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  1. He was we where all so stoked!
  2. It does I just wish I didn’t have to wait for wheal herrings and save money for a rotor
  3. Thank you and I’m Moto one I was in a battle with a kid on a Suzuki for 2 laps so I decided on the last lap I was going to get ahead of him by going for a double, and I made it! I am hooked! But sore too[emoji23]
  4. I raced 2 motos and come in 3rd over all in 85 D I would of had first because I had the holeshot and keeper it for 2 out of 5 laps but I stalled on a big roller and got passed but made my way back up to 3rd I’m ordering a new rotor and I’m also getting new wheel bearings because they are just starting to go bad
  5. He does he helped get it better and we are ordering a new one soon
  6. We adgusted it so it’s not very bad it very rubs on one side, why not just race and where out the inside pad faster until new rotor comes in
  7. Update: I just changed my pads but it was my raider. It was going from 1 pad to the other one bend it back for the race?
  8. Update: I was practicing on a turn track at my house and noticed my breaks pads where making a noise. They where all the way shredded! Good thing we noticed it. We are going to buy some tomorrow and Chang them
  9. I still am, when ever I went cross state for the winter arena cross it was 2 days, Friday and Saturday. We got there and it was a completely different animal than outdoor mx
  10. Wow I never thought about that but that seems like an amazing idea
  11. Okay I will, race is Saturday I’m practicing my holeshot and cornering tomorrow and I’ll post results
  12. That’s all I want is at least finish, I’m coming back from a concussion but I’ve been on the track a few times since
  13. It’s a yz85 but I hear the power to weight ratio is pretty close. It’s a weird corner because it’s a corner but a roller at the same time so you corner while going over like a 4 foot roller. I will try slipping the clutch and taking the outside
  14. I did mean decrease. I’m concentrating on my cornering and holeshot. Also when trying to jump a double I was either winding 2nd gear out or was nearly in the power band in 3rd when wide open because of early shifting. There is little run up
  15. Hello I’m still a noob when it comes to riding, got my bike last June and started getting into me about 20 weeks ago, I’m going to a race this weekend on the nc ccmx circuit and I’ve been to this track, it is big. Not a table top smaller than 40-50 feet. The smallest double is 20 feet but very little run up. It is very deep sand and has 2 straights, 1 about 25 yards and 1 about 15 yards. It’s very rutted and breaking/acceleration bumps are bad. It’s a fast pace track but turns are sharp but have berms. I’ve races arena cross once. How do I decrease my lap times. Any tips