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  1. 1999 YZ125. 38mm Smartcarb. 30:1 with Redline Racing oil. Plug is an NGK BR9ES (stock heat-range) that's been side-gapped (it was running too rich for so long I've got a good collection of BR9xxx plugs. Idle hands and all...). I got the bike in terrible shape for cheap (but paid more than I should have) a couple of years ago. I've been slowly fixing its issues one by one. The biggest issues were a cracked tank and a carb that was buggered in several different ways including running pig-rich and actually had one of the screws holding the top on replaced by a wood screw. I decided to splurge on a Smartcarb and after chasing my tail for a long time turning the adjuster the wrong way to lean it out (RTFM) I've got it to this point. Two-stroke gurus, is this good? Would a click or two leaner be playing with fire or be just right?
  2. That would be the case if you were rigidly attached to the bike. You aren't. It's like the difference between a stick and a pair of nunchucks.
  3. It's not that simple though. There are two COGs (your's & the bikes) and they can move independently of each other.
  4. That's kind of my argument right there. On a bike that uses an oil injector the manufacturers seem to have decided that the ratio they want is good enough no matter what. It's good info to have, I just don't see anyone being this anal, especially when it looks like you could even change ratios based on the style of riding you're planning on doing (less oil for a lower rpm trail ride, more oil for a motocross track). The big takeaway for me from those charts is the foolishness of the 100:1 Amsoil fanboys.
  5. The only issue I see with chasing the perfect premix ratio is you're going to be constantly changing your jetting as well.
  6. Kieselguhr Kid

    2007 cr125r ceeps going through plugs

    I'm assuming he means "keeps" going through plugs. What's it doing to the plugs?