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    Rmx250 1995 project

    You're not alone, I love the look of the early 90's bikes. The 1992 rm's in particular are the loudest of the bunch and often hated but it is one of my favorites. The 1992 rmx250 had a matching graphic theme as seen below. Maybe you'd be interested in doing a little bit of a throwback to that look, since you have a nice purple seat cover, maybe a purple and yellow tribute to that style so it all matches. EDIT: I found another pic, Its no rmx, but the purple would match your seat. Paul Edmondson's 1997 RM250 gncc bike.
  2. WAR10CK333

    Best place to get frame powdercoated?

    That’s the kicker, most of those who are getting the lower quality work are paying $250 or more for just the frame and subframe. I went with a prismatic powder regular high gloss. No clear coat. I do not know too much on the different types of finishes other than the more complex the color, such as metallics, require more layers and work. Which also means it’s laid on pretty thick. On the bike it holds up amazing, I use frame guards,skid plate , and helicopter tape in other high wear areas. Powder is much stronger than paint. For a frame I’d run powder any day. For a swingarm however, or other misc. pieces, I would personally run bare metal or a spray paint (mostly if off-roading). Due to the amount of scratches and wear they see. It is much easier to touch up a swingarm quickly yourself rather than a whole powder job all over.
  3. WAR10CK333

    Best place to get frame powdercoated?

    When you get ahold of a powder coater, it’s pretty easy to tell if they are good and know what they are doing. I see a lot of people on here say that the powder coater was unable to save the Vin, or required the steering stem races to be removed, or that threads won’t be plugged. All of these are signs to move to a different shop. I had my 98 kx250 frame done at a local powdertech. All threads were plugged (no chasing of threads or cleanup required), steering stem races were plugged, and Vin was covered but still clearly legible. All for $125 and that’s including sand blasting EDIT: also keep an eye out for shops that want you to buy several pounds of powder for just your frame, whether they say it’s for future sprays or if it goes wrong, both are just scams to get you to stock their own supplies.
  4. WAR10CK333

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. Picked up a 1991 DR250S with about 1,000 miles on it for my first bike. As much as a barn find as you can get, been sitting for years. Tank was full of rust, but evapo-rust made it brand new again. Went over the bike top to bottom and gave it all new fluids, filters and some fix ups where needed. The oil in the bike was still clean when we replaced it, Once assembled it started on the very first kick, not second or third, very first kick, fired right up, no smoke or problems at all. Everything is super clean and fresh, even the plastics look glossy and new. I have the mirrors and turn signals as well as plate holder in a box until i get it on the road. runs great.