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    Anyone running a 50t sprocket and a pipe ??

    I have a 50T with the Dr. D on my 05 and love it.... tight track or not

    What sag

    more sag...up . less sag....down

    What do i need to Re-Locate Hot Start on 05

    Just get the asv w/out the hot start. then order the Dr. D hot start that mounts to the brake perch. everything is included and it will save money. Also, it's better to have the hot start on the brake side so you don't use throttle when using the h/s

    Who makes sharkfins for our bikes...?

    Fastway's is ready... It's black. about 50.00

    Thoughts on Pro Circuit Launch Control for RMZ

    I have one on mine. You do have to install it on the front. take the guide ring off as the nubs on the fork piece do the same thing as the guide. your main hole has to be thru the spine that runs down the guard. Last week was the first time i used it in a race and it worked great.

    im tall....

    I'm 6'5... I went with the +10mm mounts, windham bend bars, and fastway low boy pegs and love it. If you have a large shoe size.... also go with the hammerhead designs shift lever. I have a size 14 and the +20mm lever works great

    Shift tip for RMZ?

    I had the same issue when i went from my crf to my rmz... I called hammerhead for about 3 months and they finaly have it ready. I have a size 14 so it was badly needed. They don't have it listed on there web site but you can cal them direct. I went +20mm and it works greast

    Looking for Stock 05' RMZ450 bar mounts

    I've got mine.... I took them off after one ride. let me know if you want them

    Hot Start Relocate Kit ?

    I have the Dr. D on mine and it works great. It goes on in about 5 minutes. duback racing.com
  10. DLBMCC

    Bridgestone M401/M402As

    Stock rear and a Mich S12 front.... It works for me. The S12 front is awesome
  11. DLBMCC

    crf to a rmz????

    I had an 03 crf450 and went to the 05 RMZ450... Before I did.... I rode the 05 crf and rmz on the same day. the RMZ handles way better and the power is also better. It was a noticable difference. the valves on the crf suck and need to be switched to stainless steel. The only issue with the RMZ is the cam chain tension which is easy to adjust. I have ridden Honda all of my life but I am sold on the RMZ. It is the best bike I have ever owned.... period. Male the switch.... you will freak'n love it
  12. DLBMCC

    Dr.D exhaust

    I have the Dr. D on my 05 and love it. The only problem is that there is no heat shield which has caused some pain. You will feel the difference over stock and you can't beat the price.
  13. DLBMCC


    Ricky's 14/52 is the same as he and KW rode on the Honda. The 14 on the front is like dropping 3 on the rear but gives better counter balance so less stalls. Hense the 52 rear. I ran that combo on my crf450 and loved it..... I have yet to try it on my rmz
  14. I ran into one on a trail above Georgetown, CA.... we stopped and stared at each other for about 30 seconds(seemed like 30 minutes). I wound out the bike to be as loud as possible. it worked.... He turned and ran down a hillside. I think I had to change my shorts after that.
  15. DLBMCC

    450X California $!!!

    There new.... wait until October and they will start dealing. I know how difficult that will be but the dealers are going threw there pre-sales now and expect the demand to continue. By October, some of the hype will be gone and the 06's will be coming in....Good luck, it's a sweet trail bike