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  1. Yeah, my basket isn´t nearly that bad.
  2. Define severely grooved? My Yz85 is doing similar things. I am down to the basket but not sure if it is too bad. Doesn´t seem to catch the plates since they were sticky. (Cleaned them.)
  3. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Clutch Spring Torque

    Not sure why it tagged the cyclepedia, but I have the manualslib one.
  4. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Clutch Spring Torque

    I do have the manual, that´s how I found the torque specs. I just don´t have a torque wrench.
  5. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Clutch Spring Torque

    So I take it given the 50 views no one else has any insight. I think I´ll just find a wrench.
  6. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Clutch Spring Torque

    Spec says 4.3 lbs.
  7. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Clutch Spring Torque

    Hey guys, I bought this YZ85 and came to realise the clutch wasnt working, so I drained the oil (Jet black) and pulled the plates out and cleaned them. I assumed finding a torque wrench would be easier than it has been. Does anyone know how to torque the clutch springs to spec without a wrench? Any insight helps.
  8. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Problems.

    Hey guys thanks for all the info I got most everything worked out I will change the tranny fluid soon. Holy run on sentence.
  9. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Problems.

    Hey guys I just bought a 2007 yz85 yesterday . It has been doing some interesting things. It doesn't always shift (sticks in gear) keeping in mind this is not running. Also the kickstarter doesn't pivot from being folded you kinda have to force it across the frame in order for it to pivot. Oh yeah the clutch doesn't seem to disengage. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I actually looked at it and the guy said he will hold onto it if I put down a deposit and then we can pick it up pay difference when we have the space.
  11. It obviously needs new fluids as well as a lever and grips.
  12. My own money. And there's always a riding season here.
  13. Hi guys I just found upon a yz85 in my area for a steal of a price and I am looking at purchasing it however the issue is my parents won't let me buy it now as we just moved here and we don't have a place to store it just yet except hopefully we get a storage locker soon. I need ideas to try and persuade them to let me buy it asap. I have already came up with the fact it needs work so it will keep me occupied with things other than school and it teaches more mechanical knowledge. I am open to all storage ideas as well.
  14. ThatE30GUY

    Best beginner dirt bike?

    So start with an xr and then move to a quicker bike?
  15. ThatE30GUY

    Best beginner dirt bike?

    Still growing(Hopefully). Im pretty short for my age.