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  1. bluespark

    Anyone using Fasst Flexxbars on their Beta?

    AHIS is $250 in the US and that's it $$ wise. They do raise the bars a little and they have survived a few hard hits as well
  2. bluespark

    Polisport case covers

    I finally kicked down for the clutch side cover and installed a Rekluse Radius X at the same time. It was kind of squirrelly torquing down the cover with the one captive bolt on the bottom. Can't really work it in a star pattern. Now I have an oil seep somewhere on the top forward area of the cover. Anyone else have an issue with this cover?
  3. bluespark

    Post your Beta video here..

    Poor form on a big root on the Rainbow Trail.
  4. bluespark

    Post your Beta video here..

    Clip show from April Utah trip.
  5. bluespark

    Rekluse RadiusX FPG and Clake ProLever

    I ended up removing the clutch boss spring and thinner steel plate from bottom of the pack. I should have followed the book rather than the video. Works great now.
  6. bluespark

    Rekluse RadiusX FPG and Clake ProLever

    So I'm finally getting around to getting this thing installed and seem to be having a problem. Bike is a 17 300rr. The book says to remove the clutch boss spring from the bottom of the pack, but the video said to keep it in. Currently it's installed. Whats it supposed to be? I can't seem to be able to set the install gap properly. The clutch throw out doesn't go out far enough to disengage the clutch. Rekluse said I might need another washer on the end of the throwout rod. I have a Clake Prolever installed but I don't think that should be an issue though.
  7. It has normal threads
  8. Is the impeller bolt reverse threaded?
  9. bluespark

    USWE hydration pack with chest protector?

    I have this one from the MTB series https://www.uswe-sports.com/us/packs/mtb/airborne-15 I think it has more storage? Anyway it fits good over an A-stars A-10 chest protector w/o a neck brace. I'm 5'10" and 200lbs. I can carry quarts of gas in the helmet flap. Customer service was good a few years ago when a zipper failed. No problems since
  10. bluespark

    Boano H2O pump upgrade

    Yeah, you need to pay attention to what's going on. Last year I called them to order some parts and as an afterthought said throw in a set of rear sprocket bolts. I looked at the bill when the package arrived and saw that the bolt set was $42! I promptly returned them
  11. bluespark

    Boano H2O pump upgrade

    Any one know the difference between these two products? http://www.motosupply.com/boano-race-parts-boano-beta-stroke-oversized-water-impeller-p-1920.html http://www.motosupply.com/beta-motorcycles-beta-300rr250rr-beta-stroke-oversized-water-impeller-p-202.html Both say Oversize but there's quite the price difference.
  12. This has the best harness and doesn't flop around. Also no waist belt. There's different versions with more or less storage. Customer service was good a few years ago when a zipper failed. No problems since https://www.uswe-sports.com/us/packs/moto/ranger-9
  13. Any tips on setting the free play gain with a ProLever set up? My Clake is set up to have very little clutch pull before rear brake comes on.
  14. bluespark

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    I'm out most weekends. I've been getting about 80 hours on a Sedona 907 rear and Michelin Starcross 5 Hard front