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  1. TahoeJer

    1990 KX250 Wheel Compatibility

    Step up playa.
  2. TahoeJer

    Lush woods riding

    Cali is weak. Go to NV and do/ride whatever you want.
  3. TahoeJer

    1990 KX250 Wheel Compatibility

    Buy some new Tusk wheels from RMATV dude.
  4. Are their still deals to be had with these?
  5. TahoeJer

    2001 KX65

    Where in WA? I’m in Cali but could be interested if shipping isn’t insane.
  6. TahoeJer

    2000 65sx help

    I know it’s a year ago but did you figure it out?? Having a similar problem.
  7. Rocky Mountain ATV.com OEM Kickstarter $80 Just got one for my 97 kx250. So much better.
  8. TahoeJer

    Brake hand lever ???

    So if I buy a replacement lever I’ve gott make sure it’ll fit that lever?? I’ve tried 3 other levers and they don’t work. Can’t screw that bolt into new handle. Ended up drilling hole out in one handle and making it work. Thanks for the response. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious.
  9. TahoeJer

    Brake hand lever ???

    How do you get this out to put a new lever on?
  10. TahoeJer

    Throttle cable Carb cap connection

    Got a new throttle adjuster that I put in the cap. Good to go. Thanks jetsrus
  11. TahoeJer

    Throttle cable Carb cap connection

    Found it on jetsrus
  12. Metal piece in cap is broken and getting grooves from throttle cable. Any ideas on how to fix or where to find a new carb cap? Thanks.
  13. TahoeJer

    Hunting Idle Problem KX250

    Air leak?
  14. Time for the State of Jefferson to happen. Look how many counties voted red in the last election. Damn city people keep screwing us normal folk over.
  15. I live in CA and can not figure out why people keep voting for these idiots. NV is 10 minutes away, can’t move soon enough.