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  1. pickels25

    95 xr250r clutch reinstall

    Upon reexamining, i realized that I had installed the clutch with the bolts too loose, and with components in the wrong order. Also i didnt really understand how the clutch worked and thought it was a bad thing that i was able to shift gears without engaging the lever while the bike was sitting.
  2. pickels25

    95 xr250r clutch reinstall

    Hey all, Recently replaced the cam chain on my XR, but now i am having a problem with reassembling the right side cover and clutch, this is my first time disassembling the right side of the bike. I know the service manual says 6-9 ft-lb on the clutch bolts, but when i tighten to that amount, it engages it to the point that i can shift gears without doing anything else. So i back out the clutch bolts until i can’t shift gears freely anymore, but now i can’t reinstall the side cover as the clutch sticks out too far. Also the lifter plate is fully brought back. The Manual also says to replace the springs if shorter than a specified length, and all mine are longer than that length. Is there something fundamental i’m overlooking here? are my springs too long? i think the springs are oem.
  3. pickels25

    FMF Muffler on Pre 96 XR250

    Hey all, ive been upgrading my 1995 XR250R and have come across many people using this FMF Muffler: http://www.fmfracing.com/Product/ProductDetail?CategoryID=42&BikeType=MX%2FOFFROAD&BikeMake=HONDA&BikeModel=XR250R&imaConfig=Single&ParentCategoryID=31&Priority=13 Has anybody here fit one of these on a 1995 or other pre 96 XR? If not what kind of good aftermarket muffler works with the 1995? Thanks and cheers