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  1. yamaturkey12

    Macon Georgia off road/trail riders.

    I live in between Macon and Byron and just looking for anyone to ride with. Never done any of MX stuff just trails and such. The people i used to ride with have since moved away or sold their bikes. Thanks!
  2. yamaturkey12

    Should I get a yz426f?

    I may end up rebuilding it, have not made that decision yet. But i do think it is funny how the guy that leads a very sucessful loca shop almost hates the 426, he said in 2001 it was a great bike but now it cant compete with the new 450s. I did like the smooth power on the 426, never felt like it was too much to handle but at the same time the thing will fly if you know how to ride it. I had only about a hour of seat time and felt rather comfortable on it. But if i do get around to messing with the bike it would be great to have someone that knows them inside out to talk with me about it you know.
  3. yamaturkey12

    Should I get a yz426f?

    Probably would be better off putting some cash with your kx toward a 450. I have a 2001 yz426f and it siezed up on me yesterday. Havent had it prolly 2 weeks. First time riding it longer than 10 mins. If you do get it keep it in open trails where you can keep some speed, it gets stupid hot on some of the slow stuff. Think mine over heated. Mine wouldnt ever start on kick, even mechanic couldnt get it to. Some people swear by em and thats cool. Just sharing my exp with this one.
  4. yamaturkey12

    2019 or 2020 yz250x

    Wow, guess whichever i can find a better deal on. Thank you
  5. yamaturkey12

    2019 or 2020 yz250x

    Looking to buy a new bike as the things i have are gettin sold due to unreliability. I always had a eye on the 250x as i love 2 strokes and only ride trails and some tighter woods sections. Wondering if anyone had some experience with either or both models to be able to help me know which one will be best to own. Thanks
  6. yamaturkey12

    2001 yz426f


    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    Good condition yz426f. Motor is good and carburetor were just looked at by a mechanic. It will only bump start but cranks easily when bump started. Has a hole in gas tank. Rest of the bike is in good shape just want to buy a 250 instead.


    Macon, Georgia

  7. yamaturkey12

    2001 yz426f carb switch to a newer 450 carb?

    Would you be interested in buying a 2001 yz426f?
  8. yamaturkey12

    2001 yz426f carb switch to a newer 450 carb?

    Alright, let me get it back and see exactly whats goin on. Maybe get some pictures for you. Thank you Scott for the info, you want to just PM you when i get it?
  9. yamaturkey12

    2001 yz426f carb switch to a newer 450 carb?

    I think the accelerator pump is the biggest issue he made of it. I guess i will talk to him again ir whenever i get back i can figure out exactly whats going on with it then get back to you. I dont know enough about whats wrong with it to be able to tell you definitely at the moment. Where do you buy parts from? Everything i saw has most of it unavailable.
  10. yamaturkey12

    2001 yz426f carb switch to a newer 450 carb?

    Figured 450 complete carb would be cheaper and easier.
  11. I recently bought a 01 yz426f and had mechanic look at it thinking may have been having a valve issue. Turns out valves are fine but the carbuerator is totally screwed and a new OEM from yamaha costs 1500, more than i payed in the first place. Read somewhere that they can be interchanged just wondering if anyone had done it and had any advice. Thanks!
  12. yamaturkey12

    Suspension service in South-North Carolina

    I had some work done with my yz250 by kevin brule. He is in northern georgia but he really knows his stuff. Heres his phone number (478) 731-3312 he does work for a couple guys that are getting interest from factory teams. He will get you set up right. the work for mine was reasonable price too. Great work for a great price!
  13. yamaturkey12

    1994 yz250 compression

    I would like to keep it, i can probubly spend less rebuilding it than trying to find something decent anyplace else. Do you know a about price to replace all of it?
  14. yamaturkey12

    1994 yz250 compression

    The bike would run and idle good, but when it got to 3/4 throttle it was all mushy and wouldnt rev higher. Although when i turn the petcock closed and some of the gas got out of the carb it would open up like there wasnt any problem.
  15. yamaturkey12

    1994 yz250 compression

    Not entirely sure, got it early summer for $250. The guy i got it from got it from some people that didnt take good care of it. And the guy i got it from didnt ever ride it. Its been sittin for 10 years maybe. The mechanic did say the carb needs all new parts, like the floats sticks most of the time.