposed to be bent up like that..... it locks the nut from spinning off.... your nut should not be loose, if it is, you should replace it, and check everything, there is a loctite fix for it (check that out on here), all balls or moose has a kit for this (I think TT sells it)