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    another pw80 wont start/run thread

    hey yall first post here but ive been stalking through google search for awhile now. i know these have been beaten to death, mostly because ive been reading and searching this info for days/weeks now, however it seems a lot of threads remain unfinished on what actually solved the problem for people. so ill give a break down on whats happening, what ive done up to this point and what ill most likiely try in the near future. i do ahve a history with 2 stroke, but it has been a number of years since ive been riding. now my son is old enough so i pulled my 84 husky wr250 out of storage rebuilt it and am ready to get out with my kid. 1: 2001 pw80 2: bike was purchased used about 2 years ago ran fine upon purchase but always leaked from overflow. found hole in float and replaced. still tweaking the float setting as i continually remove the carb as i get minor leakage still. after the first year bike would no longer start/run properly. cleaned carb well (i thought) and got bike to idle but would fall on its face when giving throttle. maybe i did something when assembling idk. figured carb issue still. from this point forward have not been able to get running properly. not knowing any better just bought a walboro carb from ebay since the carb was the same price or lower than a rebuild kit and a new float didnt fix the problem. 3: been using the walboro plastic float (edit: i am back to the mikuni carb) and still tweaking the tang as i still get minor overflow, however nothing like before. at some point ill need to replace the gaskets in the petcock as that slightly leaks to. 4: downloaded manual and printed. ohmed out the coil and it was out of specs. new plugs and new amazon budget coil (i know i know money was tight after buying a few parts for the husky), budget coil arrived and although on the low end did ohm within specs. cdi also ohmed within specs so did not replace. new coil new plug (gapped correctly) fired right up although sounded bogged down and still not running properly. checked compression and came it around 120. checked reeds and looked good. maybe a little out of bend spec per manual, but sit flush with the assembly. looked at flipping them like some have mentioned but it left a large gap so i put back to original. 5: removed carb for about the 20th time and this time cleaned thoroughly in my wifes ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. yes she approved... all passages seem very clear and clean with air and carb cleaner passing through easily. at this point replaced all brass and gaskets with kit from yamaha dealer. bike fired right up at this point with no bogging. infact it revved way to high and when put in gear would slow down but when riding through yard let off throttle and it just keeps going. leads me to believe running lean with an air leak somewhere. i did raise the c clip 1 notch which may of actually contributed to that. 6: getting slightly frustrated and with husky parts arriving in the mail i decided to take a break from the pw and fab the finishing parts that went missing when the husky sat in storage for 18 years. which btw fired on the 3rd kick after being bolted back together. granted shes always been finicky and wont start like that every time... 7: this morning, decided ok lets take a look at this bike again and try to find an air leak... now she wont start again. removed carb, checked and cleaned jets, tightened up petcock for less leakage, still no start. 8: odds and ends.... no silencer, exhaust ring was already removed. the oiler is removed temporarily as im not sure it was working properly. oil inlet on carb is blocked using heatshrink and a bolt. i do plan to put it back on after i get this all tuned in and try to run it like it was intended. as for now its running 32:1 premix 93 octane with the correct amount of stabil. 9: to do list. fab the required fittings to perform a leak down test, but wanted to try the cab/starter spray method first (but wont start). purchase the flywheel tool and crank seals if i find that to be the problem. however without it starting and getting tired of kicking i decided it was time to come here, create an account, ask yall for some help advice, hopefully get it working, and have a thread with many diagnostics completed and a finished running product for others to find useful. Matt