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  1. GreenKLX

    250R side panel on 250x with airbox mod

    Finally switched to the new plastics, Been hanging on to these for a while! In the process of recovering the seat and adding a bump. Still loving my 250x, it has proven VERY reliable.
  2. GreenKLX

    250R side panel on 250x with airbox mod

    Nevermind I found it. Here is the link for any others that may be interested. Nice job on the write up Hit The Set. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=606105&highlight=
  3. Okay, I haven't been on this site in a while and can't find this thread for the life of me. It was where a guy ziptied the airbox door shut, cut part of it, and mounted 250r side plates. If anyone can link me to that thread I would be very appreciative. Thanks
  4. GreenKLX

    Kitaco, Powroll, DMC, Trail Bikes -- Shootout!

    I'm interested to hear how that setup likes pump gas.
  5. GreenKLX

    Kitaco, Powroll, DMC, Trail Bikes -- Shootout!

    Great idea on the double base gaskets. After you did that, where you still running the C12?
  6. GreenKLX

    My CR85/ XR100 Conversion Build

    Because they are sooooooo much fun! This build is incredible! Just curious, why not powdercoat the custom airbox neck?
  7. I agree with most of what has been said. I built two KLX's, one with a 35mm FCR, most other mods, and Big Gun Race Series, another with Mikuni TM33, and a supertrapp system. The FCR is a far superior carb. The 35mm is perfect for the stock 300cc bore. It probably adds a pony or two at peak, but thats not the point of it. Like what has been said above, it adds TONS of response. It unlocks the insane bottom end that the KLX's have hidden behind that POS CV carb.
  8. GreenKLX

    Top Secret Pro Circuit Exhaust

    Ya well I've always wanted a diesel truck, so I figured I would give my bike some smoke stacks. But seriously, I am just glad I didn't break anything or get a concusion. Just a really sore back and some missing skin in a few spots. I grabbed too much throttle off a high speed small jump with a flat landing and ya, the brakes weren't enough to drop the front. The real pain was in knowing I destroyed an $800 exhaust system. Looks like it is back to stock for me.
  9. GreenKLX

    Rear linkage madness!

    Just an FYI for those looking into this mod. After parting out my KLX, all that is left is my stroker suspension. All the mods, no leaks, great shape. Ive had it for too long and will let it go for a good price. Just so you know it includes the modified KLX shock with KX internals, billet linkage, and modded forks with 3/4" more travel, and of course, revalved internals. PM me if interested, I'm looking to get rid of it. P.S. Also comes with 3 different spring rates, so no matter how big you are you're set.
  10. GreenKLX

    KLX 300 Street Conversion Kit

    I just recently parted out my KLX, but I do have a Baja Designs DS Kit that I never ended up using. If anyone is interested, PM me, It will go cheap. Green
  11. GreenKLX

    yz426 to 450

    But the YZ250 rear master works.
  12. GreenKLX

    XR Bottom w/ Rotor

    Cool, always good to have spares.
  13. GreenKLX

    XR Bottom w/ Rotor

    Do you still have it?
  14. GreenKLX

    question to those with cr80/xr conversions

    WOW, great thread, I've got 2 KLX300 kickstarters in my garage, and I was thinking about looking for a new one to replace the crappy stock one on my DMC.