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  1. JFjeld

    Northern Colorado

    I'm north of Denver in Frederick. I live about 5-10 minutes from IMI, which is open year-round and has a few different tracks. Rampart is always fun and open, though there may be snow. Shoot me a PM if you want to ride. During winter I typically ride 1-2 times a month, much more during the summer. As mentioned, Main Draw OHV at Pawnee Grasslands is a fun playground. In fact, I was just there on Saturday and it was pretty dry. Here's a link to the fun that can be had; we shot this Saturday:
  2. JFjeld

    Rampart Range Conditions?

    Awesome! Thanks @ColoradoJax
  3. JFjeld

    Rampart Range Conditions?

    I'm familiar with the 4x4 trails there at Penrose of Patriot, Liberty, and Independence. Do you ride those or are there other trails for moto? Would like to check that out if you have information you could give me (PM me if you want to keep on the down low).
  4. JFjeld

    Rampart Range Conditions?

    This was our ride from 1/5. I don't recall if it has snowed there since then:
  5. I was at Rainbow Falls 12/29 and there were a lot of totally clear areas, and some other areas further in covered in snow. But all were passable without too much headache. I was at Rampart last weekend (01/05) and it was mostly covered in snow. In fact, we were bashing snow on 674 but it was a lot of fun and not too packed down. Would imagine it is probably pretty fair with the warm weather we've been having. But it looks like it might snow tomorrow...
  6. Riding it! There are trails and tracks here in the Front Range of Colorado that are available year-round. With snow one day, and 50-degrees the next, plenty of fun to be had. This was from Sunday, on the same trail:
  7. JFjeld

    who's getting a new bike for Xmas?

    Yep, you win. I see you're in Colorado. I'm in Frederick, 20 minutes north of Denver. Maybe we can ride sometime; trails, singletrack, or road.
  8. JFjeld

    who's getting a new bike for Xmas?

    I bought a Ninja 650 a couple of weeks ago to keep the 300 XCW company. Does that count?
  9. JFjeld

    Polished Combustion Chamber/Head. Good Idea?

    That's the RK Tek Head's inner cone. Put one on my 300 XCW 1-2 months ago and its like night-day difference. Total beast-mode.
  10. JFjeld

    Looking for Good Moab Singletrack

    Check out the Sovereign Singletrack system about 5-10 miles north of Moab. There are sections for ATVs and specific to motorcycles. When I rode there earlier this year, ran across the designer of the system on one of the trails and he gave us some good recommendations. Also, the Slickrock Trail in Sand Flats is awesome on a dirt bike. It intersects with Hell's Revenge. You'll get some stink eye from the MTB crowd while on Slickrock, but it is open to both MTB and moto. Have fun out there!
  11. JFjeld

    Attack Graphics Grip Seat...

    I bought one for my KTM a few months ago. Fairly easy to install, especially with a staple gun/air compressor setup. The grip is fantastic; it is super grippy. Nice and durable as well. Great for me since I do a lot of rocks, logs, and trails and alternate between sitting and standing. I don't chafe, but then again I have nice riding pants. Don't see how you could go wrong with it.
  12. JFjeld

    Ouray Over Labor Day 2018

    The two times I've ridden there have been around Memorial Day. Great camping weather, and day temps are warm but not unbearable. I wouldn't go much later than May, unless you're talking October.
  13. JFjeld

    Ouray Over Labor Day 2018

    I'm just to the north of Denver, in Frederick. Its been a tough call, as both Moab and Ouray are both 6 hours away from me. But since I've been to Moab twice, Ouray won out this time.
  14. I can't speak for your new bike, but I bought an RK Tek head about 2 weeks ago. Have yet to install it, but all of the reviews and vids I had seen say it is the tits. Several aquaintances who went with the S3 regret not getting the RK Tek. Good luck.