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  1. okay thanks
  2. is the 2017 higher
  3. so the rmz 450 has a lower seat height and i meant rmz not drz
  4. the drz450 has a seat height of 955 mm and the yz250f has a seat height of 992 mm
  5. If your comfortable on the 450 i would stay on it and also is your suspension of for you?
  6. How big is it on you are you like tip toeing or have to have one leg on the ground and be almost off the seat? I know guys who ride 450 and 250 but dont do one or the other
  7. I am doing a project for school about helmet padding that will help know if you have a concussion while riding. I need to know how many concussions there are for motocross supercross arenacross and/or enduro all info appreciated thanks.
  8. okay i will
  9. okay i will do that, Should i start by making it leaner or richer
  10. Or maybe just running to rich or lean? im not sure.
  11. wait if that was the case couldn't it be valve issue, and if so how bad would it be
  12. i have not everything is stock
  13. The bike is all stock and it has done it for the 2 days that i have had it, if it would be an air leak would it be where the the header meets the engine or where the header meets the muffler i think probobly at the engine because the header and silencer are welded together. I will also adjust the pilot when i get home
  14. My little brothers crf80f runs great but when deceleration it pops all the way until it stops or if you give it gas again. its pretty annouing but is it harmful and if so how does it happen and how do i start it?
  15. Okay thanks and the clutch is super stiff can i loosen how much it takes to pull it or is it more likely a kink in the wire