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  1. I got a tap and bushing set from eBay. Way better than the clamps inside bars. I bought some stainless bolts from hardware store and threw away the ones that came in the kit from eBay. Great setup and cheap.
  2. Rev the bike up some while looking for it. It will help the clutch to be slipping. Not finding neutral easily is a great feature of a bike. I rarely want to.
  3. If you have an arc welder give extractaloy rod a try. Worked for me. Be careful or it melts cast / aluminum part easily.
  4. You need to connect the wires so bike thinks clutch is pulled in. Bike will now start at any time. I followed wires back to plug and connected them together at the plug and removed the wires that go up to the handlebars.
  5. Hello, I am wondering what size the threads are on a 2017 yz250fx bleed valve. I found the OEM part number is 1UY-25824-51-00 or a newer 36Y-W0048-00-00. I can't find what size these are anywhere? Is it M8 x 1.25? Manual says M8 but doesn't say pitch or length. End goal is russell speed bleeders. Thanks !
  6. Do you have to pay personal property tax on it now? Here in VA I was considering going through the trouble of plating, but I think they would send me an extra tax bill in addition to registration fees. Who did you go through for insurance? I'm sure you will have a ton of fun on a plated FX.
  7. Occasionally. This was night before a race and I had to replace starter motor.
  8. I rolled a Jeep Grand Cherokee back in 2001. It smashed the roof down past the seat. I somehow ended up in driver floor board in a little ball shape pushed up against the pedals. There was enough room for me to get out of the vehicle on my own. No professional told me I would have died if I was wearing a seat belt, but the seat was pretty damaged.
  9. Boots! Everyone is underrating boots. They are more important than a helmet. Get the best ones you can afford. You will break you're feet without them.
  10. You sound like an awesome parent.
  11. I wonder why he didn't just spend 300 on the suspension?
  12. Sounds like you're looking for a YZ250.
  13. I hope you are joking. Timing is obviously important.
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