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  1. 8000'-12,000'+ same day near Sargents, CO
  2. Anyone know if the trails they are riding out of KC are open to the public? I used to live in Victor and accessed a lot of the Big Hole and Snake River Range trails from the east side, but never as far as KC. A buddy raced the Cow Tag last year and said the course was awesome. I'll be back up next week and would like to explore a little bit
  3. Last weekend I got some great gas mileage on the 17' 300rr. I had just rejetted for riding at high altitude, 7500-10500' on the Beta chart. Actual riding was from 8k-12k+ with some long climbs. I started off w/ a full tank of ethanol free gas 91 oct. (first time trying the pure gas/second tank) and dumped in a quart of same gas when we stopped for lunch. When we got back to camp there was 40 miles on our odometers. I went to the pump and added .85 gallons to top off the tank. So .85g plus .25g = 1.1g and 40mi/1.1g=36mpg? My best mpg to date was 28, at lower altitude, richer jetting and corn gas. Was it the leaner jetting or pure gas , or the combo, responsible for the increase?
  4. I'm going to re-jet my Beta 300 for some high altitude riding next weekend. 8000'-12,000'. I'll be following the Beta jetting chart (7500'-10000') which is said to be pretty spot on. I want to try some ethanol free gas, but was wondering if that will affect the jetting and make it a little richer than what the chart is wanting. It's always ran great on 91 pump gas, just wanted to see if there's a noticeable difference in power and MPG. "Also, ethanol messes up your air/fuel mixture since the stoichiometric air fuel ratio for ethanol is 9:1 vs 14:7 for gasoline. So basically, adding ethanol leans out your fuel mixture, and generally a lean mixture means less power and rougher running. Most modern cars can compensate for this, but your 2 stroke KTM with a carb has no way to adjust for this."
  5. My 17 300RR had a couple of issues that were known by and fixed by my my dealer. The thermostat leaked and the the stock head o-rings were bad.
  6. delete, wrong thread
  7. I bought this when my TE order got shut down (see post above). I've been very happy with the results
  8. Anyone tried this gizmo?
  9. Power-tye Xtra wide and beefy Stees Biners on both ends Made in USA
  10. offroad

    I wonder if they'd let them swap in batteries at a pit ?
  11. ALTA motors dirt bikes enroute to Erzberg stollen from rest stop in England. The victim is a good bloke that provides a lot of stoke for life on a bike.
  12. I got this last fall and love it. Ventilation is great, probably on par with HDR's "custom" lid. Light too
  13. Yeah, just seemed weird and that it may affect performance
  14. I repacked the pipe on the 300 and went riding for 2 days. Pipe didn't drool out of the pipe but seems to be seeping at the seam at the tail cone of the pipe. I did not remove the rivets back there. I'm 99% sure the stinger lined up w/ the SA when I put it back together. Do I need to pop those rivets out and seal up the tail cone?