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    Motor Oil in my 2T Tranny?

    To specifically address your question, there is a big difference between regular "engine" oil and "T" "motor" oil. Engine oil has viscosity modifiers. These are like molecular scale polymers that are shaped like little bits of threads or fibers. These help stabilize the viscosity of the oils at various temperatures and pressures. Now when you put this engine oil in a transmission (two stroke) or a crankcase / transmission (4 stroke) it literally cuts up the threads and breaks down the oil rapidly. Transmission oil or "T" (motorcycle) oil uses different methods to manage viscosity. In the gears of the transmission this oil is stable and will give you a regular service interval.
  2. Wapas

    2015 FE 350 break in.

    Hi, great post and good info. My dealer Carson Motor Sports told me about the different break in oil and to continue using that for the first 6 hours. My oil was pretty dirty and had a lot of metallic sheen after just 1 hour. So my first change got new filter and just clean screens with the same mineral based oil from Belray. So after 2 more hours (total of 3) the oil is filthy. I just want to also say I broke this first 3 hours in on the street and was really taking it easy on the bike. Now the last 3 hours of mineral oil will also be break in, but the 3rd change will be at 6 hours total and after that get the fully synthetic Belray Thumper 10w50 oil. At first I did not like the idea of not putting in the oil the manual states. But after discovering that the factory used a break in oil (Belray mineral) and really all you are doing is keeping clean oil in the engine for the same break in period, it made good sense to me. I have to say, the 1 hour oil was as dirty as I would ever want my oil coming out of a bike. I can not imagine leaving that first oil in for 6 hours. I also feel you can not completely break in the engine, transmission and bike in only 1 hours. If I was not planning on keeping it for several years, maybe then but I like to take care of my stuff and then when I sell it have great confidence that I am giving somebody the best bike I can.