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  1. They where so dirty we cleaned them and adjusted them. Now it runs again
  2. Okay I'll look at the carb, And the mechanic at my local shop built it
  3. I quit riding it as soon as i heard the noise. Im going to open it back up but what should I look for.
  4. I have an 09 yz85 im about to pass down to my brother in a few months. I got the motor rebuilt and got all new transmission bearings. About a week ago the snap ring that holds the kick starter gear in fell out. we took the clutch off and put everything back. we tightened the clutch springs snug then 1/4 turn. but now whenever I drop the clutch it hesitates. The way I shift is I don't let off the gas I pull in the clutch and shift. Whenever I go to shift and I drop the clutch while still giving it gas it hesitates before it starts accelerating again. Also when I rev high (only under load not in neutral) at about 10k RPM I hear a nasty metal on metal noise. I think maybe the snap ring came back out and is binding/ grinding on the clutch. Also if I try to wheely it won't pull (clutch wheelies) it just drops rpm and then starts to accelerate. Any ideas on what it could be Thanks, Hunter
  5. So we took the head off and put break fluid in the head with the valves closed, after about 15 minutes the exhaust port was damp and wet carbon cane out, 1 question how do I get the valve to seat all the way
  6. No but I can turn it over with just the weight of my hand
  7. We have a manual, and the timing looked to be pretty close and yes there was a mark on the flywheel and sprocket
  8. I’m thinking valves not seating, do we have to take the head off? And if it was rings wouldn’t it smoke? It ran great before we opened up the headAlso does the timing have to be like no tolerance precise or just look at it
  9. Me and my dad went to inspect my brothers xr50 piston. We took the cam cover off and I took the bolt that holds the timing gear on off. We realized I lost my 10mm wrench so we put everything back together, changed the oil and when my brother went to ride there was no competition. The timing looks good we checked that, and the from the cover I can see both valves are moving? What could cause the low compression
  10. Hunter743

    dirt bike clutch sticking

    reah we took the clutch pack off and wiped all off, we will pick up some real oil. I also heard you could use type f atf tranny fluid
  11. Hunter743

    dirt bike clutch sticking

    its a kx65 and we went all the way on adjustment and nothing. theres not much spring action in the clutch springs should i see the plate move in and out when taking the cover on and off. bolts ti tight?
  12. Hunter743

    dirt bike clutch sticking

    we have a bike where the bike stays in gear the entire time pulling in the clutch wont work. it worked fine with lucas oil tranny fluid but it was dragging a little bit, we went to change the oil and for some reason my brother put 10w30 in it. i never new and i went to adjust the clutch but now it wont work at all. could the oil do it
  13. Hunter743

    2 stroke running hot

    it is kawasaki just the 06 model not 04
  14. Hunter743

    2 stroke running hot

    we did everything the manual said, 15:1 break in ratio and everything. i was thinking maybe the newer model stator is making the spark plug burn hotter? the 06 stator is different from the 04