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  1. We live in Kirkland. We’re riding a lot at Reiter for trails and we go to Monroe speedway, Riverdale, and Horn Rapids for tracks. I’ve ridden Walker Valley a few times and have seen kids out there but it’s too much for mine right now
  2. Getting my son an XR50 has been the best thing I’ve done as a parent. It’s led into me having a bike and exploring some of the coolest spots in Washington state with my family. We’re both hooked. Now I’m looking for an RV. He has a CRF 100 which is perfect and I’ll keep it forever and I have CRF250X which is really good. I can work the 250x around the track good enough and he’s getting a KX85 this season. I’m waiting for the day when he roosts me....
  3. I had same year same type of problem. Once running it would run great for a day or two then lose compression and not start again until valves were adjusted. Turned out to be valve guides were shot. Which sounds scary but really isn’t. You can do job yourself.
  4. Good thread. I’m on the fence between a KX 85 or KLX 140g as the next bike for my son. We ride tracks and trails but never race. You can pick up nice KX for under $2k and it would be way better on the track. The 140g is $3k and suspension is just okay. If I get the KX I can do the mods and should be best of both worlds.
  5. My son's CRF 100 needed linkage and swing arm rebuild. I bought the Pivot Works kits that replaces the OEM plastic bushings with steel needle bearings, seals, and roller pins. The needle bearings are super tricky to install. The needles are in open races with no retainers, and want to just fall out. For the linkage I used the dust caps as guides and just pressed them in. I Still had a few needles fall out but wasn't a huge problem. The swing arm is really hard. The kit comes with 2 bearings to replace each plastic bushing. I've heated the swing arm and froze the bearing but still having a hell of a time getting them pressed in. Question 1. What are the tricks to getting these bearings pressed into the swingarm? Question 2. Why are there 4 bearing seals instead of just 2? Question 3. I think it might have been better to just buy new plastic bushings?
  6. An air cooled four stroke. Honda CRF230 XR400 or Yammy TTR
  7. Props for getting to the start line and racing. Keep charging!
  8. How old / big is your son? My son is 10 and 5’ flat riding CRF 100. Great starter bike but he’s ready for better suspension for sure. I’m on the fence between KX 85 and KLX 140.
  9. The G model is a full sized bike and if you’re comfy sitting on it it’ll work. It’s not gonna have suspension and power but it’ll be fun on mellow single track. The Honda CRF 230 would also be a good bike to look at.
  10. In the December issue of Dirt Rider magazine they have an article on how Johnny Campbell would customize XR 600 for Baja.
  11. One more thing all of the motorhome renters are will to negotiate. I’ve talked them down on price and incidentals.
  12. I poked around on Craigslist Arizona and did find that they have larger selection, lower prices, and what looks to be units in better overall health. Since then I’ve previewed 6 motorhomes near my house that looked good to rent. Out of those 6 I’ve picked a class C and a class A that I’ll rent over the course of the next year. I’ll also try out VRBO and maybe a hotel. Right now I only have a 3 rail trailer that I tow with a Subaru Outback so I have to sleep with one eye open when I do it that way. I even put cow bells on the bikes and park as close to hotel as possible but still not great. After previewing the motorhomes everyone of them had a leak at some point. I’m just learning how to wrench on the bikes. The thought of having to maintain an RV is not possible. I don’t have the time. Thanks for all the suggestions and help. Braaaapp
  13. Why do you like pickup / toyhauler better than motorhome or even motorhome toyhauler??
  14. Thanks! I’ve been looking in Washington Oregon Idaho but never thought Arizona.
  15. Valves