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  1. That's awesome. Hope my 3-yr old grand daughter hangs in long enough for a 20!
  2. Talk about poor timing, I bought my 17, and after breaking it in was scheduled to have my stock ECU modded by my dealer. Hauled my bike to the dealer and when we hooked it all up, his computer wouldn't work until it downloaded a software update. It was the very update that removed that capability.
  3. I added the Belray 5 wt to mine to reduce the air level and prevent bottoming. I also went up 3 spring sizes front and rear for my weight (ca., 245 lbs dressed out with water and tools). I don't think I could have gotten by with fork oil viscosity or fork oil level alone to address my weight vs stock setup. The good news is the springs and oil level changes were enough for me, i.e.., I didn't feel the need for revalving.
  4. Regarding the downhill logs - exactly what I've found. But I've also experienced the "going for it" in the woods only to find myself going too fast to avoid the next obstacle past the log. Ended up down the side of small mountain, waking up wondering how me and the bike ended up on the downhill side of a 2' log about 3' above the ground. Last thing I remember when headed down that hill on the other side of the log I hopped was thinking something to the effect of "this is gonna hurt . . .". Agree it's much better and safer to practice this in a controlled environment before finding myself in that situation on the trail.
  5. Ditto. Night and day difference for me between my stock bike, and a 5,5,5 delivered Vortex along with the desmog, reed removal and opened exhaust (and stock TPS setting). The only adjustments I make are between Map 1 and Map 2 (pseudo traction control).
  6. Fantastic ideas - thanks!! I have a friend that has a huge farm here in our area. He won't have the huge construction tires but will have some very large tractor tires. I plan to pursue a couple next time I see him. I already ride a lot of tight woods enduro, single track and dual sport. Trials will certainly help me there, so I plan to install a lot of tree trunks, big rocks, singletrack, etc. But I'm also interested in trials itself - being able to tackle a new challenge. So I'll add obstacles to help me grow my skills there as well. Thanks for the great ideas on both fronts! Also an adventure bike rider, so may add some things for the big bike. Good news, of my 34.5 acres, I still have about 34 acres left to play with.
  7. Rode it out at my new wall that I finished today . . .
  8. Normal air is 79% nitrogen. In your theory, you'll eventually only have nitrogen left when the oxygen molecules escape . . .
  9. Thanks for the replies and ideas. Completed the initial wall today. Had another air show while working on it. I cut a steeper hill within my rolling hill to both get some dirt to fill in the wall, but also to give me a hill to lay some logs across. I have tons of logs, and also now have some big rocks to play with. I have 3 creeks on the property, one which will be perfect for a rock garden. This evening, I had some buddies over to ride some single track and try out the new wall.
  10. Purchased 34 acres recently, and have been cutting single track in the woods, built a couple of bridges across the creeks, built two picnic/firepit areas as well as a ton of different swings from the 150 year old live oaks, and now starting on my trials obstacles. Managed to score a number of big rocks, big logs, etc. The past couple of days I've been building a splatter wall. Should finish it tomorrow. Have been enjoying a private airshow daily from our local crop-duster as well. I'd be interested in getting further ideas from you on possible trials obstacles.
  11. Gorgeous riding areas!
  12. I've not heard of the 2-strokes having the issue.
  13. Don't overlook the clothing line changes . . .