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  1. Maybe we should post it in the ERA group text?
  2. There was an old dead tree on the ground, a 2" limb pointed toward the trail got him in arm pit and made a massive hole, he lost a huge amount of blood in the first minute till they did all they could to slow it. Jon that was with me shoved his glove in the hole and held pressure, he said at first he could feel the heartbeat trying to pump the blood out then it stopped. I got my clotting gauge and Jimmy replaced the glove with that. Dave, Joe and Jake did CPR. Someone was on the phone when we got there, I think it might have been his son. The EMT wanted to know what road and where to enter the field so that guy took off. Then Jimmy yelled he hard cardiac arrest call for Chopper. I called 911 back and kept them on the phone, then gave my phone to Dave the nurse. He directed the chopper, the EMT finally came across the field, they gave Steve oxygen and continued CPR, Jimmy said they used two eppy pins on him. Then they put Steve in the chopper. We took the road back to the club after that.
  3. I got there a few minutes after it happened, a few of my friends were already working on stopping his bleeding and started CPR as he went in cardiac arrest. One friend is a doctor another is a trauma nurse. Without having blood they couldn't do enough. They did CPR for 20+ minutes until EMT got there. It was awful.
  4. Do I have to bring my bike? edit-Jeremy said no.
  5. Little tip for KTM owners. The 17-up (16-up SX) OEM grip set is only $15, you get both lock on grips and 3 throttle cams, 4 stroke / TPI normal and fast turn and a 2 stroke carb normal. part # 79002021100 It is made by Odi for KTM.
  6. I'm sure I've rode there more than all other places combined with the exception of my Dads farm as a kid.
  7. I've been slacking as Perry thread photographer. Here is on from Haspin yesterday. Everyone is pointing different directions because they got done dragging them up the hill behind them, I made it clean. To be fair I had a new M5B on back. Ground condition was really good even with the leaves.
  8. Need to clean house, I have OEM factory service manuals (not owners manuals) for: TT-R90EV KLX250/KLX250R DR-Z400/E WR426FN They cost like $50-90 new, will take $15 each or trade for something I can use.
  9. I went to that place when it first opened, like 25 years ago. What's it like now?
  10. Problem is, dozed trails, SxS allow the idiots to get father and father out and destroy the whole place. Not much left to blaze. Back in the early 90s it was almost only bikes there, quads went to Wayne. Suck x Sucks didn't exist yet. Once they ruined Wayne, it almost all got dozed. Then the idiots started going to Perry.
  11. I know you were, but I have proof because they are so dumb they posted video of it. They get exclusive rights for winter use because of this type of "maintenance".
  12. Look at the video I posted.
  13. Here is them being there in March when it's closed to the public to be doing supposed maintenance. Jump to 3:45 in the video. Look at the ruts they are making at 4:30 . The others are still captures.
  14. Anything there marked sucks giant dicks because of SxS and quads. The state let those &%$#@! SxS that claim to be doing maintenance in the place year round and they post videos of being there in March hogging out the mud holes, not doing maintenance. The place WAS great, SxS and quads ruined it. The suck. That is not nearly as bad sounding as I really feel about those POS &%$#@!ers.
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