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  1. Ya, it’s really close. I wanted to design and put a KTM livery on it but my wife gave me a hard no.
  2. Ha! Nice bike. Trailer looks good! I’m going somewhere like that next. Trying to weigh the things I want when I go on any camping trip next to the things I need on most camping trips so I can manage size and weight.
  3. Thanks. Loaded up to go to the hills tomorrow
  4. Build is done! ThumperRacing big bore kit w/ stage 4 cam Rebuilt and resprung suspension New bearings/NOS OEM swing arm New or refurbished plastic/graphics New DOT tires New OEM/DrEnduro harness Trail tech comp Full enduro kit Licensed in NV Wolfman gear bags Just got back from first decent ride to break in motor work. Runs well, easy to start on kick. Pulls hard!
  5. Yup, the summer got away from me with a new job but...... I just got in new parts, Christmas come early!!!! After the last go-around with the swing arm, I noticed the smallest metal slivers on the garage floor... upon further inspection there were two machined needle bearings on the floor. So, put in an order for all new swing bearings - should have done that the first time. Also got a new progressive spring, a little heavier as I’m not the 180lb rider the stock setup was built for. Hopefully I’ll be able to steal away this weekend and wrench for a minute. Only things left after that are stringing the chain, mounting the front blinkers, and I’m off!!
  6. That was it. Not fighting the shock made it much easier to square up and slide in. Thanks!
  7. Not sure, put in new bearings etc. Are the dust caps supposed to be flush with swing arm? Mine stick out a "little" bit and it seems they're what are catching.
  8. Love my bike, and didn't want to get a new one so about a year ago I started a rebuild! So far, I've put in a Dr. Enduro dual sport kit and had Thumper Racing go through the engine with a 570 big bore and balance all the shafts. Assembly in progress!!! Any tips on swing arm reassembly it's being a PITA!!
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