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  1. tym2rst

    Baja 500 drawing

    Johnson357. We are bike 304 see you at the start.
  2. tym2rst

    Baja 500 pre-run during spring break?

    We run class 30! Finished 3rd in class, 6th bike overall at SF. We did not get much prerun time. Lots of prerun would definatly helped pick better lines when 3-4' whoops are every where. Hopefully the 500 doesn't get close to SF. Stewart, Morse, Smith. Bike 2006 450x.
  3. tym2rst

    Baja 500 pre-run during spring break?

    Johnyairtime. what class are you entering? This will also be our first time racing the 500. SF250 was our maiden baja race.
  4. tym2rst

    crush radiator!!!!!!!

    Just got mine back from Fontana Radiator In Ca. It's like new. I bent it in three rows of fins.
  5. The pin top can also go flush with arm.
  6. tym2rst

    CRF450X radiators

    Does anybody make aftermarket radiators for CRF450X yet. I bent left side pretty bad. It is beeing straightened now just not sure how straight it will be!!!! Oh ya my trials skills need improvement.
  7. tym2rst

    Best rear tire for sand

    You will be king with a paddle!
  8. tym2rst

    CRF450x weight issue

    I couldn't tell a difference from my 2003 wr450. 450x rails in on single trac once you put a different front tire on.
  9. MOTUL 10W40 In engine and trans.