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  1. Sounds like the ktm 300 and 250 xcw tpi vs carb. The tpi was smoother mid range but was jerky and not smooth down low, as the carb with good jets was smooth down low and all the way through top, injection hasn’t been around in dirt bikes that long but trust me give it time and it will replace carbs on all bikes. Just like cars fuel injection replaced carbed cars
  2. I think it’s from 2018 I looked at a few 2018 dyno results and they where all right about the same. I also saw a costume build Honda 250 vs stock 250s and it took the lead in mid and top but was last down low, 250s they rev real high anyways and if you are okay with shifting more and reving higher that might not be a bad way to go
  3. So I have an after market pc platinum pipe. For a while ride with stock Jett’s but then I switched to the leaner pilot main and clip position. But I’ve tried every jet setting I could with stock and leaner Jett’s and the bike wants to choke off when WOT and when reving in neutral it doesn’t want to rev out and sounds like a 4 stroke rev limiter. There’s just no over rev I think it’s also worth mentioning that I’m running a ngk br9es when the book calls for br10es. The 10s foul with stock Jetts
  4. That was informational but I’ve always wondered why a unicam design. Why unicam over DOHC doesn’t the double can respond better at higher RPM. And if the 450s don’t have the power problem just because they are 450s wouldn’t that mean that the crf450s could have even more power than it does now, because it’s the same engine design?
  5. The only reason I see for twin exhausts is less back pressure but a less restrictive single will do it to. Plus aren’t motorcycle exhausts short enough anyways that the pressure difference wouldn’t be noticeable
  6. I could not tell you if that worn edge would be enough to cause problems but I know if a snap ring is missing in between two gears it can cause the gear to slide a little between the higher and lower gear. This can cause a false neutral. It’s a long shot but happens to my brothers 65
  7. Get it fixed?
  8. I started thinking it may be the float because the stock jets fouled plugs in the beginning but it ran good, now stock jets do the same problem. I’ve been in the carb a lot in the past few weeks so may have bent the float. That’s what I’m thinking
  9. I never checked the float, I ruled it out because this problem came with the new pipe. I will check Those are the Jett’s I bought
  10. So me and my dad are very mechanically inclined, can do a fork rebuild in a hour and a half and a top end in 2 hours (4 stroke). We are planning an starting a shop out of our home ( we have a big shop space) but wanted to know if there was any legal permits we need. We would talk to our insurance but since it inst a business would we need to pay taxes and all this fancy stuff. And the person getting the bike worked on would know that we are not professional so signing the bike over to us to work on he takes responsibility for giving it to us. obviosly we would be responsible but since he knew we aren't professional do we need a permit.
  11. I’m trying to buy a 65 for my brother but there all like 5 grand. I found an 05 that was in the middle of a rebuild. Needs a cylinder piston and head and it would be done. I know nothing about the bottom end. Would it be to risky to buy it ($300)
  12. Yeah we wouldn't do this right away. we where looking if it was even passable, my dad was talking to me about if i ever wanted to start a business in the future. he talked about how many people think that you just need money and a name then your good but it takes years to plan. He was talking to me about this hypothetical shop and said it would be a few years before we would even be able to open up but he said that if we wanted to open it in a few years we needed to start planning soon
  13. I don’t really have a legit apprenticeship but I help at my local shop about every weekend, and I wouldn’t be doing the main stuff probably just like clean up and putting like plastics on, my dad is the one that’s super mechanically inclined
  14. no i worded that wrong i meant like since my dad doesn't have his license anymore could the person still give the bike to work on
  15. i just didnt know if he needed a permit for off road. he hasn't had his permit in like 2 years and a few months
  16. no not me, well id help but mostly my dad, my dad was gone when i did all that, i just said i worked with my dad so people thought he had a normal job. my dad is an ex mechanic an cars and street bikes. It was originally his plan but i ran and thought ahead. we wouldn't start till like summer. and he is still aloud to use his old auto shop
  17. Ha, We have helped some people at the track with there bikes. re did a set of forks on an 85 and a top end + valve adjustments on a 150. did it for free ( the got the piston and rings and all that) and i tore it down and rebuilt the top end just to be kind. decided i make some money off it. i was going to do it for fairly cheap because the shops here are close to $100 and hour
  18. Yeah i meant about us being professional are we aloud to work on bikes without a permit. we can run business but i couldn't find anything about if we needed a permit to work on dirt bikes. It said for street bikes yes but only because they have to be inspected. There was nothing about dirt bikes
  19. We found a kx65 real nice for 850
  20. i would check those. I know too lean on the pilot will cause it ( the clogged pilot starving fuel making it lean) but i never heard of just the screw causing the hanging idle, but it will never hurt to check
  21. unless someone bore it out but it would only be like 1cc bigger,boring out and a big bore kit are different
  22. it could be a clogged or partially clogged pilot jet
  23. okay, we will go look at it and make sure the bottem end is good, it needs a top end and rear plastics, i will most likely replace the plastics too because they are scratched and faded
  24. i heard ktms are realy confusing will a top end be to hard on a ktm