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  1. Actually it was name brand it just had liquid rubber spilled on the bottle it was Valvaline 2 cycle oil
  2. I'm supposed to go to the track today and I only have half a tank and realized I don't have any yamalube I only have some hematite 2 stroke oil can I still use it
  3. Make sure that your Jett's aren't all out of wack
  4. Is it just smoke or oil actually coming out the exhaust Is it just smoke or oil actually coming out the exhaust
  5. The video won't load but do I just take the guilt hose off the carb then turn the gas on
  6. Okay will do the last carb and near clean was a month ago but it only does this after idleing for like 7-10 minutes then it starts doing it
  7. I have a yz85 it runs beautifully and will idle for ever but the idle will go up in down like right before it stalled it will zoom up in rpm's then go back down I thought it was just a 2 stroke thing then read on another thread that it was a problem Is it or is it just a 2 stroke thing
  8. Thank you I will take a look at that
  9. That's a sute to see lol sitting on the handle bars of a 2 stroke seems sketchy to snappy throttle
  10. Well more I ride to school on my race bike No plates or light I just live 3 miles from school Actually 6 So yeah
  11. Is there any removal ones because I race my bike and I don't want to add any unnecessary things that will take time like toking off allvthe rear plastics because I go to the track every week so any ones could easily remove,are there any
  12. I'm planning on riding my brother to school sometimes and my gf sometimes but I don't have a mother set of pegs so what do they do with there legs
  13. Okay thanks
  14. Will do but is the drain screw the nut looking thing on the bottom of the carb