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  1. bluespark

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    wolves and trees to boot.
  2. bluespark

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    I got me some Italian slippers and some primo Japanese steel. Atomic-Moto FTW, thanks for the link loynz
  3. bluespark

    Post your Beta video here..

    Why are my youtube videos showing up as links?
  4. bluespark

    Post your Beta video here..

    5moh is way longer and harder than CH, as is Prichett Canyon. 5moh is a lot more punishing and less flowy compared to Prichett. CH is a breeze compared to both.
  5. bluespark

    Post your Beta video here..

    It's not real long but there are some difficult spots. Great scenery but also lots of mtb's. https://youtu.be/JhFESV1bfUE
  6. bluespark

    Post your Beta video here..

    https://youtu.be/pg1VXDAAm0M https://youtu.be/-Fdt_AgJYIA
  7. bluespark

    Broken speedo sensor wire

    Any ideas on best way to repair this broken wire. It's too close to the connector to do a decent splice. New connector?
  8. Ive been using a version of this https://www.uswe-sports.com/us/packs/mtb/airborne-15 model for a few years and love it. The expandable MTB helmet pocket is a great place to carry xtra fuel, layers and maps. The internal mesh tool slots could be longer/deeper for pumps and tire irons but over all great packs.
  9. bluespark

    Rear axle/nut

    So the drive side (starboard) bolt head of my rear axle now spins loosely on threads, where it used to be a captive bolt head for tightening the the axle assembly. Maybe I spun it off it's thread locker with my 3' cheater bar? I ordered some high strength thread locker to weld it back for now. What's your method for tightening the rear axle w/o a torque wrench?
  10. The USWE packs have worked well offroad for me over the last maybe 3 years. Always worn over what I think is an A-Stars A-10 chest protector. It will bounce up on a big hit now and then, but the X harness is great. One strap to buckle/snap in, and when worn over a chest protector the pack weight is distributed over the entire CP
  11. My Gaerne G-Reacts are on their way out so I'm scoping some new slippers. I've had good times w/ the G-Reacts, although every now and then I would get blisters on the tops of my little and 2nd little toe. I was thinking that toe box height may have some influence on fit issue. Does Sidi have a taller toe box then Gaerne?
  12. bluespark

    Fork bleeder question on the Beta...

    Any one know if these would fit in the 17' Sachs OC? Says for 5mm threads. https://www.ebay.com/itm/FORK-BLEEDERS-Yamaha-Kawasaki-Honda-Suzuki-Showa-KYB-WP/380293624736?hash=item588b4433a0:g:sqEAAMXQwKdRe0fs
  13. bluespark

    Anyone using Fasst Flexxbars on their Beta?

    AHIS is $250 in the US and that's it $$ wise. They do raise the bars a little and they have survived a few hard hits as well
  14. bluespark

    Polisport case covers

    I finally kicked down for the clutch side cover and installed a Rekluse Radius X at the same time. It was kind of squirrelly torquing down the cover with the one captive bolt on the bottom. Can't really work it in a star pattern. Now I have an oil seep somewhere on the top forward area of the cover. Anyone else have an issue with this cover?