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  1. Have you tried just using a brake hone or and sort of hone?
  2. I picked up a 2008 KLX 140 this week thats In pretty rough shape. I’ve never worked on dirt bikes until last year when I started riding again and with my kids. I’ve learned through YouTube, ThumperTalk, and Manuals. I’ve done a full bike rebuild and all kinds of other jobs so I don’t feel I’m a totally newbie anymore. This bike needs all new suspension bushings / bearings / new shifter lever / brake pads / chain and sprockets (I’ve never seen a chain and sprocket worn this bad,) tires, generic engine tune, and front fork oil change. I would also like to clean it up, and that’s where my questions are. It’s obvious the bike has been ridden hard and parked partially exposed. The engine is oxidized? Looks likes it’s dirty but the dirt doesn’t come off. It’s on the engine, hubs, and various other parts. It looks like grease stained the metal or something. You guys have any good way to clean it up? Any good tips on making the stock forks better? Other than air box mod I’m not putting much into this one.
  3. Mine did same thing. It was tight exhaust valve
  4. Jeez man. Sorry if my post upset you. Maybe I should be more clear. I’m a long time cyclist / mountain biker that returned to moto because it’s awesome do to with my kids. I understand that ORV trails are mix use and open to cyclists. Thats my point about if you’re riding bikes on moto trail you’re doing it wrong. I go to Reiter and Walker Valley a lot on Moto. I’ve never seen a cyclist on any ORV trail. Those trails would be awful on a mountain bike. Words are powerful and I’m sorry if my post got your panties in a bunch.
  5. In Washington state it goes like this: Everyone needs to buy a discover pass that allows you access. Dirt bikes need to be registered mountain bikes do not. About 5 years ago Washington put programs in place to build mountain bike trails to attract tourists dollars. With this Washington state is probably the best place to ride a bicycle in the US. Moto doesn’t get much love. It’s far less accessible and the moto groups much smaller. There are no mix use trails that I know of. Maybe Tahuya?? If you’re a mountain biker and you go to ride on a ORV trail system your doing it wrong and are mis informed. Also your co worker sounds mean
  6. I use the Honda lube for crankcase and transmission. I also installed an hour meter and I’m not changing oil every ride. That’s just wasteful. I cut the the recommended intervals down by 20% and I check oil level before every ride. For transmission oil don’t use the drip hole. That bolt/screw strips out super easy. Just measure out the amount and poor it in. Looks clean!
  7. How olds your kid? Mine is 10 and going on second season. We do track and trails. My first bike was a KX 250f MX bike. That was a bad decision. I ride the CRF250x now and love it. Kickstand , radiator overflow, wide range 5 speed transmission, e-start all make it great for teaching kids. The maintenance is more than your XR but not terrible. The performance mods are $100 without pipe and $600 with. I haven’t even bothered to do them. All I’ve done is remove smog, rejet and open air box. Super simple and the bike performs great. It’s got soft suspension which is awesome for my old guy shoulders. I would also look at yz250fx and yz250x. My next bike is probably the yz250x. Cheers
  8. One of those days I just couldn’t seem to make any mistakes. Great video.
  9. That was a great article. On to YouTube to look for more
  10. Buying dirt bikes to flip is kinda silly. There’s just not much $$ in it. Buy to run it or don’t buy it. If you do buy it, it’ll need at least $600 in parts.
  11. BTW.. I think MX tracks are the safest way to go with kids. It teaches them cornering, throttle control, you're never far from the car, and they can work on "things" over and over again. With trails it's real easy to get 20mi from the car, two way traffic, gnarly hill climbs, hard to turn around, etc..
  12. We live in Kirkland. We’re riding a lot at Reiter for trails and we go to Monroe speedway, Riverdale, and Horn Rapids for tracks. I’ve ridden Walker Valley a few times and have seen kids out there but it’s too much for mine right now
  13. Getting my son an XR50 has been the best thing I’ve done as a parent. It’s led into me having a bike and exploring some of the coolest spots in Washington state with my family. We’re both hooked. Now I’m looking for an RV. He has a CRF 100 which is perfect and I’ll keep it forever and I have CRF250X which is really good. I can work the 250x around the track good enough and he’s getting a KX85 this season. I’m waiting for the day when he roosts me....
  14. I had same year same type of problem. Once running it would run great for a day or two then lose compression and not start again until valves were adjusted. Turned out to be valve guides were shot. Which sounds scary but really isn’t. You can do job yourself.
  15. Good thread. I’m on the fence between a KX 85 or KLX 140g as the next bike for my son. We ride tracks and trails but never race. You can pick up nice KX for under $2k and it would be way better on the track. The 140g is $3k and suspension is just okay. If I get the KX I can do the mods and should be best of both worlds.