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  1. He also finished the race like they used to do.
  2. This last weekend, Millican Plateau had ZERO snow. If it's not raining you will have dust this coming weekend. The riding is good. Have fun!
  3. Ramp on left side of tailgate. Put tiedowns on handle bar before loading. Run bike up ramp. Just when front wheel rolls onto tailgate, let go of handle bar with right hand and quickly grab rear tire with right hand. Then roll rear tire a foot forward and quickly move hand back a foot on rear tire. Continue this until rear tire rolls onto tailgate. You'll walk along the left side of the truck while holding left grip with left hand. Once loaded, grab the tiedown end and attach it to the truck. Unloading is same process but in reverse, left hand on grip while rolling rear tire backwards with right hand. I can easily load my 300 into my 4x4 and I can barely reach the grip when standing on the ground. Right side is the same but a little easier since you can use the front brake when the front wheel rolls onto the tailgate.
  4. There was an Orange tornado in Atlanta last night. It's headed to Seattle in 3 weeks. I believe MTF stands for "Meet The Future"
  5. Wharton might be looking for a lead singer. Does Tomac sing?
  6. Closed as of today. Notice from HR below: All Hood River County recreation trails are closed to motorized use. Oregon Department of Forestry raised the Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) to 3 at 12:01am on 7-16-18. The waiver that allowed NW Area trails to remain open during IFPL 1 and 2 days is no longer in effect. All HRC trails will remain closed to motorized use until the IFPL drops back down to a 2. This will most likely not take place until September. Non-licensed motorized vehicles are still allowed on improved forest roads. Improved roads are those that are vegetation free and rocked. Let me know if you have Froany questions. Thanks! Henry Buckalew Trails Program Coordinator/Forest Technician II Hood River County Forestry Department office: (541)387-7089 cell: (541)387-4295
  7. It's made by Trail Tech and is for the Stihl 192T. I have the mount with the saw and it works great. Just used it this past weekend. The saw is easy and quick to put in the mount and remove it. I do use one bungie cord to secure it tight against the back plate so it doesn't bounce around over whoops and chop.
  8. Over the boot pants weren't designed to be tucked in...
  9. Determine the rider time interval. Let's say 2 minutes. Tape a number to the front of bike starting with 0, then -2, then -4, then -6, etc and start them in that order. Synchronize two watches and have one at the start and one at the finish. They actually don't have to be synced, just make sure when the event starts the interval is exactly 2 minutes. When they cross the finish, have one person shout the time and another write down the time with number such as 1:47:00 0, or 1:50:48 -4, or 1:52:37 -6, 1:52:50 -2, etc. Calculate all times: 1:47:00 -0 = 1:47:00; 1:50:48 -4 = 1:46:48; 1:52:37 -6 = 1:46:37; 1:52:50 -2 = 1:50:50. Whoever had -6 wins. If someone jumps the start, they're disqualified. And don't screw up the 2 minute interval at the start cause you'd have to start the whole thing over
  10. That #40 was Freddie Noren. Another lap or 2 and I think he would have taken Bowers. Great racing!
  11. TRAIL CONDITIONS Hot Line (541) 383-4010 https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5340950.pdf Conditions reported by Brent Jenkins USFS on March 15: To Our Friends The latest trail conditions reported: Millican Plateau. Open, conditions are good but a little dusty. Cline Buttes. Open, conditions are good but also getting a bit dusty. East Fort Rock: This is a different story entirely. One of our crew members went out on Monday. Road 2510 is passable for about 4 miles to road 400. The 2510 Staging Area still has snow in it and the trails leading out of the staging area are covered with Snow and ice. Road 25 still has snow on it. The Road 25 Staging Area is still covered with snow and Scott was only able to get in as far as the Kiosk. Not accessible! Road 18: Passable for a ways south of the 25 road but risky at best. Camp II Staging area: Covered with12’’ of snow. We are suggesting that you avoid the East Fort Rock OHV Trial System. Even if you manage to get out on the trails you are going to encounter snow drifts and down trees. Going off trail to avoid these obstacles is prohibited. Riders going off trail adds to the trail crews workload and will delay getting the entire trail system in shape. Thank you Have a great weekend Brent
  12. Disagree. There are 5 riders in what you call the main racing groove. They are single file with no chance to pass unless they try something different. There is Friese doing what he's getting paid to do, RACE, by trying a different line in an attempt to maintain or gain position. As you can see in the pic, Anderson starts to change lines in an attempt to gain position. Unfortunately for him, Friese was already occupying that line. If Anderson had mirrors he would have seen Friese. Maybe Anderson needs a new sponsor... Doubletake Mirror.
  13. Oh ya, this was about Moab. Lodging: check out Rim Village. Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath with garage condo's for ~$220/night. Trails: - White Rim. 100 miles of awesome views. Nothing technical but worth the views. Stop and walk around at Musselman Arch and White Crack Campground. You need a dual sport and free day pass. If you don't want to do the 100 miles or deal with a day pass I would recommend Potash Road to Shafer Road and back down Gemini Bridges. The Shafer Road switchbacks to the top are cool (not technical). - Moab Rim. Fun and technical but kind of short. Incorporate it into the end of the day after riding Chicken Corners or Pritchett Canyon south to north. We rode Chicken Corners which wasn't technical but scenic. - 5MOH. Never rode it. We rode Waterfall trail and bailed out on our ride over to 5MOH. Lightning started up with bolts about every minute or so. Back to the truck we went. 5MOH is an hour+ drive from Moab. - Slick Rock Trail. Lots of Mtn Bikers. A better option for slick rock type riding is Fins N Things or Hells Revenge. - Metal Masher. Fun with a few rocky technical spots. Would be a challenge in a jeep but not on a dirt bike. - Gemini Bridges. Pretty fun, fast jeep type trail. Stop at Gemini Bridges and hike around.
  14. A year ago Russ and another guy GrahamCracker was riding in our group at China Hat. Someone got sick (long night) so we all decided to rest. In no time we were napping. All except Russ. He rode on. About 45 minutes later we're up stretching and we hear a bike approaching. It's Russ returning. He shuts his bike off and asks if we're going to sleep all day. Things must have changed because he wanted nothing to do with napping on that day. BTW Russ, don't sleep at the trailhead. You could get roosted or run over.
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