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  1. I'm a dumb a$$. I should have been using my work email also. Just used the wifes, got u 2 more. I think the videos should have precedence over still pics, the wheelie cross is cool but lets see what else he can do.
  2. Dmac1, nice pics. Thats extremely crazy and a bit hard to fathom, like a bomb went off. I was travelling daily up to Silverton for work back in February and it was a bit sketchy at times with the CDOT plow over the center and people thinking it's dry pavement. I was glad when I was done.
  3. Voted for ya, based not only on this video but your other ones for when tigertanker had a contest. Those where bad ass as well, especially on the YZ490, if I remember right. I think you'll make the tour, glad to help.
  4. Went to Silverton for work yesterday. Aspens are starting to change, should be in the peak about 3 to 4 weeks. My guess. I stayed out of the high country this year because of the volume of idiots, and the limited amount of space because of the snow pack. Rode out at beaver meadows, sauls creek, and Mancos area.
  5. The house I'm renting has 8 acres. Probably on a 15 percent grade . The game trails run up and down it, so I use them and boon dock thru the oak or clearings to the next one . Maybe 1/4 mile if I stay on 1 track pattern I made, but it has some off camber turns and tight S turns. Not a lot but enough to get a fix after work without hauling the bike. IMO, if your buying you may want a bit more, but you could make it work. If go all over the property I could probably get a mile. I would not rent a skid to make trails. Hand work or keep riding over and over. Good luck on your search.[emoji108]
  6. Someday , it will go from winter to summer, 80°+ , there is no spring
  7. Moto Z tractionator, my son has one on his xr 400 that was a gift. One on his cr 250 that came with the bike. And one on his tt600 that he bought a couple of years ago. He really likes them. Mostly dirt riding, they seem to be wearing well. They are dot rated. I have a 606, it's ok. Real stiff compared to the Moto Z.
  8. My Opinion, they suck. Trying to burn it up to get something different. A friend has one also, same thing, he hates it. We both had problems on a hill climb 2 weeks ago, hard pack with fine powder on top. My son is running a moto Z DOT, no problem for him. Did the same hill 2 months ago, no problem for me because it was tight from recent rain. It's also super stiff, don't notice much difference with lower pressure.
  9. Hard to beat Durango, when u can't ride in the mountains, go south to blm land in NM, less than an hour away. Moab, 3 hrs. Year round riding, I see people with bikes in their trucks every weekend. I finally meet someone that does that. If I didn't have other things going on in life, I'd be out there too. It's hard to say no.
  10. Get a new line something is plugged up in there it should flow super free
  11. With the line (hose) removed from both ends, try the reverse flow. I had a brake hose fail internally years ago when I fixed cars. Very frustrating, would not release pressure, acted like a one way check valve.
  12. Maybe internal failure of the brake hose. Had this happen once when I used to fix cars. The inside acted like a check valve and would not release pressure back to the master. Not something that can be seen, very frustrating.
  13. Cool you're welcome it's always a pleasure to help somebody else and the price we pay for these bikes is ridiculous shouldn't have to pay that much for replacement parts they should have seals available instead of a complete slave cylinder it just makes us into Parts changing monkeys
  14. [ Here's the picture of what I bought you cannot get these at a hardware store after much trying maybe at a hydraulic shop I see they lower the price since I bought them lastEven though they are from Amazon they are still an American company
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