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  1. Ondastreet

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    I posted this here before but I thought it may help you with ideas on battery and cut side panels. I went with a lil different cut with the battery in mind. I did put a smaller battery with a custom mounted bracket, still behind the side panel.
  2. Ondastreet

    No more Storm Trooper!!

    I drilled this white tab to nut n bolt my tab bracket on.
  3. Ondastreet

    No more Storm Trooper!!

    Just a flat tab with a slight bend to it. I drilled the plastic tab on the new light shroud and nut n bolted it to the tab I made. I used a multimeter to test the high n low beam wires. I used the low wire since my light doesn't have high beam. If I want the light "off" I put the switch to high setting and it goes out. I used spade terminals to plug into original plug so I didn't have to cut anything. Also cut the KTM fender pins off since I didn't use KTM fender
  4. Ondastreet

    No more Storm Trooper!!

    I'm not sure how to explain it any better than the post you quoted. If you have a specific question, I'll try to answer it. You can see the side mounting bolts, the original location btw. Also the small tab I used on the bottom in this pic.
  5. Ondastreet

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    My DRZ and KTM almost 3 months ago when I brought KTM home to now.
  6. Ondastreet

    Question for u Supermoto guys

    Here I thought I was the only one. Have you tried setting the offset on the wheel by adjusting the spokes? I had to adjust my rear about 1/4" to clear the chain. Worth a try.
  7. Ondastreet

    Random pics.

    Got the Warp 9 320mm. They sent the MX rotor till 320mm setup comes in. Can't swing that big $ setup right now with all the other stuff I've done so far.
  8. Ondastreet

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    2018 500 EXC-F It's desmogged, JD tuner, reeds pulled, Pro Billet end cap, had it for about 2 months now.
  9. Ondastreet

    Question for u Supermoto guys

    Well I measured between the forks with fork protectors removed 5" then put a straight edge on both sides of the tire 4 7/8". So I cut the tire side off the protectors and siliconed them so they don't spin. Pulled the suspension down to the tire. 16th of an inch on either side. 😳
  10. Ondastreet

    Random pics.

    That's a SW$$T setup. My 320mm setup is on back order 😡 Rockin the MX rotor☹️
  11. Ondastreet

    Random pics.

    Yeah they look funny without the fork guards, and I'd never ride it without them on. Thx, it was a small project making brackets n whatnot for that fender but I think it was worth it. 👍
  12. Ondastreet

    Random pics.

    Put the slider guards back on. Back on 👍
  13. Ondastreet

    Question for u Supermoto guys

    Thx. It's desmogged, JD tuner, reeds pulled, Pro Billet end cap, runs pretty good 👍
  14. Ondastreet

    Random pics.

    Put the slider guards back on. Yeah they need to be cut. Will be back on before I ride it 👍
  15. Ok so I went for a test ride today after Supermoto'n my 2018 KTM 500 EXC-F. The front 120 tire is rubbing the black plastic piece that protects the forks from the fork guards. I'll post pic. Do I take this piece off or mod it somehow? When tire hits them on both sides btw, they spin inside the guards. Do these pieces do anything else or just keep the guards from rubbing the forks? I also modded the fork guards and the are on the bike now. Thx for any help on this, Ken PS I've heard people having issues with 160 rear tire but not front. L