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  1. Me and my dad need a quad to work and make trails but still be able to do wheelies (the play part) we can’t really get anything much I’ve 1000 but the only thing I could find was a blaster a looked at an attic cat 400 but it was too expensive
  2. Have you checked the magneeter (or however you spell it) or running to lean. I’m not sure how to check the magneeter but if you take the plug out hold it in your hand and kick it it should shock you
  3. Yeah I’m ordering one soon but what’s making it loose
  4. Hi all, I have a 2009 yz85 and the chain keeps getting loose i used to be able to fit 3 fingers snug then it got crazy loose and now the adjustments are all the way tight and it’s like 4 fingers snug but why does it keep getting loose
  5. That happend to me I took my bike to get new fork seals but the shop was backed up so it sad in the shop (winter so no warmer than 30) got the bike back and put it in gear pulled the clutch in and when I whent to start it it jumped forward. Then I tried rolling it but it wouldn’t go. I started it pulled the clutch in put it in gear and choked off. Then I just reverted it waited the front and dropped it in gear like a hole shot and after about an hour the clutch freed up, its never happened since tho
  6. my little brother has an 03 xr 50 and the idle hung up so we cleaned it and it still did it just not as bad. i let it idle for like an hour and now it doesnt hang but i was test riding it because i didnt want my inexperienced brother to get hurt if it hung up. and it would slow down when i lot of the gas but wouldnt completely stop it would just creep along the idle isnt too high i dont think could it be the pilot i let it soak in carb cleaner and it doesnt hang when i rev it in neutral
  7. Yeah I read that but I was too chicken to pull the pilot out
  8. The screw I have turned all the way in and will just running it clear it out
  9. okay i will try that and if i could find really low gadge copper wire i will try and get that too.
  10. Would a pipe cleaner fit or would that be too big
  11. Is the screw on the car an air screw or a fuel screw
  12. I couldn't get a wire small enough the pilot is super tiny
  13. Hello this isn’t my account it’s my boyfriends but I didn’t feel like making my own account. I was looking for a bike to ride very light trails and fields. I’m 15, 5 foot and 87 pounds so I need to touch the ground I looked at an 03 xr80 that needed a brake shoe on front and back and an 02 klx 110 would they be good bikes. The klx Idk ig was maintained well from the pictures, it was clean but sun faded so what are you opinions any other bike ideas will be appreciated
  14. Idk then I would check compression and spark
  15. Thank you I was looking at a few ttr 125s and I think that’s probably the bike if I can find one that’s decent and not too expensive I’ll go and check it out
  16. most likely and ive seen yz 125s as good trail bikes but its just a lot of suspention work and a fatty pipe to lean out the power and get more bottem end. if he was to get the yz then he would most likely need different gearing
  17. because the trail riding two strokes will be heavier but the power band will be linear and it wouldn't over heat or stall as easy as a 2 stroke. So if you where doing trail riding i would get a 2 stroke but at least get one thats meant for trail riding
  18. I would suggest a ktm 250 but idk the seat height but im sure the 300 is too big
  19. a 230 i think would be too big power wise because ive only ridden 80s and never out of 3rd gear
  20. yeah im not looking to track ride just to right light trails, and something pretty low maintenance oh really, i thought there was a klx 110 then like a small wheel version
  21. Year doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t clapped Money I can’t go too high maybe 1k usd because my parents are a little nervous about it
  22. Okay thank you I will look at one of those
  23. Would I be able to touch the ground I looked up the seat height and it said 31”
  24. Here are some pictures of the bikes
  25. That was very helpful than you